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"World" did not release all miners

The largest accident in the diamond mining industry occurred in Yakutia

A technological accident at the Mir mine occurred 4 August in the Yakutsk city of Mirny, owned by ALROSA, one of the world's largest diamond miners.

Photo: YSIA
Today the whole day in social networks the people of Yakutia are discussing the version that the leakage of water to the Mir mine began 29 July, so the company allegedly could take preventive measures and suspend the mine. Experts do not rule out the company's guilt, but it is impossible to confirm this without studying the documentation and all the factors that affected the mine. "It's unambiguous to say that the company is to blame, I can not. We need to thoroughly investigate the causes of the tragedy, "says Nadezhda Kipriyanova, head of the Department of Defense in Emergency Situations of the Mining Institute of the Northeastern Federal University.

In the history of the diamond mining industry in the region, this is the biggest accident - at the time of the accident, there were 151 people in the mine, most of which were saved. On the first day, it was possible to bring a miner to the surface of 142, and the next day - another. The fate of eight more miners remains unknown.

The likely cause of the accident in the company was the uncontrolled flow of water due to a sharp deterioration in mining and geological conditions. At the same time, the company emphasizes that the mine's operation "was carried out in full compliance with all technical requirements and safety requirements."

As stated in the press release of the diamond company, the mine has never been recognized as an emergency, the work on it has never been suspended due to a pre-emergency or emergency situation. The mine regularly checked the equipment.

According to expert Nadezhda Kipriyanova, the implementation of industrial projects in the Arctic has double risks due to factors such as the degradation of permafrost due to global warming. "I can definitely say that industrial companies need to work with the expert community, to involve them in research into the assessment of various risks. Today, there are effective methods and methodologies for risk assessment using high-tech equipment. Although it can be expensive for companies, we all understand that the safety of employees and the population of the extracting regions is above all, "the expert believes.

Meanwhile, the scientist highly appreciates the level and efficiency of the rescue operation, the clear interaction of the company's management, federal and regional authorities. "In a large-scale and complex rescue operation in the history of the region, professionals are involved with a capital letter," the expert believes.

EastRussia Help. Alrosa accounts for about a quarter of the world's diamond production and 97% of Russia's. The main activity of the company is concentrated in Yakutia, as well as in the Arkhangelsk region and Africa. The Mir mine accounts for about 11% of the company's annual production, notes RNS. The benchmark for production at 2017 year is about 39 million carats.
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