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Rallies discourage investors from Vladivostok

Protests rally residents freeze construction in the Far Eastern capital

Residents of the BAM neighborhood on February 8 will come out for a rally against the construction of a high-rise building, the permission for the construction of which, in their opinion, was issued illegally. Similar protests are held in Vladivostok quite often and have literally frozen construction in the city.

Rallies discourage investors from Vladivostok

Against the system"

The problem of rallies, pickets and other public protests against development on the territory of the agglomeration of Vladivostok turned into a real threat factor for the development of construction projects and created social destabilization in the region. Often, rallies force the city administration to take measures not in favor of the developer, canceling previously issued building permits.

Such a confrontation is clearly reflected in the example of IC “System”. Residents of houses located near the upcoming construction, rallied against the developer. The essence of the conflict was that a resident company of the free port of Vladivostok entered into a lease for a land plot in Vladivostok for the construction of an apartment building on Utkinskaya Street. However, the neighbors came to the rally and demanded instead of a residential building to build a sports ground near their homes. As a result, the city administration suspended the registration of the territory lease agreement.

“Our company absolutely legally on the site of the demolished hut rented a land plot for construction. We carried out preparatory work - cleared the site of garbage, built driveways, restored storm sewers. But the people who organized the rally came out with demands to build a sports ground instead of the planned house. We prepared a presentation for local residents, tried to explain that the 110 kilovolt line runs through this section, under which any construction, including sites, is prohibited. That is, in order to build something, it is necessary to bury the power lines. Such expensive work worth 110 million rubles for the city administration is a serious, if not impossible task. We are ready to take all costs. In addition, solely on our own initiative, our company proposed to build two sports grounds instead of one. To minimize noise during construction, we are ready to supply Korean noise screens in which the noise outside the fence does not exceed the noise level of the surrounding street environment - 70 decibels. But our proposals and arguments were not heard. The question arises: in what exactly format should the builder dialogue with residents in order to come to a compromise? ” General Director of ISK Sistema Alisher Abbasov.

The lawsuit related to the refusal to register the land lease agreement with the Rosreestr is still ongoing. The administration of Vladivostok, stood up for the protection of residents and in court gives their own arguments. The investor, in turn, proposes the creation of urban communities that will allow developers and residents to agree on the appearance of a particular residential property.

“In such matters it is necessary to exclude unilateral decisions. I have an extremely negative attitude to rallies, as to the extreme point of protest, as they are not in the legal field. Situations in which all permits previously obtained on a legal basis are seized from the developer only on the basis of expressing the will of the townspeople, I consider unacceptable. At the same time, I am sure that ignoring the opinions of people is also wrong. In this regard, we try to go to a meeting of citizens and take into account their wishes, ”Alisher Abbasov noted.

Director of the City Realtor Center Academy of Sciences Sergey KosikovKnowing all the problems of the construction industry from the inside, he is outraged by the behavior of residents of already built houses, by the way, they refuse to comment on the media and are already starting to scream.

“There are people who live in the house all their lives, use a public garden or wasteland and believe that this is their personal territory. At the same time, for example, no one will bother to formalize this site by law into the local area. But when the developer legally receives the territory, a wave of indignation rises. Of course, there are unscrupulous businessmen who, through their actions, really worsen the lives of people, but respectable construction companies have not been canceled either. And before cutting off the shoulder, it would be worthwhile to understand the situation more specifically, ”notes Sergey Kosikov.

The chairman of the meeting of the Association of Developers of the Vladivostok City Agglomeration Vladimir Isakov also does not understand why the developer must pay for the wishes of residents when he receives the land for the object legally.

“If the authorities have even the slightest doubt that something is wrong with the site, they will not be allowed to build on it. I agree that not all developers acted in accordance with the law, squares were cut down somewhere, construction was carried out with violations in some places. But under the current legislation, if the site is still given, it means that the developer went through fire, water and copper pipes, and certainly following all the regulations. Most often, residents simply don’t want to feel the inconvenience of a house being built next to them, and they don’t give a damn about the look of the city, the main thing is that they have apartments, which means that there are no other problems, ”said Vladimir Isakov.


It is not rallies that destroy us, the construction ruins the power ...

In early August 2019, residents of the house on Cheremukhovaya Street, 6a, took part in a rally against the construction of an object, a project for planning the territory under which there had not even been. Citizens demanded to set up a square on the site of a residential facility, talked about the lack of parking spaces and normal access to houses.

In 2016, a long two-story hut stood on this site. Later it burned down, the inhabitants were settled, and the developer undertook to dismantle the remains of the building at his own expense. In 2018, the investment and construction company Aurora-Stroy entered into an agreement with the Far East Development Corporation on the implementation of an investment project - the construction of an apartment building with built-in non-residential premises. To implement the project, a land lease agreement was signed with the city administration. The rebellious residents of neighboring houses went to the meeting and lowered the originally planned number of storeys of the facility from 25 to 11 floors.

However, later the developer faced a new problem. The decision of the Vladivostok city administration on the preparation of territory planning documentation regarding the development of the territory planning project and the land surveying project in the area of ​​Cheremukhovaya Street was issued on August 4, 2018, the company began work on the ITT and in May 2019 sent the documentation to the Vladivostok administration for approval. For five months, the process of developing comments was going on, and after working out the previously mentioned comments, new ones were designated. Several months have passed since the submission of the ready-made TIP containing all the corrections to the city administration, and it has not been signed into the document.

“We believe that this situation and such an approach from the side of the Vladivostok city administration has an extremely negative impact on urban development in Vladivostok, casts doubt on the administration’s understanding of the requirements of the President of the Russian Federation on the increase in housing construction, and also if we take into account the social significance of the above-mentioned city planning scheme for the territory , then the administration’s actions can be called harmful, ”said the head of the Aurora-Stroy company, Andrey Ishchenko.

However, such a situation does not suit officials. The head of Vladivostok Oleg Gumenyuk repeatedly emphasized the importance of building a dialogue between business and the public. He is convinced that the developer is obliged to take into account interests and find mutual understanding with people who already live in the territory where the construction is planned.

“There are territories and objects that are easy to develop, but there are really difficult when the legality of the object is really in question, including in terms of legality, and I, as the head of the city, must defend the interests of people,” said Oleg Gumeniuk.

In his opinion, people rightly consider the territory where they live to be their own and they want to keep their comfort as much as possible. At the same time, he admits that in the past, obviously, mistakes were made in the city-planning policy of Vladivostok, and now the consequences are felt, and agrees that it is necessary to take measures and correct the situation.

“It is important for the city that developers actively invest in the development of Vladivostok, so we are ready to actively support developers and projects if they are for the good of the city. We are ready to take on social projects, improvement, but this should be a two-way movement - towards each other and for the benefit of residents, ”said the head of Vladivostok.


Scientists against

The biggest scandal occurred with the Armada group of companies, which planned to build a residential neighborhood on a site in Akademgorodok. The feuds, rallies and trials of social activists and scientists against the developer lasted more than three years.

Scientists justified their protests by the fact that the construction is carried out only 30 meters from the institution, where toxic and poorly studied hazardous substances are being studied in the laboratories of toxicology and microbiology. Later, social activists also appealed that the land does not belong to the developer, and permits were issued illegally.

Three years ago Director General of Armada LLC Yevgeny Pimenov stated that the company was accused of corrupt and illegal seizure of land without understanding the situation.

“The public men did not consider it necessary to respond to my request for supporting documents. Construction is in accordance with the law and building codes, ”Pimenov noted.

Now he talks about the protracted conflict reluctantly and notes that the company defended its truth through trials, mass protests and seven circles of hell.

“I would not like to provoke conflicts again with my comments,” Pimenov says. - I can only voice my subjective point of view: inPower should not expose business. There should be general, transparent and stable rules of the game. In other words, laws and their observance. And if it so happened that they gave all the permits (and this is a long, not a one-time process), then it is the government that must solve the problems and bear responsibility. I am talking about power, not about specific people in it. Business is responsible, risks money, image. When the authorities also begin to bear responsibility for their actions, then everything will begin to change for the better. ”


Rallies and money

One of the most unpleasant consequences of the rallies is the builders call the reaction to what is happening investors who strictly monitor every movement in the construction market. Often, after such events, investment in projects is terminated. Only by the end of 2019, a ray of light began to glimmer in a dark tunnel.

“There has been a tendency for a“ triple dialogue ”: residents, government and business. This trend is still in its infancy, but the first step towards compromise has been taken, and this, in my opinion, is the first small step towards great opportunities. Developers and city residents are trying to enter into a constructive dialogue, earlier - it was generally chaos. This format of mutual communication is starting to gain popularity. There are already real examples of agreements. In my opinion, the direction chosen is very right, ”said Boris Pozdnyakov, chairman of the board of directors of the Squadron group of companies.

Protests against the point buildings in Vladivostok continue. According to the chairman of the meeting of the Association of Developers of the Vladivostok City Agglomeration, Vladimir Isakov, the uncompromising approach of citizens often not only slows down, but stops construction in the city.

“Construction restrictions. one way or another, they are turning up in residential property prices in Vladivostok. On the other hand, this year a position has been established by which the developer, in order to increase the chances of implementing his investment project, can submit a project for planning the territory to the administration. At the stage of approval of this project, the interests of the microdistrict and residents are taken into account, which further reduces the investment risks of the business, minimizes the risks of revoking a building permit.

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