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On Kamchatka solve the problem of transport accessibility

Minister of Transport of the peninsula Vladimir Kayumov on new infrastructure projects

A new airport, a ship, barges, roads - in Kamchatka, work is under way to solve problems with the transport accessibility of not only the entire peninsula, but also individual regions. While on the peninsula can be reached only by plane, but in plans to build a cargo-passenger ferry that will provide communication between the region and the mainland. At the same time a new terminal of the main airport will soon appear in Kamchatka, which will significantly improve the air transport industry of the region. We talked with Minister of Transport and Road Construction of Kamchatka Vladimir Kayumov about this.

On Kamchatka solve the problem of transport accessibility
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- Perhaps the most global project for Kamchatka in the transport sector is the construction of a new terminal at the main airport. How is this work going now?

- As you know, Holding Airports Airports has won a tender for the acquisition of shares in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky International Airport in Elizovo and the construction of a new passenger terminal. They have already started work - they chose a German airport terminal design company, and in turn, they hired a company to build a road to the new building. In addition, 3,5 billion rubles have already been transferred to the account of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky International Airport as part of the project. Since the acquisition of shares by the "Airports of the regions", a countdown has begun on the issue related to the construction of the terminal. 40 months are given for construction, in 40 months it must be put into operation.

- If we talk about the site for construction, it is known that it has changed. Why?

- The investor decided that the initially chosen place in the future will not allow the airport terminal to develop, as there were many difficulties - it would be necessary to buy out the property of third-party organizations, and this is all for a long time. So they chose a different place. There it is planned to build an apron so that it is possible to put wide-bodied aircraft.

- Will there be problems with the infrastructure?

 - No. There will be no problems. The design of water, wastewater and electricity networks is underway.

- After it is opened, international flights will be possible to Kamchatka?

 - Yes, there have already been talks with companies in China, South Korea, Japan. Everyone is ready to work. But now they can not plan slots because they are counting on sending wide-bodied aircraft, and this, of course, is the transfer of passengers through the checkpoint at the border. Now our airport is not yet able to quickly serve immediately 400 passengers who have arrived from abroad. In the new terminal, this problem will no longer be. Plus, we are developing a project to bring to Kamchatka airliners, passengers from which they can transfer to tourist airliners and vice versa.

- Now you can get to Kamchatka only by air, will there be any changes in maritime transport?

 - It is planned to build a cargo-passenger ferry to provide maritime communication between the peninsula and the mainland. We have an instruction from the President of Russia, Rosmorrechflot suggested that we buy out old ships - 60-70-s years of construction, all ships were in England, then in Germany. But the instruction was said about the acquisition or construction. We are ready to consider the acquisition, but that the ship was not old, well at least 90-e, two thousand years, so that then we did not pass the annual dock during the operation, it's all costs. We hope that this year the design will begin.

- How important is Kamchatka to this ship?

 - First, from the point of view of the safety of Kamchatka, we have, in addition to aviation, no other communication with the mainland. We also plan to use it as a cargo and passenger transport, that is, people and goods are transported. We can direct our tourists to rest on the Primorsky Territory. Put the car on the ferry, and you can safely visit neighboring regions. In addition, there is a project for the second cargo-passenger vessel for 36 people, with a cargo capacity of 700-800 tons. Competition for its construction can be announced soon.

- As for the regions of Kamchatka, there are a lot of waterways, which are connected with different settlements?

 - We purchase three more air-cushion vessels - two vessels designed for 20 passengers, and one for ten. In addition, two cargo-passenger barges for 40 tons are being built for Kamchatka. Their delivery is scheduled for this year. Two cargo-passenger barges for 20 tons (each) are planned to be received next year.

- What are the means of this work?

 - All works, except for the vessel for 36 people, are financed by the regional budget, and the customer for this vessel is Rosmorrechflot. There the amount of 920 million rubles.

- Regarding regional roads. Kamchatka receives federal aid for this purpose?

 - Yes, we receive funds - 200 million rubles. This is very small, we are sending them to the construction and continuation of the reconstruction of three sites on the road "Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky-Milkovo." We have already concluded an agreement for another tranche of 200 million rubles, and, in case additional sources are available, help us to finish the asphalting of the two remaining facilities on the Milkovo-Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky route. In addition, we include in the reconstruction program some more areas, which in different areas are adjacent to the federal highway. In Petropavlovsk, a project is being implemented, to which the regional budget has already allocated 40 million rubles, for the construction of a new road. In the implementation there are many other projects in different stages.

- And what works are planned in the settlements themselves, in particular, in the regions and towns of the region?

 - In Sobolev this year, we will finish the asphalt to the end. In Petropavlovsk, 380 million rubles were allocated for landscaping, in Yelizovo - 40 million rubles, in Vilyuchinsk - more than 20.

- What about the development of local aviation?

 - There is a modernization of aviation enterprises, the park is being updated. In particular, recently we purchased a helicopter (2017 year of release) for the Disaster Medicine Center by leasing. It can also be used to transport passengers. But the most important goal is work on medicine of catastrophes. We have enough park to carry out works inside the market. Moreover, we launched a flight to Anadyr. The plane flies to Chukotka every Monday. 7 May, from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky to Anadyr, a Yak-40 aircraft belonging to JSC "Kamchatka Aviation Enterprise" carried 200 kg of commercial cargo. It is the first in the history of the Kamchatka aviation enterprise to deliver commercial cargo to the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug by air. Two types of aircraft operate on the route: Yak-40 and An-26. Yak-40 can carry up to 2,2 tons of cargo. An-26 holds up to 2,5 tons. Our task now is to ensure the regular loading of aircraft with commercial cargo. Residents of both the Kamchatka Territory and Chukotka have evaluated the flight, there is already a demand. Thus, development goes on all directions of transport sphere - aviation, land and sea transport.
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