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Pollock is waiting!

Let's hit the "Chinese export needle" with a frying pan! Let's eat all the pollock we caught ourselves! The refusal of the PRC from Russian and Far Eastern seafood should be used for the benefit of the industry and the country!

Russian fishermen are forced to artificially slow down pollock fishing. As of January 26, only in the Far Eastern Basin, 141,5 thousand tons of pollock were caught, however, due to the refusal of the PRC to accept it earlier and new requirements for the disinfection of products, the fish caught has nowhere to go - in Russia there is not enough capacity for storage or for processing ...

Pollock is waiting!
Photo: Alexander Saveliev

Alexander Saveliev

Head of the Fisheries Information Agency

Pollock is our everything. Well, if not all, then a lot! This is 35% of the total Russian catch, 70% of which sailed to the PRC ...

Signals about the risks of exporting fish to China, by the way, and to any other country, have sounded before. Now this is the alarm! The Chinese have tied our Far Eastern fishermen too tightly to their shore. COVID-19 turned out to be a universal mallet in order to tamp prices and bring arrogant fishermen to life.

There will be no changes, at least until February 26, when the Celestial Empire is the Lantern Festival, and the official weekend is from February 11 to 17. For our Far Eastern fishermen, this means that already half of the pollock fishing season, which this year will last until April 10, as they say down the drain.

However, trouble will torture, trouble and learn.

The most productive idea in the current emergency situation is the idea of ​​the Federal Agency for Fishery on public procurement of pollock by analogy with grain interventions. First, the wholesale price of pollock is now at the very bottom. Contracts are already signed at a price of 56 thousand rubles per ton. The retail price did not move down not by the ruble, it remains between 145 and 240 rubles per kg. This is frozen pollock in a headless carcass, b / g, the so-called. Fillet is traded from 300 to 1247 rubles per kg in Metro. Not a bad trade markup, to put it mildly! So, public procurement, if the Federal Agency for Fishery does organize them, is an extremely useful story in the current situation. Therefore, the money spent on the purchase of fish, and this, secondly, is returnable, moreover, you can also make good money on this, as we see from the difference between wholesale and retail prices.

The question arises, where to store? The problem, I think, is being solved with the Federal Reserve. Well, something, but they have enough refrigerating capacities in particular, and in cold Russia as a whole, there is plenty.

The problem seems to be different. Will we eat almost a million tons of fish? The whole country?

I think it's easy if we whet our appetite! And lighting it up is easy too!

Pollock is a luxurious fish, not a fish for cats, as someone tried to impose on us. This is a great cod fish! This is a dietary product! Recommended especially for children and seniors. With all the promotion of retail chains, it remains budgetary and affordable. She lacks good marketing. Although there have been some progress. I saw a woman in the Moscow region market who sold frozen pollock b / g under the name pollock. That is, even a rural trader smikitil that with the English name pollock will be sold by the boychas and that 25 percent can be added to the price.

In fact, there are many promotion technologies and they are diverse. I know that from February 1, the capital's light billboards will be lit up with the current slogan "Pollock is waiting!"

Well, let's master a million tons of fried fish with an onion ?!

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