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"We propose not to be limited to China"

Acting head of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Yegor Borisov addressed journalists in Moscow

"We propose not to be limited to China"

Why does Yakutia need to develop renewable energy and does the president play the khomus - the acting head of the republic answered questions from

The press conference of the interim head of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Yegor Borisov was multifaceted. The acting head of the republic spoke about the development of Yakutia as a whole, touched upon narrow economic topics, and also answered controversial issues - for example, dotted the i's in the case of building a bridge across the Lena River. He also shared his opinion on how the introduction of sanctions against Russia will affect Yakutia and did not leave aside the issues of labor migration. And of course, he spoke about the upcoming events in the republic.

"We will host the II International Conference" Renewable Energy in Isolated Systems of the Far East of Russia "(with 19 on 21 June - approx. Ed.), Which is devoted to non-traditional energy. Yakutia is interested in the development of this sphere, because diesel energy in the northern regions of the republic becomes unreadable. When the tariffs are formed economically just under 90 rubles kWh per hour, of course, it is very difficult to talk about any prospects. Therefore, it is with the aim of replacing diesel energy with non-traditional sources or a comprehensive solution to the issue that we are working very actively in this direction, "E.Borisov answered the question of correspondent about why Yakutia RES.

The Acting President of Yakutia noted that last year after the first international conference, several projects began and continued. We are talking about an experimental station in the wind, solar and diesel power complex in the village of Batamay, Kobyaysky district, a year-round wind station in the Bulunsky district, as well as small solar batteries used in private farms - from hunters, fishermen, horse breeders - they have become massively recently purchased.

“In personal subsidiary farms, issues of integrated use of wind and solar energy in small volumes are also being studied,” he shared.

In E.Borisov's opinion, RES is a very topical issue, foreign investors, in particular the PRC, began to show great interest to it. (During the visit of the delegation led by President Vladimir Putin to Shanghai, an agreement was signed on cooperation between RAO Energy Systems of the East and the Chinese company Dongfang Electric International Corporation, one of the points of the agreement is the joint development of solar energy in Yakutia - Ed.).

“This work will be actively pursued and, if everything works out, we will distribute it to the whole country,” closed the subject E. Borisov.

To support the business (and the same projects for renewable energy), an innovative infrastructure is being created in the republic — technoparks, a venture fund, business incubators, and the business itself is given preferences and incentives. According to E. Borisov, the business goes beyond the framework of Yakutia and attracts foreign investors.

“Contacts are being established with Chinese entrepreneurs, I think we will get some results in this regard, although we know that the Chinese partner is always more difficult than any other. On the one hand - active, but very cautious. Therefore, we propose not to limit ourselves to China, but to pay attention to other countries. We participated in the fourth Dubai Investment Forum and realized that the Middle East can be “felt out” and worked with it. There is interest, ”the acting head of Yakutia shared.

The fact that E.Borisov drew such bright prospects in relations with foreign partners (against the backdrop of economic sanctions against Russia), somewhat surprised journalists. The answer did not take long.

“Our major projects are being implemented by leading domestic companies (OJSC AK Alrosa, OJSC Gazprom, OJSC AK Transneft, OJSC NK Rosneft, OJSC Surgutneftegaz, OJSC Mechel, OJSC Polyus Gold,” Group Colmar "- approx. red.), but foreign companies fit very well with us. Both Koreans were engaged in coal mining and the Japanese were engaged in a lot. The famous Neryungri coal mine, which mined about 10-15 million tons per year, was sold on Japanese money, too, based on a concession agreement. In addition, our foreign partners are more and more engaged in non-ferrous metals and so on, ”he said. As for the sanctions, Western companies themselves will lose from their “introduction”, E. Borisov expressed his position.

The press conference was attended by the executive director of the Canadian company Silver Bear Resources in Russia, Lewis Randolph, who stressed that the company is ready to continue cooperation with Yakutia on silver mining.

"We are engaged in silver. From the green field to the extraction of non-ferrous metals, it takes about 10 years and 100 million dollars - this is a long money, which requires trust, when it is necessary to work very actively with local people. We were very pleased that Yegor Borisov went to meet us. Sanctions are a big policy, we do not deal with it, "said Lewis Randolph.

In connection with the recent talks that the construction of the bridge across the Lena can be frozen taking into account the adoption of other decisions on infrastructure projects, the interim head of the republic unequivocally stated that the authorities of Yakutia will continue work on the implementation of the project to build a road bridge across the Lena.

"We are continuing to work towards the preparation of the signing of a concession agreement with the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation and the general contractor who won this competition," E. Borisov explained.

Today in Yakutia a lot of large investment projects are implemented, which require not only financial but also labor resources. "The issue of labor migration is very complex," Borisov admitted.

"When we started to develop the territory within our large projects, we immediately felt that there was not enough labor. At one time, limits were set on our side - up to 40 thousand people per year. When the labor force from Central Asia began to be attracted to the masses, problems began. These people do not know the culture, languages, traditions of our peoples - and as a result, certain contradictions come. They sometimes go to criminal showdowns. We began to reduce the limit. Now a year comes 8 thousand people. This is not enough, "- shared the views of the head of Yakutia.

At the same time, according to E.Borisov, "the availability of jobs, the creation of a certain comfort in the economic plan and even in the political sphere attracts people from these countries - they want to come here themselves".

"Even people from Ukraine. They hear from each other that in Yakutia one can live, work, earn. This, on the one hand, is pleasant, but, on the other hand, we are trying to create such conditions that they respect our laws, traditions and culture. From this point of view, we will have to work a lot with the federal center, because such moments are very difficult to regulate at the regional level, "he said. In general, as E.Borisov explained, it is cultural interaction that should become the basis of integration in the markets of Eurasia.

For a start, you can start with the Russian freestyle wrestling championship in Yakutsk, where there are necessary world-class sports fields. Competitions will be held from 18 to 22 June. In the autumn in the country will be held the World Boxing Championship among students. Well, at the end of June, Ysyakh is waiting for everyone - a meeting of the Yakut new year.

“Ysyakh is a very favorite holiday for all Yakuts. We even in the industrial centers - Neryungri, Mirny, where 5% - of the indigenous population and 95% - of the Russian-speaking, spend the holiday, put on national clothes. This is a very impressive event. At least 100 thousand people necessarily going. And the fact that I play the khomus is all my countrymen play too. And I'm worse? Well, I'm not Yakut? I also play, ”E. Borisov answered the question, summing up the press conference. 

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