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"We rest on the ceiling"

On the prospects of innovation in Komsomolsk-on-Amur

Since 2010-ies with Komsomolsk-on-Amur Technical University there are several small innovative companies engaged in a wide range of production - from composite materials to microcircuits. EastRussia asked the head of the RPE "Polyelectro" Alexander Lyubitsky, "whether there are prospects for the development of such a business in the" city of presidential attention. "

Photo: Dmitry Shcherbakov
- What exactly is your company doing?
- Due to the fact that the market is small, there is no specialization as such. Engaged in the automation of food production, mining. Automated even toilets.

- This is a popular service?
- We seldom deal with what can be bought in the store. We make the line of automation of production "turnkey" - completely in accordance with the needs of the customer. This is the first feature. Secondly, we can produce what is sold, but far, and it's too expensive to take to the Far East. For example, we were approached by a Khabarovsk company, which needs equipment for food production. This is sold in Russia, but the nearest one is in Yekaterinburg. And they tell us so: if you make the same at a price, then it's easier for us to work with you. It's one thing when the manufacturer is in 300 kilometers, and quite another - in 5000.

- Do you want to go to those markets?
- We will go to the region. On Russia - it is unlikely. We are good for local buyers, but if we collect the entire Far East, here and a third of Moscow will not be typed. Taking into account the fact that we need to carry the material here first, and then back - the products, this is all too expensive.

- And Southeast Asia?
- We are definitely not their competitors. For us, for example, the serial order for the supply of 2000 luminaires is a large volume. For Chinese companies - a small one-time order. When they learn about a Chinese company outside the PRC, it is, as a rule, one of the world's largest companies - at the expense of the domestic market. So it's too early for us with our capacities. On the other hand, this is our advantage. In Guangzhou, for example, are not prepared for a small amount of developing something individual.

EastRussia Help. LLC "Research and Production Enterprise" Polyelectro "is part of a group of small innovative enterprises established under the Komsomolsk-on-Amur Technical University. The educational institution owns 34% of the company's authorized capital, the remaining shares are held by individuals. The enterprise is engaged in designing and manufacturing of devices for monitoring and regulating technological processes, first of all - automation of various systems.

- What is the current turnover?
- Beginner's company - created in 2014 year. In the first year we made orders for 2,5 million rubles. In the past year - to 4,5 million rubles. In this we aim at 10-15 million rubles.

- Do you have enough operating activities?
- With a small revenue, we are saved by the fact that we are a company associated with the institute. There are no huge rental costs for the purchase of equipment.

- Are there large corporations among local customers?
- The state order - the topic is generally promising. Our lighting fixtures now, for example, are successfully put on the Komsomolsk-on-Amur aircraft factory, several workshops have been refitted.

- Do you have a chance to go to large volumes?
"What is required for enterprises of state corporations, and most importantly, what they can give us in the form of orders, so as not to risk their large orders - it's very little. For example, the branch of "Sukhoi Civil Aircraft" is, in fact, a "screwdriver assembly" of ready-made components. But giving something to us in a million, they risk flying hundreds of millions. So, small businesses get orders for 50-100 thousand, and larger parts can be taken in the Urals and Primorye. And they say to us: "When you have 10-15 machines, and dozens of people will work for them, we will order, and while one person works on two machines - for nothing".

- So, it's not for small businesses?
- And already tried and medium. Energia Group of Companies, as you remember, went into the Komsomolsk advanced development area, asking the United Aircraft Building Corporation: determine what you can outsource, what volumes. And the state corporation answered: we cannot promise anything. And who will put 100 machines for 30-50 million worth each, if the prospect of loading them is not clear? Therefore, for the time being, there is no point in relying on our corporations for the domestic market. It is only their desire to give orders to small and medium businesses, and even the governor will not force them.

- Well, let's say tomorrow will decide: 10% give. Is the local market digesting?
- In Komsomolsk-on-Amur - no. No frames. Part of the same factories, part - has already flown. In five years, of course, would have been brought up.

- Do you generally believe that Komsomolsk-on-Amur will develop at a faster pace?
- There is some kind of uplift in people - on the wave of all these conversations about the development of Komsomolsk-on-Amur. But to believe that he will develop - absolutely not. This is a dead-end city, and its development can go only with certain subsidies from the state. Anything here develop, "transport shoulder" eats everything. Even I understand that when they reach a certain level, it will be easier to transfer production to Khabarovsk.

- And this ceiling, it turns out, not raise?
- From the west of the country to us this ceiling, on the contrary, also reduces every year. Muscovites begin to enter the local market, they lower prices, that's all. At a local lifting equipment factory, for example, a company engaged in the automation of cranes worked. In my opinion, they were the only ones in the Far East who had a license for all types of work, expertise and repair. But now they have half of the state on administrative leave or are sitting on a piece of work, and the management manages from the Krasnodar Territory.

- Do you want to leave?
- Not yet. I always liked the city itself. But I don’t intend to live here until old age. There is an understanding that at some point it will become crowded. Either the business will remain at the level of 30 million per year, or it needs to be diverted. Sooner or later, the management of small local manufacturing companies understands this, and, growing to a certain level, starts a new business no longer here.
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