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On a peaceful wave

Kim Jong-un and Vladimir Putin dispersed, and questions remained

Kim Jong-un left Vladivostok, who visited to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin. His visit was originally shrouded in a veil of secrecy, which remained after the negotiations. The leaders of the countries met one on one, then the discussions were held in an expanded but closed format. No parties signed any papers, they did not make loud statements, but noted that they would tell everyone about their peace plans, even to Trump.

On a peaceful wave
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There is a contact

Kim Jong-un visited Russia for the first time, while she became the first foreign country that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un visited after re-election as chairman of the DPRK State Council. Little by little, he is coming out of imprisonment, because now it is important to establish contacts, and Vladimir Putin can help organize contacts. After the talks, the Russian president said that he would talk about the results of the meeting in the PRC - at the forum “One Belt - One Way”, which he flew right after the talks in Vladivostok.

It was important for both leaders to discuss economic cooperation. The nuclear issue was the reason for the sanctions, as a result, the trade turnover between the countries last year fell by 56% and amounted to just 34 million dollars. Including due to financial losses, the DPRK leader spoke about disarmament and the development of relations - they raised the topic of creating a transmission line and a pipeline system, but did not reach a final decision and did not name specific measures.

The same applies to the project of railway communication between Russia and South Korea through the DPRK. Putin noted that the railways of the north and south had recently been docked, and in principle, there is access to Russia.

Hi Donald

The main topic of discussion was the political and diplomatic settlement of the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula. The leader of the DPRK is not against denuclearization, however, according to Putin, he wants to have security guarantees for the country, preferably international ones.

“I came to Russia to exchange views on the current situation on the Korean Peninsula, which is one of the most pressing issues on the current international agenda, and discuss methods for the peaceful settlement of this issue and exchange views on the development of our bilateral relations in accordance with the requirements of century, "- said Kim Jong-un after talking one-on-one with Putin.

The Russian president later told reporters that Kim Jong-un asked him to inform the American side of his position on the Korean peninsula.

“There are no secrets here. We will discuss this with both Americans and Chinese friends, ”Putin said.

According to him, the interests of Russia and the United States on the Korean Peninsula coincide - countries are in favor of complete denuclearization. However, the leaders of the countries need to discuss how the DPRK can get the very guarantee of security.

Unanswered Questions

At the same time, many questions were not answered at the summit of the leaders of Russia and the DPRK. For many years, the only operating mechanism of intergovernmental communication was the so-called format of the intergovernmental commission on trade, economic, scientific and technical cooperation. Of the initiatives that at various times received a loud sound at the IGC meetings, but were not reflected in any way at the summit of Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un, we can name the high-profile project "infrastructure in exchange for access to natural resources", according to which Russia will have the right to develop deposits minerals on the territory of the DPRK in exchange for the construction of transport infrastructure, did not discuss the launch of the "Russia-DPRK trading house", the prospect of using the DPRK ports for the export of Russian goods, as well as the construction of an automobile bridge across the Tumannaya River on the border with North Korea in Primorye.

The leaders also did not tell about the discussion of the work of Korean guest workers in Russia. In July last year, the Minister for the Development of the Far East, Alexander Kozlov, stated that Vladimir Putin instructed the Ministry of Labor to extend the work permit for North Korean citizens until December 22, 2019. At the summit, the topic of labor migration was touched upon in passing and without specifics.

International reaction

Since the arrival of Kim Jong-un became historic, foreign media could not not respond. Bloomberg wrote that the DPRK leader used negotiations with the Russian president to accuse the US of bad faith in nuclear negotiations. The BBC said that peace on the Korean Peninsula will depend entirely on Washington, and negotiations with Putin have become an opportunity to show that North Korea has powerful allies in Russia.

The national Japanese newspaper, The Asahi Shimbun, wrote that Kim Jong-un's remarks were perceived as putting pressure on the United States to become more flexible in easing sanctions. JoongAng Ilbo also noted that peace on the peninsula will depend entirely on the American position. A Chinese news agency Xinhua said that, according to analysts, the meeting of the leaders of Russia and the DPRK will help solve the nuclear problem of the DPRK. The publication assigned the main role to Putin, as a fighter for the peaceful settlement of this issue on the Korean Peninsula.

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