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What do TOPs offer in addition to tax benefits, argues the governor Alexander Kozlov

The Amur Region is a subject of the Far East with a large number of active and planned areas of advanced development. What is so good about this mechanism, that it wants to only increase it, EastRussia was interested in the governor of the region Alexander Kozlov.

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Special project TORA and Free Port
- What for the region of the territory of advanced development? 
— Given the current realities, there are simply no means to allocate significant funds from the budget to the business to stimulate the work. But at the same time it is really possible to give business certain tax preferences. This is very rational - preferences are borne by the accompanying effects of the development of the infrastructure necessary for the main production - roads, power lines, other auxiliary facilities. One should not underestimate such an "option" of TOP as the solution of issues with land plots. Today, when creating these or those productions, there is an acute problem with so-called land dealers, only very complex mechanisms can help in solving problems with them. And within the framework of the TOP, the resolution of issues with the land is much easier.

- It is clear with business effects. And what do they receive from the TOR directly to the authorities of the regions?
- The benefits here are clearly pronounced. First of all, this is the development of the region through the creation of additional jobs, the growth of the gross regional product and - at the end of grace periods of taxation - a significant increase in taxes. Secondly, the authorities of municipalities, thanks to the TOR, have the opportunity to improve the state of the social infrastructure - schools, kindergartens, sports and recreation centers - through the possibility of raising federal funds for these needs.

- So, the TOPs are useful on all sides. Is there no less effective alternative to them?
- Other mechanisms due to budget constraints are not so effective.

- Benefits and land is good. But business in the Far East is faced with the fact that it still lacks very much for its full development. For example, a large number of related industries.
- Sure, it is. At the same time, we are also faced with the multiplicative effect of the business development of new investors. This is reflected in the fact that, following the anchor investors in the TOP, companion businesses also come. For example, large projects of Gazprom are being built, and around them are created other production - auxiliary to the main production projects - enterprises that produce metal structures, consumables and so on.

What do you need for success in TOR in addition to privileges - loans with low interest rates, good management and knowledge of the local market?
- There are a lot of questions on residency in the TOP. This is due to the fact that the mechanism is new, not yet run-in. We try to solve problems promptly, together with the Ministry of Regional Development and the "Corporation for the Development of the Far East." Of course, credit resources and quality of management are also important. For its part, the region always provides the maximum support under existing business conditions, administrative issues, search and recruitment. Questions from residents everywhere are similar. These are land relations, the availability of infrastructure, the provision of tax incentives, the formation of accountability, the attraction of foreign labor. But all these issues are solved, most importantly - to signal about their issues, to solve them promptly and efficiently.

- Local business, which had to go through difficult 90-e and "zero", as relates to newcomers - residents of the TOP?
There are no restrictions and privileges in making decisions regarding the granting of the status of a resident in the TOPs and will not be. Equal rules for the selection and participation of projects in the TOP are established for all. We are equally interested in attracting to the TOPs of both Amur enterprises and investors from other regions. 

Are there any grounds for believing that the residents of the TOR of the Amur Region are more promising than the residents of the TOR of other subjects?
- We make every effort to ensure that residents of the TOP in the Amur region conduct business in comfortable conditions, for all residents a preferential tax regime is established, at the expense of the regional and local budget, a transport infrastructure is created. It is important for us to coincide with the vector of development of the residents of the TOP and the socio-economic situation in the region.
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