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"My personal pole of cold"

Yuri Roshka about how he accidentally ended up in the Far East - and left

One of the most attractive types of earnings for visitors to the North has always been work in artel miners. From all over the Soviet Union, people gathered in the Far Eastern artels to extract gold. It happened that after that the Far East became their new home. EastRussia asked how the deputy of the Khabarovsk city Duma Yuri Roshka, choosing a career after the army, first decided to become an artel and northerner, and suddenly turned out - the Far East.

Returning from the Afghan war, Yuri Rosca - a young, 20 years "with a tail" - was to make a choice in a peaceful life. In 1983, he and two of his colleagues decided to go to work. But where? Long did not think - they relied on the case.

- Have laid out a map of the USSR, threw a coin. We decided that where to go, we'll go there. The coin rolled into Yakutia, in Aldan. Said - done, gathered, flew, - recalls Yuri Rosca, - Of course, then I did not think that the Far East would become my destiny.

Again the case helped Yuri. At the airport in Yakutsk, he met a classmate who also came to work in the north. He told his friends that the prospecting season is already over, and advised to go not to Aldan, but to Oimyakon, the pole of cold. Again, Yuri followed the incident. Arriving in Oimyakon, he went to the village Olchyan, where he got a job in geological exploration. I regretted only that I did not get into the artel, but it was almost impossible at the end of the season. Nearly.

The news of the arriving Afghans scattered quickly over the small working village. The chairman of the artel, whose son also went to serve in Afghanistan, helped the former soldiers. And already in January 1984 Yuri began his peaceful service in the artisan artel "Luch" in Olchany village of Oymyakonsky district.

It was not easy to get into the artel, because every worker should be ready for any work. Gold washing began there on 10 May, before that the prospectors blasted the ground, conducted the stripping works, prepared for extraction.

- Today you are a bulldozer driver, tomorrow - on a drilling rig, the day after tomorrow you will be sent to the dredges to work or trees to fry, or a welder. And so every day - you do not know who you will be the next day. Changing 12 through 12. 12 hours work, then come, sleep, and again to work. Three days off in a year. Difficult conditions, but after all, full security in the taiga, and a decent salary. Each month the salary is 300 rubles, at the end of the work I still received more than 11 thousand. It's very decent for "that money", - says Yuri Roshka. 

Useful specialty Yuri specialty turner and milling machine, obtained at the Balti Polytechnic College. Skillful hands in the Far East - the first thing. And then Yuri "raised". Up to 13 meters. 13 meters - the height of the raised mast of the drilling rig SBS-200, to work on which the young artel was transferred after training.

- I remember the usual shift, the usual day ... The SBS had to change the bar. One you twist, the next you bring. The machine is serious, and the cold, you need, in general, hand to fill. And my partner was a rookie. I helped him, we tried to unscrew the bar together. I feel that I do not feel the hands anymore, "Yuri smiles. - I dropped the key, decent such, on 140. He fell on the metal and shattered like glass. Here such frosts were, for 60.

Yuri recalls that the equipment was practically not jammed. If the car with the load stopped, then she had to drive a few more kilometers to restore the wheels compressed under the weight of the load. Any movement required additional warm-up. On each car, duplicating windshields were installed.

- The edge is stern, a pole of cold. But they adjusted. In activated days, when the temperature is below 50 degrees, and schools are closing, are the children sitting at home? They run on the street. People lived and live there, - says Yuri, - And I lived there like everyone else. I got married, my son was born first. Was born in November, it was already very cold. I went to the maternity hospital to take my wife and child with me on a new Kamaz - an Afghan friend just got it at work, that's helped me.

Yuri says that in this harsh land their "northern laws" operate:

- If on the way you met a decayed car, you will not even have a thought to drive past. Everyone understands that in such cold weather a person has only half an hour-hour. They stopped and helped. This is the northern laws, without them you can not survive.

In the five years that Yuri spent at the Pole of Cold, many stories happened. He himself says that without humor there simply does not live.

- Somehow I was sent to accompany the gold. By car, with the driver. They gave me a bucket of gold, they armed me with a hunting rifle. And they poured a handful of cartridges. I look, but the cartridges are of a different caliber. Go that way, they say, there is no necessary caliber, who will touch you there - 50 km through the pass, - laughs Yuri.

Yuri admits that he still dreams that he is late for work. To be late meant getting punished in the form of a month "according to 0,5". That is, within a month, work days will be counted in half. And another "stick" - one, one work day, would never be put for an unfulfilled task.

- The main thing for artel workers is to know their work and be able to fulfill it. And if they told you to dig a hole in the permafrost, you must dig it out. Or, say, you have to be able to understand with an electrician. I remember our northern know-how - homemade electrodes, with the help of the usual paste made. It seems to me that today there is no such work that I could not do. In the north you become a person of business - you can not bring partners, you can not help those who are in trouble. It is impossible - not because it is "forbidden", but because you can not otherwise. For life such a lesson is invaluable.

Everything that happened to Yuri in his "personal" pole of cold became a severe hardening for the former Afghan. After the work in the artel was completed, Yuri did not return home. His new home was the Far East. The newly-bred Far East was based in Khabarovsk, bringing here a family. Today he is a deputy of the Khabarovsk City Duma, head of the regional executive committee of the All-Russian Popular Front For Russia in the Khabarovsk Territory.

"When you take absolute responsibility to your duties, you can be relied on." Here, in the Far East, relations between people are special. Maybe I am a maximalist, but I am sure, "to throw", to deceive - this is not about the inhabitants of our region.
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