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EastRussia followed the course of Alexander Galushka's visit to Primorye

During the visit to Vladivostok, the Minister for the Development of the Far East, Alexander Galushka, talked about the grandiose plans for the development of the Pacific coast of Russia. The free port of Vladivostok, the future territories of advanced development, the Far East center of shipbuilding and ship repair should, according to him, "fundamentally change the distribution of logistics and investment flows in the Far East."

We are waiting for changes


The first step in the path of fundamental change is creation in the Far East, nine territories of advanced socio-economic development. The first three - "Nadezhdinskaya", "Khabarovsk" and "Komsomolsk" - have already been formed by special resolutions of the Russian Government. Six more decisions are expected in the near future. They will be located in Primorye, Amur Region, Kamchatka, Chukotka and Yakutia.

"It's always difficult to start something, but for the first time we have passed the way of legal creation of TOPs.The first three territories of advanced development have already been created, the rest is easier to work with - the formula has been worked out.Today we are technically completing the design of six projects, Economic forum we present all nine TOPs to guests, "said Alexander Galushka.

According to him, the procedure for approving new territories for advanced development will take much less time than in the case of the first three sites.

It is expected that successful experience in creating TORs in the future will be "replicated" throughout the country.

"This is absolutely normal, when we do not shy from side to side, not immediately across the country we apply radically new regulation, but have tried, looked at - works, attracts investors, competitively, so we need to apply it in other places, or in the whole country. Already having a practice, understanding how it works on "the ground", in my life it is an understandable, economically rational, administratively correct answer to the challenge of global international competitiveness, "said Alexander Galushka.

He stressed that in addition to improving the investment climate in these territories, new methods and forms of both state regulation and state administration are being tested.

We recall that sThe law on the areas of advanced development provides for mechanisms for significantly reducing the tax and administrative burden on residents of the territories.

TOR "Nadezhdinskaya" involves the creation of a multimodal transport and logistics complex. On an area over 800 ha with the necessary road and engineering infrastructure, at least 30 residents will be accommodated. It is supposed that the companies “Inkom DV”, “Primorsky confectioner” and “Nevada-Vostok” will enter there. They invest In the top 6,7 billion rubles. State investment in infrastructure construction will amount to about 4 billion rubles. If the TOP earns, then the total income from taxes in the consolidated budget of the RF and off-budget funds will be 5,7 billion rubles to 2025 year. The contribution to GRP will be 76,5 billion rubles, 1,6 thousand jobs will be created.

In the event that all anchor residents arrive on the site, the inflow of private investment will exceed 30 billion rubles. Proceeds from taxes up to 2015 will amount to 31 billion rubles, contribution to GRP - 147 billion. More than 7 thousand new jobs will appear.

In addition, Galushka said that at present, the Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East, together with the Primorsky Territory, are developing the concept of another TOP - "Russky Island". It is assumed that this will be a technical-innovation and tourist-recreational center of Russia in the APR.

Free port

According to the minister, another project that aims to unlock the potential of the Primorsky Territory is the Free Port of Vladivostok. The free port regime aims to Development of transport and logistics and transit opportunities in the south of Primorye. "Free port is a tool that allows the potential Primorsky Krai is to be converted into a result, "the minister said, therefore, the law emphasizes measures that will facilitate business in the region, in particular, the simplified modes of border crossing by the participants in foreign economic activity, the creation of a single control window, the possibilities of preliminary declaration of goods and goods , A facilitated visa regime, etc.

“At our meeting, the head of Heilongjiang Province said that they are now losing in terms of the southern provinces of China. And the adoption of the Free Port of Vladivostok project will redirect traffic flows, and we will really turn Primorye into the largest transport and tourist hub in the Asian region,” Alexander added. Galushka

Speaking about the management of the Freeport, Alexander Galushka noted that the Supervisory Board, consisting of deputy heads of federal executive and legislative bodies, the governor of Primorye, the heads of all 15 municipalities that will enter the SVP, will act as the main body.

"In order to prevent law enforcement, there was such an idea - to gather all those who are related to the activities of the Free Port at the same table, so that they would not sit apart or write to each other pieces of paper for months, but solve issues collectively, collectively and promptly," Alexander Galushka.

According to him, foreign investors have already given the highest rating to the SVP project.

"The leaders of the Chinese provinces of Heilongjiang and Jilin, whose GDP totaled 1,3 trillion dollars, noted that, under the conditions stipulated in the bill, it is really beneficial for them to invest in creating transport corridors, the transit economy of the region," the minister added.

Recall that the proposal to grant Vladivostok the status of the Free Port with an attractive, facilitated customs regime was voiced by Russian President Vladimir Putin in a message to the Federal Assembly in December 2014.

According to the developers, as a result of the adoption and implementation of bills on the creation of the Free Port, the gross regional product of the Primorsky Territory will amount to 2021 1,106 trillion rubles (an increase in 1,7 times to 2015 year), to 2025 a year - 1,402 times to 2,2 year), to 2015 year - 2034 trillion rubles (an increase in 2,157 times to 3,4 year).

The increase in the GRP of Primorsky Krai will be 470,1 billion rubles to 2021 year, 766,2 billion rubles - to 2025 year, 1,521 trillion rubles - to 2034 year.

The number of created jobs will reach 84,7 thousand people by 2021 year, 108 thousand - to 2025 year, 468,5 thousand people - to 2034 year.

The increase in GRP DFO to 2025 year as a result of the project can be 1,97 trillion rubles - up to 34%.

Factory "Star"

Another center of attraction for investments in the Far East in general and Primorye in particular will be the Zvezda plant, which will be the core of the region being created. shipbuilding and ship repair cluster. Such information was announced during the meeting of Igor Sechin, Chairman of the Board of Rosneft OJSC, Igor Galushk, Minister of the Russian Federation for the Development of the Far East, Vladimir Miklushevsky, Governor of the Primorye Territory, as well as representatives of the Dutch company Damen Shipyards Group. It should be noted that the industrial and shipbuilding cluster is being created by a consortium of companies Rosneft OJSC and Gazprombank OJSC on the instructions of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

It is assumed that at the first stage, engineers will develop working design documentation and will be engaged in technological preparation of production, and in the future they will begin to design ships and full-cycle marine equipment, including the Arctic class. To date, the structure of the center has been formed, a mechanism for cooperation with Russian and foreign design organizations to launch its work has been worked out.

Talking about the results of the meeting at the press lunch, Alexander Galushka said that the Dutch Damen Shipyards Group (annual turnover - 2 billion euros, unites 32 shipyards) confirmed its intentions to invest in the construction of the fleet.

"We told our partners about the new investment conditions that are being created in the region, the preferences and benefits provided by the laws on the Vladivostok Free Port and the areas of priority social and economic development." We acted as guarantors, "the Minister for Development of the Far East said. He noted that Rosneft provided Dutch partners with information on the funds already invested - 21 billion rubles. And also that the procedure for joining the consortium of Rosneft and Gazprombank to the Far Eastern Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Center, including the Zvezda plant, has been completed. The minister reminded that the agreement on cooperation with Damen Shipyards Group had already been signed earlier. "We now have to move on to a further action plan, and we expect that during the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok in September the parties will sign a cooperation plan and all documents," he concluded.

According to the minister, the implementation of the project will have a significant multiplier effect for a number of related industries.

"We create measures aimed at reducing risks and increasing the profitability of investments.Our job is to be a sovereign advocate for the investor, acting in the interests of developing the economy and territory.The general formula is a large Russian market, plus favorable investment conditions in exchange for the creation of production in Russia, Concluded Alexander Galushka.

The minister left Primorye in the same evening. The announced projects should begin work already during this year.

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