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"We will provide feedback and feedback to residents and authorities"

Founder of the DNS Konstantin Bogdanenko on business and politics in the Far East

At the initiative of business in the Far East, the Association for Residents of the New Economic Regime, the Free Port of Vladivostok, was created. The initiator of the association Konstantin Bogdanenko, the founder of the DNS retailer, and now the deputy of the regional Legislative Assembly, told EastRussia not only about what the businessmen want from the authorities and vice versa, but also about why it is worth staying in the Far East and what needs to be done to be worthy here live.

"We will provide feedback and feedback to residents and authorities"
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- You have come up with the creation of the Non-profit Partnership Association for the Residents of the Free Port of Vladivostok. Where did this idea come from?
- Not on top. Initially, the Ministry of Eastern Development and the Far East Development Corporation, on the contrary, were wary and wary - the activity was unauthorized. And the idea was born below. It occurred to me at last year’s Eastern Economic Forum: a certain number of businessmen asked officials about something, but, you know, it all looked unprepared and rather messy. But thoughts were expressed similar. And so an interest arose: to express a certain common position, which could then turn into changes in legislation.

- From the lips of one will not hear, from the lips of the association - will sound weighty?
- The transformation of a large number of streams of consciousness into a related legislative initiative - this is the function of association. In Russia, unfortunately, they are not very ready, although in this world such associations play a very important role in different spheres.

At us people and the companies are not ready to unite, and the most important, are not ready to pay for it money. But in order to appear consolidated thoughts, it is necessary that the device worked, so that people collected the data, processed them.

- How much do you ask for as a membership fee?
- 120 thousand rubles per year from the participant - a legal entity. For someone, it's a lot of money, for someone not. For a company that carries a minimum of 5 million rubles of investment as a condition of entry into the Free Port, it is probably still small. And already the fact that the entrepreneurs of the Far East were ready to pay their contributions is a unique situation: many public business organizations face the problem of collecting membership dues.

Are they the only sources of funding?
- Recently, there have been many proposals on the market for writing business plans for potential residents, and the prices are different - from 50 thousand to 250 thousand rubles, and there are no guarantees. We took on this activity precisely as an association — an association of enterprises that have already passed this path.

- And how many members in the association?
- For today, actually operating - 20, including one company with foreign partners, Japanese. And now our task is to make the association useful to its participants.

- How is this defined in the charter?
- So far, the tasks are quite general. The overwhelming majority of residents are in the starting stage: someone is building something, only someone starts to move. There are general questions: on the proposed system of taxation, on the methods of interaction with the customs, on the allocation of land.

- And why? If everything worked like clockwork, and there would be no questions?
- Can not work hours that have just come up as a clock. They work as they work, and they constantly need to be tweaked.

- However, the main questions are what?
- A key story now is a story with the earth. To date, eight specific residents of the Free Port are in a position where they will not be able to implement their projects, launch their projects due to restrictions on access to land. And the Defense Ministry imposed it. For example, the whole of Vladivostok is covered simply by some huge "cap" of such a restriction: military forestry is generally such a territory without borders. And you can not build on these lands.

- But what can you do with the Ministry of Defense as an association?
"We're just getting started." We study methods, ways of interaction with state regulatory bodies, including the Ministry of Defense. And this, in fact, is the essence of the association. At least now, to collect a consolidated request from eight residents of the Freeport, and send them to the authorities, which somehow can already influence the situation. In this case, for example, in Minvostokrazvitiya, which we have already done.

- And the result?
- I want to draw attention to the fact that our organization became an efficient organization only two and a half - two months ago. Therefore, to speak about some results, I, unfortunately, can not yet. Only about plans. About feedback from Minvostokrazvitiya on the subject of the Ministry of Defense, too, there is nothing to say - this is not quickly resolved. But it is absolutely certain that we are updating this problem with all our might. About her they know, and I am sure that she will somehow decide - she can not help but decide. I think that the activities of the association will significantly reduce this time.

- Isn't “Far East Development Corporation” as the management company should solve the issues on the land?
- The corporation, maybe, wants to protect the interests of residents, but very many questions in the heads of officials are formulated differently, because they are officials. It's not bad, on the contrary, very cool. At us, by the way, the executive director - the former employee of KRDV. But the activities of the organization of entrepreneurs, the community of residents, are much more accurate and objectively monitoring their interests. The corporation provides enforcement, and this is the largest task of its size. Returning to the ground and the Ministry of Defense: KRDV does this. But for the same corporation it's good if someone prepares a professional view of the situation on the part of entrepreneurs. We are ready to be suppliers of this position.

- Do you have plans to work with potential residents, or do you exist only for your participants?
- The idea of ​​popularization and working with potential residents is one of the main. We are interested in expanding the association: the professional association is stronger the more participants in it. And another very important story, which the association begins to engage in, is popularization abroad. If for our business, Russian, the principles of interaction with the state are clear and simple, then for the incoming, primarily Asian, it is, alas, the "dark forest".

- Popularize, consolidate opinions - well. But you need to offer something specific, too?
- Of course, the function of the association is just the activity in the field of lawmaking. This is the work of the Ministry of the East. The feedback loop for the ministry and the association provides. More precisely, it can and should provide.

- Is there anything in the law today that can be corrected?
- As I said, this is a taxation system. It is expected that in the autumn session of the State Duma will be adopted changes that imply a transition to a single tax for residents of the Free Port. It is too early to speak about specific figures. Also it is necessary to touch the topic with the allocation of land. We are talking about the creation of special conditions under which regional authorities will be obliged to allocate land to residents of the Free Port.

- Is there no specific procedure now?
- As such, no. We are working to ensure that there is a special body that will simplify this process. It is planned to create commissions, which will include municipalities, landowners, the Ministry of Defense, and Minskostokrazvitiya. Now the process of allocation of land is indicated in the law very superficially, there is no description of the detection of sites. Everything happens at the level of municipalities, when one person can decide whether to allocate a plot to a resident. The commission will become a kind of tool with the help of which everything will be easier.

- As in the territories of advanced development?
- Indeed, within the framework of the law on TOR, this concept has been worked out and is real, because the “Corporation for the Development of the Far East” has almost all the rights and possibilities for interacting with the resident. Our task is to transform the corporation in its relations with the residents of the Free Port into the so-called “single window”.

- You are in Primorye, but the Free Port of Vladivostok operates in four more regions. Do you have representative offices in other territories?
- In recent months I have been in Khabarovsk, on Sakhalin, where I represented the association, told me what it does. With the support of local governments, we invited residents of the Free Port and companies that plan to become them, municipalities and regional ministries. Plans for a trip to Kamchatka. I note that in Vladivostok, interest in the association is much greater. Residents really see the need for the existence of this organization. For example, the participants of the Free Port in Vanino are companies that know what they are doing, and so far I have not seen any interest in our activities on their part. And this is normal, the association is needed when there are general issues that are important for everyone.

- Tell us more about your new projects as an entrepreneur. You are one of the founders of one of the largest domestic companies in the field of consumer electronics DNS. Why did the business diversify into other industries?
- These were, first of all, economically sound ideas related to housing construction. Firstly, because the problem with the outflow of population is acute, including because of the housing problem: today it is difficult to buy a normal apartment in Primorye. On the other hand, it is a huge market. It is capacious in terms of capital and great in terms of prospects. You can look at the adopted program of demographic development, which implies an increase in residents of the Far East by 300 thousand people. And I realize that for the most part these 300 thousand will live in Primorsky Krai, in the Vladivostok region. That's why we did it. Another question is that house building can be different. There is a massive reinforced concrete housing construction for which a plant is needed. No one has been actively engaged in this recently. On the other hand, it is necessary to find specific and modern solutions for low-rise buildings.

- Will you produce materials and build?
- The first branch is a low-rise building. Now the plant for timber processing is being launched, which will produce OSB sheets. They are made of SIP panels - wall panels for low-rise buildings. This is a modern technology of cheap low-rise housing construction. At the WEF, which will be held 6-7 September in Vladivostok, we are already planning to show the first houses that we are building in the village near Vladivostok. This is the so-called village of freelancers on more than 300 houses, which we came up with Valentin Timakov, the general director of the Agency for Human Capital Development in the Far East.

- What does "the village of freelancers" mean?
- The idea is to build a fairly large number of relatively cheap housing-oriented families with one or two children. Each house will be somewhere around 120-140 square meters and will cost 4-5 million rubles. A single platform will be allocated on the territory, let's call it infrastructure, which will allow the life of IT workers to be realized there. We want to attract freelancers from all over the country, the main customers of whose work are representatives of Japan and China. Now all conditions have been created to cooperate and meet with foreign representatives: an hour to Tokyo, an hour to Beijing, an hour to Seoul, and there the whole life is in full swing. Complete completion of construction is planned for next year.

- And what about the high-rise buildings?
- The second theme is mass housing construction. For this purpose, a plant of reinforced concrete products is being built, which will create slabs, ceilings, all necessary building structures. The reinforced concrete plant should be launched in 2018 year, and the real construction in terms of mass housing construction will begin in 2019.

- How does DNS work now? Earlier you had the idea of ​​deepening production, namely assembly.
- DNS is actively developing. The company was never a producer, but was only a seller. We have learned to work with China. Now it makes no sense to keep assembly production in Vladivostok, because it is much simpler, cheaper, faster in China. Despite the changes in the exchange rate, the increase in the cost of electricity in that country, equal pay, still the technology takes its toll, and the huge line that pushes computers in thousands a day will always be more effective than a small production.

- Are you considering any other directions in business development?
- Gradually, logistics becomes interesting. The meaning of the existence of Vladivostok for the rest of Russia in many respects is the development of logistics. But this is not just the transportation of something to somewhere, it is in general a huge area of ​​business, which allows you to minimize the costs associated with moving from production to the shelf in the store. That is, there are so many different components here. I hope that in the future we will be able to learn how to work in this field.

- According to statistics, in the last two years there has been an outflow of people from the Far East. Do you think the various programs that the state has developed to support the region will be effective in attracting the population?
- It is absolutely clear that there is a position of the state regarding the Far East of the country. Another question is that this position is not always translated efficiently, not always quickly. But I also report to myself that we have no other way in this situation.

- What are the conditions? Despite the development of the region, for example, young people still want to go to Moscow and St. Petersburg universities and leave.
- Because there are still no other universities in which it is worth studying.

- But there is the Far Eastern Federal University ...
- Thank God that with the arrival of Nikita Anisimov (Acting Rector of FEFU. - EastRussia) Begins to change the essence. The university was formed by the administrative merger of several Far Eastern universities. Such mergers throughout Russia lead to the fact that the value of the university is lost. But in Vladivostok they managed to find a solution, how to avoid squabbling and concentrate on quality education. For the last 10 years, the FEFU has become the leading university in the country.

- University - and that's it?
- We need to work on the image of the Far East, talk about what is a place where you can perform feats. As 100-150 years ago, when the officers were coming here to serve, challenging themselves. Now it's much easier. But first of all, you need to think about the foundation, and the foundation is first of all housing.

- If this housing was given or at least not so expensive ...
- For a start, it should at least be. Find a way to finance and reduce the financial burden on the buyer - this is administrative, legislative, confident that they can be solved. You can come up with a special mortgage program. But if you do not have apartments physically, they are not built, then at least think of something. I focus on this. Therefore, we assumed the function to close this problem. I am currently working in the legislative assembly, and I will definitely come out with initiatives related to the special conditions of the mortgage. But first you need to build something.

- You, by the way, had also the idea to go to the State Duma, changed your mind?
"I am more and more immersed in this topic, I see that the legislative reserve that exists at the federal level now is in many respects sufficient to properly implement regional initiatives. Subsidizing the construction of housing is now absolutely calmly being resolved at the regional level, for the reason that everything has already been done at the federal level. My idea with the State Duma was connected with a lack of information on this issue. That legislative field, which now exists in the country, can significantly accelerate the regional development of the Primorsky Territory without any activity at the federal level.

- Who brakes the process? Regional executive power?
- Across the country there are regions-leaders, and there are regions-outsiders.

- Do you refer this to the personal factor of the head of the region or to the executive authority as a whole?
- Personality factor of the head of the region? It's always easy to find a scapegoat - it's the easiest thing that can be. But the head of the region does not do everything himself personally, he has assistants who must perform the lion's share of the work. And the washing out of people's brains and people in general from the Far East and Primorye is also reflected in officials. In the end, this global unprofessionalism leads to the fact that nothing moves.

- Is there a solution?
"We need an idea that people will believe in and go here." Then we will be able to find professionals and remove the extra politicization. Because there really is a lot of politics, rather intrigue, in the Far East, in Primorsky Krai. Because politics is a large-scale concept, and here everyone is engaged in some kind of nonsense instead of looking at the matter widely and seeing certain possibilities in it. It seems to me that the DNS company in this situation is useful, because in it many people have a great vision at the expense of running a large business. The DNS can become a very good provider of personnel for everything in the world in the Far East, Primorye, and we are moving towards this.

- If there are elections of the Governor of Primorsky Territory in 2019 year, would you participate?
- I did not think about that. This is too serious a topic to be able to say "yes" or "no."

- But about this you might think?
- It's not about becoming a governor, it's about the ability to influence the situation. It is not necessary to be the governor, it is enough to work within the team. Being a governor is more realization of ambitions. We have learned to keep our ambitions with us, because they have already been realized in principle. But to add professionalism to public administration, of course, yes. And I’ll absolutely say that we are actively engaged in this.
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