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"My killer": start of the Russian hire

Producer sensational Yakut cinema talked with a correspondent of EastRussia

"My killer": start of the Russian hire
Photo: producer Marianna Skrybykina, director Costas Marsan, cameraman Iskander Ivanov

Upon returning from the "Dream Factory", the producer of the film "My Murderer" - Marianna Skrybykina - presents the film to Moscow journalists. Here, on the "mainland", we no longer doubt - Yakut cinema has become a brand of the republic on a par with mammoths, mas-wrestling and diamonds. The correspondent of EastRussia asked several questions to the film's authors.

- You have just returned from the International Asian Cinema Festival, which was passing In Los Angeles. The first time there were?

- Me and Kostas (Costas Marsan, director. - approx. ER.) For the first time, and the other guys were already.

- What did you think of it?

- Oh, I can not even find the words, I probably need to sleep. In fact, we are very impressed by the festival itself and its organization. We were lucky to be in the epicenter of the whole cinematic world. The event was held in Culver City, a very good area of ​​Los Angeles, where the cinema was born. We have very good contacts with actors from different countries, producers, directors, with all our colleagues. It was a complete immersion in the world, which attracted us very long ago.

- How did the Americans speak of the movie?

- It was a very warm welcome. We had two shows - 25 and October 27. Our fellow countrymen flew in from San Francisco and Seattle, it was so great. They just heard that they would show the Yakut film, and flew in to watch. It was very interesting to listen to the public, reviews, questions. Almost all Japanese and Koreans had one question. In fact, no one knows what Yakutia is. Before answering questions, we told about the republic, showed where it is. They were surprised and carefully recorded, they said that they would definitely look on the Internet.

First of all noted a powerful cast. Also very much praised the editing of the film. Plus, everyone was delighted with Iskander Ivanov, our operator, he had a high point in the States. They were surprised by the budget; As soon as they heard the amount, "Yes you what ?!" was heard. The communication after the film was very lengthy in comparison with our presentations in other cities.

- Today, everyone laughed a lot in the auditorium. How are you?

- Of course, they laughed, where we assumed that the audience would laugh. Everything worked out, as it was planned at the stage of writing the script: where will be groaning, where to gasp, where to relax. We checked this many times. First on the Moscow public at the Moscow International Film Festival, on the Yakut, of course, later on "Amur Autumn", and now in Los Angeles. They laugh everywhere.

- Books of the Yakut writer Yegor Neymohov in Soviet times literally read the whole republic. And the young Yakuts are familiar with his narrative "The Secret of Lake Sayars", on which the film was shot? Or, as in the whole world now, first to the cinema, and then to the book theater?

- Yes, in the nineties the book was a bestseller. Many who watched the film told me that they wanted to read the book. And Maria Petrovna Neimokhova, a widow, told me that she bought books. I believe that this is a good indicator and a good sign. This is the power of cinema.

- Yakut cinema literally everything, including Anton Dolina, is called original. What do you think, what is the secret?

- I can not answer this question, because I am a person who is inside the filmmaking system. Yes, our cinema is spoken of as distinctive. And some do not say so and do not think at all. Most likely, a good critic or grateful viewer will be able to formulate the answer.

- About the director of the painting Kostase Marsane not very much information, we only know that he graduated from the Higher Directing courses in Moscow. Is this his first picture and your first joint project with him?

- Yes, this is his debut work. He was the second director in my fifth film, and in general he was very much in the movies and on television. He graduated from VKSR courses, workshop of Alla Surikova. As the editing director made a great contribution to the development of Yakut cinema. He is the god of erection. And, as you can see, he's a great director.

- Like any movie-man, you probably have your favorite directors, pictures. Share?

- Oh, a lot of them. Today, before the premiere, I watched "Coming Out of the Dragon" by my idol Bruce Lee. Although I generally like diverse pictures. My favorite directors are Almodovar, Lars von Trier, Wong Karwai. A favorite producer - John Landau.

- When you love, there is still a moment of immersion, absorption. How to be inspired, but not lose your style while creating your own picture?

"I think we should love, be inspired, but have our own handwriting." But in any case there are only seven notes in music, do not be afraid to use them. The whole world is woven from someone's ideas, and yours will necessarily be individual. But I do not think that we greatly plagiarized, we did what we like.

- Most often, an independent film expects solely the fate of the festival, but your film clearly has other plans. Already, you are going out to a plus, or is it too early to draw conclusions, since the Russian rental has just begun?

- We have long been in the black, because all the funds that I found for the creation of this film were gratuitous. Partners were attracted by product placement and image advertising. By the way, a very big thanks to all our partners who appeared in this film by our good friends. Greetings to Olga Nikolaevna from the airline "Yakutia". She believed in me, and it's great that we worked together: we flew back and forth to the locations. Thanks to the airline, the world saw the Yakut natural beauty. Do you know how much the fare is? We 13 people flew back and forth, plus cargo. And ten of the crew of the crew drove the land a little earlier. All our partners are great fellows, these are people who believe in good projects, thereby enabling us to work, and our viewers to see the picture.

- You managed the almost impossible - to shoot an independent film, whose budget is 5 million rubles. In this case, the film company ART Doydu, which you head, does not have an official website, only a page on the social network. Is it because you don’t expect anyone to visit and come to everyone with suggestions?

- We will soon open the site, yes, just the other day we wanted to launch it. Just did not have time yet. In fact, the site history is very old. We are working on it now, because we decided to create a single base of Yakut actors. It will be phenomenal. Visitors to the site will be able to watch in two languages ​​what kind of actors we have, and this base will be constantly growing. When we start, it will be a significant event in the history of the development of the Yakut cinema.

- How many times have you heard the word “no” while collecting money for a film?

- Lots of. I can say how many kilometers I have trodden, I drove ... although, no, I can not mark this long distance. And not only "no" I heard, many laughed in response, although it probably only made me more excited. But this is work, one must love one's work, to go to the end. If you take on something, then go to the end in any case.

- The film has already received an award at the Yakutsk International Film Festival and entered the list of applicants for the Golden Globe Award, what next? What are your plans for the film, do you have a film company?

- Personally, I have the first job.

- A rest after such a race?

- Yes, it is necessary; I feel the batteries are sitting down. We plan to shoot the next film with the working title "Eyes of the Night", it will be a detective story. I have not yet chosen where I will be shooting, but certainly not in Russia.

- With whom?

"With Costas, of course." Our entire team ART Doydu is ready! And yet, we will now work on the promotion of "My Killer". Perhaps, the tape will be released in international rental.

- And about the "Golden Globe" silent?

- We know about the Golden Globe since August, but we could not talk about it. Program director of the festival George Shamshun in an interview himself said that here, they say, the first Yakut picture will be. And we hid it for a long time, because it's very serious for us. We did not think that this would cause such an excitement. And there was a chain reaction - all the media began to write one after another, it was uncontrollable. And we could only remind ourselves that we are just pretenders. But in fact, we have already announced, and we are now waiting for a verdict. I will not think of anything, you know what big pictures there are, and we are modest people. But one mention of this possibility is already an achievement, of course.

I want to thank my team, all the guys who worked on this project - all great lads. These are creators, these are geniuses, these are guys who are in love with art called cinema. Thank them very much!

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