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"We will be able to saturate the domestic market with our products"

"We will be able to saturate the domestic market with our products"

In early August an expanded meeting on the development of the fishery complex in the region was held in Kamchatka, headed by the head of the Federal Agency for Fisheries Ilya Shestakov and the regional governor Vladimir Ilyukhin. In an interview, the head of Rosrybolovstvo indicated the department's position on key issues.

- Rosrybolovstvo has proposed to assign to users a share of quotas for catching aquatic biological resources not for 2018, but for 10 years from 20. Are there any decisions already taken?

- The question is being worked out on the instructions of the President and the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation. The orders contain specific indications that it is necessary to make changes to the legislation in order to increase the efficiency of the use of quotas for the production of aquatic bioresources. There is no specific method for determining the deadline. But we propose to determine it on the basis of the estimated profitability and payback of vessels. After all, it is necessary to take into account that there are small-tonnage and large-tonnage vessels, and fishing can also be with varying degrees of payback: the production of pollock and cod cannot be compared with the production of halibut. Therefore, at present, there is a complete study of the data, an economically reasonable period is calculated, which will be aimed at encouraging the modernization of our fleet. Measures are being discussed to raise the threshold of obligations to develop to 70% quotas, as well as to limit the use of rented vessels.

- If Russia prohibits the import of fish products from the countries of the European Union, will the Far East fully meet the needs of Russian buyers in fish?

- The main thing is that this product is in demand. Perhaps, ecologically pure, real salmon will be a little more expensive than fish, artificially grown in Norway. I am confident that in this case the Russian market will open for our products, which will positively affect the entire fishery industry. Ocean fish is much better than aquaculture. We should also take into account the fact that we export much more than we import. Therefore, if necessary, we will be able to saturate the domestic market with our own products.

- Is it possible to take any measures at the level of the Government of Russia or at the legislative level to heal our region from poaching?

- This is an infection that needs to be treated only on an ongoing basis and only by radical methods. Poaching would not exist if there were no implementation. The problem will persist until the consciousness of both the population and the regulatory authorities changes. The fish are transported by transport corridors, which must be closely monitored by the regulatory authorities. It is necessary to change the mentality of everyone who buys poaching products, who lets them through, and those who sell them further. It is necessary for all departments to work together, and then this problem can be solved. People are constantly appearing who want to “cut money” easily. This year we decided to send a Piranha detachment from Rosrybolovstvo to Kamchatka Krai. They work on your territory. Today we can already say that the number of administrative and criminal cases related to illegal fishing has doubled. Governor of the Kamchatka Territory Vladimir Ilyukhin suggested inviting additional forces to the territory to combat poaching. I think this is a good initiative. People who come from other territories will not have established relationships here, which means they will work much more efficiently.

- September 1 will be reduced duties on the export of frozen products. What are the measures to stimulate domestic supply?

- We are already undertaking them. We made 15-percent preferences for state and municipal purchases. In the future, we plan to introduce a complete ban on the import of frozen fish products in the conduct of state and municipal purchases. I do not see any problems due to lower duties.

- What is the fate of the law on amateur fishing, and in general - is the adoption of such a document realistic?

- We understand the importance and necessity of adopting such a law. Amendments, which are developed by the Government of the Russian Federation for the second reading, are generally approved. I believe that they take into account the specifics of the regions associated with the catch of valuable fish species. We heard, among other things, the Kamchatka Territory. Governor Vladimir Ivanovich Ilyukhin sent us a letter with a proposal to give regions the authority to determine valuable species of fish and, secondly, to regulate catch by issuing licenses. No need to create fishing areas - only licenses will be issued. This is both accounting, and a more convenient form of control by the fishery.

- There is another very urgent issue - crossing the border when organizing a salmon path. Please comment on the situation: how did it evolve this year and what should fishermen expect in the future?

- Indeed, during the fishing season, a short time of the mass approach of fish comes. In this case, there is a need to attract additional vessels for receiving and processing fish and frequent departure from the territorial sea to meet international requirements to prevent pollution of the marine environment.

In this regard, each vessel must seek permission from border authorities to cross the state border of the Russian Federation.

This year, it was possible to resolve the issue in the working order, but it is necessary to adopt an appropriate government decree in place of the 5 No. 2007, effective from 560 September. I believe that this will help to optimize the activities of fishing companies. As far as we know, the Border Guard Service of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) has approved the draft resolution to date with all agencies other than the Ministry of Economic Development. I hope that within two or three months the issue will be resolved.

- Is Rosrybolovstvo considered the issue of drift-net fishing?

- Every year, in the drift-net fishing regime, users of aquatic biological resources produce about 10 thousand tons. This year, amendments were made to the Fisheries Rules of the Far Eastern Fisheries Basin in terms of introducing new terms for catching salmon fish and establishing the minimum mesh size of drift-nets. In this regard, drift-net fishing began a month later. I believe that this should have a positive effect on the coastal fishery of Pacific salmon. But, of course, it is necessary to assess the impact of such a measure with scientists and fishermen. The question of how this decision affected the course of the coastal route will be considered during the meetings of the Far Eastern Basin Scientific and Commercial Council this year and at the Industrial Council for Fisheries Forecasting at the Federal Fisheries Agency after the application of the Fisheries Rules during the 2014 year.

Published in the "Fisherman of Kamchatka" newspaper. - information partner of the "Rybak Kamchatka" newspaper

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