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We are proud of the results of our work

Alexander Smirnov - Acting Chief of the Construction Department No.713 Dalspetsstroy

We are proud of the results of our work

The romance of the Amur taiga, which has become a reality: the Vostochny cosmodrome, the first launch, high technologies, hundreds of new objects and modern infrastructure for work and life, the new city of Tsiolkovsky .... Behind these words is the stubborn everyday work of thousands of builders, for whom the Vostochny space center has become an integral part of life and even destiny.

One of them, Alexander Smirnov - Acting Head of the Construction Department No. XXUMX Dalspetsstroy. Staff officer, military builder, was born in Kashin, Tver region in 713 year. In 1984, he graduated from the Military Technical University of the Ministry of Defense of Russia. According to the distribution, he got to Dalspetsstroy, went from a foreman to the head of the branch. He participated in the construction of many special-purpose facilities in the Far East, as well as gas industry facilities, the military hospital in Rybachy in Kamchatka, the Erofei sports arena, the Amur sports complex, the cardiovascular center, the cathedral and the seminary in Khabarovsk.

On the construction of the launch facility, the Vostochny space center has been working from the very first day: first, it led the documentary support of the project, and in January 2013 went directly to the object. Therefore, it is not surprising that Alexander, with his eyes closed, can spend on all the underground floors of the launch facility, talking for hours about a particular technological operation. A subject of special pride is the power ring.

"Working on such an object is, of course, difficult, but interesting. Each technical operation is unique in its own way, it often requires non-standard approaches when performing it. So, when installing the formwork on the power ring of the starting structure, shields were required, which in the assembled form represented a circle. Order from the manufacturer? Long, so it was decided to manually, right at the facility to produce the necessary shields. With the help of a special system, the plywood with filigree precision was bent under the design diameter and assembled into a general design in the form of a ring. Was it difficult? Yes, but Eyes are afraid, and their hands are doing. Studied during the production process, even had to invent their own "know how", - says Alexander, smiling.

Of course, after the launch of the carrier rocket, you can breathe and with a smile, remember all the difficulties and the most difficult situations that had to be overcome.

Alexander recalls: “Summer 2013, the Amur region lived in emergency mode because of the monsoon rains, which did not stop for months. It is now at the modern roads, and then there were temporary - unpaved, which were eroded by rain, it was difficult even to have an "all-passable" technique. While working at construction sites, workers did not save raincoats and rubber boots — overalls did not have time to dry during the night ... Violent streams of water flowed down the slopes of the excavation of the launch building, which washed the ground from the slopes of 32 meters. The pit looked like a huge pit, which every day was filled with water mixed with sand. The depth of this muddy "reservoir" reached 2-meters. But even despite the storm warnings, the work did not stop - they performed reinforcement, installed the formwork, laid the concrete mix. At the same time, daily it was necessary to eliminate washes and landslides, to equip water outflows. For pumping rainwater around the clock used deep pumps, pumps, vacuum machines. It was hard, but we managed! And how else - Dalspetsstroi faced the task of national importance ".

Three years have passed since that time. Behind the difficulty with a lack of working documentation, severe winters with frosts, reaching at the launch site of a mark in minus 50 degrees, when hands gloved to the fittings. Over the years, builders have done a tremendous job: erected starting and technical complexes, as well as several hundred buildings and structures, built roads, which can boast of any metropolitan city. All facilities are provided with utilities by a constant scheme from a permanent source. The networks of heat supply, water supply, electricity, ventilation, sewage are all available for use by end-users. The work of all the systems of the cosmodrome is fine-tuned as a clock, which allowed the first launch of the Soyuz-2.1 launch vehicle.

“We have completed construction. Now the launch complex is a complete object. It is nice to look at the blue and white modern buildings and structures, and if you had seen how the launch facility changed, and the entire cosmodrome: green lawns, flower beds, bushes and trees. For professionals who will operate the cosmodrome, everything has been done to make them feel comfortable. For this, recreational areas with comfortable benches and gazebos have been created. And on the technical complex there is even a playground for volleyball and table tennis. You know what is important, here on the construction of Vostochny we worked in the same bundle with other main departments of Spetsstroy of Russia, and with the leadership of the agency, the head of our company — all of them paid much attention and continue to devote to the object. It was often the case that we thoroughly understood production problems with the leaders of the highest level, for example, at the launch pad. Imagine, the time is past midnight - we are working on a minus third floor. Yes, it's cold, but hard - the white light, as they say, has not been seen for a long time. But over time, they did not take into account - the works were conducted around the clock, and it was impossible to delay the adoption of the most important decisions. I am pleased with the results of my work ... of our work! ”

Alexander did not accidentally say "our work": next to him at the construction of the cosmodrome his younger brother Alexei Smirnov, the head of the section of the Construction Department No.713 Dalspetsstroi, works. He is also a military constructor, like his brother: graduated from the Military Technical University of the Russian Defense Ministry. Alexei came to the East in 2012 year. He worked as a master, and then as a foreman at the construction of the starting construction. At the cosmodrome, he met his wife, then still future. Valentina Smirnova - engineer of the production department. For these young guys, the spaceport became a destiny.

Work on the first stage of the Vostochny Cosmodrome is nearing completion. Today Dalspetsstroyevtsy launched a wide front of work on the creation of objects that did not participate in the first launch of the launch vehicle.

“Our facilities passed the test with honor by the first launch, but it is too early to calm down. Has come Hot and responsible time - the transfer of constructed facilities in operation. We also work without days off and holidays, but how else can it be during the work of the state commission for the acceptance of objects. "

All the heroes of the spaceport Vostochny

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