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"We ensured the execution of the May decrees"

Governor of the Magadan Region Vladimir Pechenyi about free gold mining, the free port of Magadan and how it was possible to raise salaries for doctors

"We ensured the execution of the May decrees"
Photo: VEF / TASS Photobank
- What is the situation with the introduction of advanced development tools in the Magadan Region?
- The Magadan region is known in Russia as the flagship region for the implementation of special economic zones (SEZ) mechanisms. We are in the position of developing such zones, supplementing them with those "options", which they do not yet have. For example, in the SEZ there is no mechanism for benefits on insurance premiums. We receive such a request from investors, this position is met with understanding in the Ministry for the Development of the Far East. We will continue our work in this direction. And investors at us for today more than hundred.

In addition, we have prepared an application for the start of the work of the territory of advanced development of Kolyma, which will include a number of directions. This is the development of tourism (the resort of Talay), and tools to attract investors in the field of subsoil use, a site for the improvement and modernization of municipal energy in remote areas, as well as the implementation of projects related to the provision of heat by using new technologies in remote areas. I think that this package of proposals will be considered in February and appropriate decisions taken.

- The President set the task: the subjects of the Far East should enter the top thirty in terms of the investment attractiveness of the rating of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI). Is this a feasible task?
- To perform this task is more than realistic. We would have already achieved this result if ASI had been engaged in improving its rating methodology. For example, the ASI in the ranking does not assess areas that are critical for the Magadan region (by the way, not only for it) and in which we work in priority. For example, it is the connection of consumers to power grids, a simplified mode for obtaining building permits. It turns out that there is work in the Magadan region in these and other areas, but there is no assessment of its work in the rating for these parameters. The fact is that the ASI has requirements for a certain number of respondents who must answer whether they are satisfied with this or that parameter. And then - a formal sign. Since we have less than one business entity by definition than anywhere else in Central Russia, we are rated at the lowest level. But even if we conduct electricity to one consumer in our country and in Central Russia, these are two different things, aren't they?

Nevertheless, compared to the previous rating, we climbed six points. Because, for example, we have a business registration period of five days. Even Rosreestr is indignant that everything needs to be done so quickly. And we do not just demand, we have everything now. And in general, according to the ASI, we carry out 99% of the agency's requirements and criteria. If the methodology changes, we will very quickly enter the first thirty.

- The Eastern Economic Forum (VEF) solemnly announced the launch of the Natalka gold deposit. How significant is this project for the region?
- Of course, this is one of the most important and long-awaited events of 2017 year. And the operator company itself went to it for a long time, and we helped than could. The enterprise has earned, the first ingot of concentrate has been received. The company's plans are understandable. In its interests and interests of the region, so that the company as soon as possible reached the designed capacity - 10-12 tons of gold per year. Next year, I hope, the result will be 6-7 tons. This is a major project, a significant increase in production for the region and for Russia. We have already exceeded our own production plan today. There is no doubt that soon Magadan region will take the second place in gold mining in the country. While the final results of the year have not been summed up, but our miners already have 31,2 tons of gold, which is 3,5 more than last year.

- China's mining company Tian He announced its intention to build a hotel complex in your region. Did the construction begin?
- No, it did not. And the company has not yet specified new terms. We will evaluate the signed agreements at the end of the year, including non-core projects for companies (this is still a mining company). The results will be announced in February at the final forum "Stability and Development", which we hold annually.

- After a long preparatory work, Kawasaki signed investment agreements for the construction of a hydrogen plant. How is the project moving?
- This is the second largest financial commitment agreement, which we signed at the WEF. The first is with RusHydro. Cooperation with Kawasaki is under preparation for a feasibility study. In the first quarter of 2018, a regular working meeting will be held to further develop this project and place it on the territory of the Magadan Region. There are no final decisions on the site. The company has preliminary materials, they study them in terms of the availability of electricity.

- In the spring session of the 2018, the State Duma promises to adopt in the third reading amendments to the federal law on mineral resources concerning the so-called free-flow, that is, in effect, the resolution of private gold mining. In your opinion, how will this affect employment in the region?
- This issue was originally initiated by residents of the Magadan Region, who are ready to engage in this type of business. We expect that the law will be adopted in the current version - he has already experienced many changes. This will give a certain category of Kolyma residents the opportunity to engage in this type of business, to earn a living. Up to a thousand people will be busy. Wishing to become freelance prospectors a lot. Let this be an insignificant contribution to the economy of the region, but we expect that the free transfer will not only give us an increase in the production of loose gold, but will also create additional jobs and increase the employment of the local population.

- What is the unemployment rate in the Magadan Region? Does the region need labor force?
- The unemployment rate is lower than the national average - 1,5%. And this is one of the best indicators among the Far Eastern regions. The number of unemployed varies: in winter there are more, in summer less. And employers are offered 2,5 thousand vacancies for 1,2 thousand unemployed. The case, of course, in the qualification requirements, and taking into account this, the region's need for labor can not be provided by the inhabitants of the region. Therefore, the attraction of additional workforce is still topical. Quotas for foreign labor have been cut by half, but this applies to workers from far abroad. After the well-known events in the east of Ukraine, we had cadres from Donetsk and Lugansk regions. We work with them on the program of attracting compatriots from abroad, they are entitled to serious compensation for moving, housing is provided. The receipt of citizenship by them is regulated by federal legislation. In general, there are no restrictions either for work or for registration.

- How are presidential decrees implemented in the region?
- We strictly follow the roadmap. If you take the incomes, for example, of doctors, then they make up 200% of the average incomes of industry in the region, and not 100%, as it is designated as the desired goal. So we are in some sense overfulfilling May decrees. The average salary in the region for all types of economic activity is 70 thousand rubles.
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