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Minister of Persuasion

Why the Khabarovsk Territory authorized by the "hectare", finds EastRussia

At the end of 2016, a new post of minister-commissioner for "Far Eastern hectare" was introduced in the structure of the Khabarovsk government. The post was taken by ex-minister of culture Natalia Yakutina, who previously worked in municipal authorities. What "Far Eastern hectare" is so important for the authorities of the region, the heads of municipalities and ordinary people, that it must be dealt with by a special official, explains the minister-commissioner EastRussia.

Minister of Persuasion
"Now the main thing is to convince people to take them"

- Your post appeared in the structure of the Krai government a few months after the law on the "Far Eastern hectare" began. The idea, it turns out, prompted the practice?
- By the end of last year, authorities at all levels have done tremendous organizational work on the "Far Eastern hectare". A huge number of specialists were trained, technically armed, involved in the implementation of the law. All efforts were directed to debugging internal processes. And already along the way it turned out that there was no emphasis on the most important aspect - working directly with people. It's new, the law is new. And people always need to explain: what is proposed, what risks, what result the government wants to get. But it turned out, frankly, an information pit.

"Did they instruct you to" level "?"
- The task was set by the governor clearly. Inviting me to this job from the post of the Minister of Culture, he explained that it was here that my experience in the municipalities would be useful. I still worked for four years as head of the city and six as head of the district. I learned to hold meetings in settlements during this time, to hear people and convey my thoughts to them.

- So, the main task - to inform?
- My post does not in vain contain the word "authorized". The task of any commissioner is to report the full amount of information, study needs and protect the interests of citizens. Now the main thing is to convince them to take a hectare. We thought that from 1 October, when it became allowed to all the Far East, it is the residents of the region that will begin to register "hectares" much more, and at the best sites - close to the infrastructure, communications, roads. This is the final goal of the second stage.

- Convince have so far only words? Or examples are already possible?
- Now those who have designed the plots, signed the contracts, only have to put out points on the terrain - that's their first priority. And to show someone that the business had done business on this "hectare" is just unreal, too little time has passed. Issue for the already completed project those sites that had previously been rented for some reason, and now are registered under the "hectare" program - this is only to deceive people, they will only be repulsed. We do not need to hurry, we move consistently and progressively, so that everything will turn out thoroughly.

- You can briefly formulate, and why take a "hectare" at all?
- The idea is that the state gives you a chance to realize a dream, gives a fishing rod - please, fish.

- But how?
- You can determine how exactly you will do this for another year from the moment of registration of the land. Approximately half of those who took the "hectare" have not yet decided on the permitted use of the site. It is right. This is a balanced approach: it is necessary to assess whether there are forces and means, whether the measures of state support are sufficient. There is a year to take a closer look, and literally - to see this land in person in the summer, because the program started all over the Far East in the winter, when everything is under snow. Moreover, to report to the state on the use of land should be only three years after receiving it for use. During this time, you can have time to test several activities. This is the wisdom of the law - the mechanism has turned out to be flexible.

- And you do not need to correct it yet?
"For the law, six months that have passed since October - this is probably a short time. Some adjustments are needed. For example, although measures of state support at the federal level are not spelled out in the law, but regional measures of support are allowed to adapt to "hectare". There are actually a lot of them - and for small business, and for agricultural activities, and for financing, and for the construction of houses. And new ones are being developed, especially with regard to the infrastructure for collective applications. Therefore, we not only inform, but also collect proposals.

Dossier EastRussia. Why take "hectares" in the Khabarovsk Territory (Examples from the government of the region)
Place Objective of the project
Krasnoznamenka, Khabarovskiy district Growing greenery (onion, dill, parsley, coriander), recreation center with interactive zones and walking paths in the forest
Amur district A camp with walking eco-paths and a bakery in the open air, a site near a pond
Sikachi-Alyan, Khabarovskiy district Feeding base for a farm for breeding ostriches
Brook Tiger, Khabarovsk region Conducting plein airs for artists
Vanino district Ecotourism, tent camp, camping, paintball playground. Diving guide services
Sunny district Tourist and recreational area near the "Kholdomi" ski complex, canoe routes, inflatable hill, tubing, family park

"The tasks of" hectare "are geopolitical"

- The main link in the system of implementing the law, with which you are currently working - municipal?
- Firstly. I try to convey to the chapters that "the Far Eastern hectare" is primarily beneficial to them. People will start to explore the land - this is a replenishment of the treasury. Plus the solution of issues of local employment and development. And the government of the region from its sides gives additional incentives. We launched a competition for the best municipal practice to implement the law on "Far Eastern hectare." The total prize fund is 15 million rubles. Fight for what, the winner area, for example, will get 3,5 million rubles. We sum up the results in October.

- How will you rate it?
- The main criterion is simple - the ratio of the number of inhabitants of each municipality to the number of developed "hectares". Here, you will immediately see how the head motivated "his". Our heads love their territories so much that they supported the idea with pleasure and joined the contest. According to the number of applications submitted, the Lazo district is undoubtedly the leader. But this does not mean that the district will win. Every chapter knows this: one thing is applications, the other is actually sites that are being developed.

- Does not it scare the heads that you will have to pull roads and other infrastructure from the settlements to places of mass gathering of applications?
"Everybody understands that without the support of the region and the federation, no one will be able to master this. Means, means will be. This is indisputable, otherwise it would not be worthwhile to start all this up. I am sure that all these moments have been worked out for a long time, and there will be money. Territories that are used in the province of special demand among the applicants for "hectares" are several. In such places of compact congestion, new settlements can be created.

- Someone says: why do we need new ones, let's sort out the old ones first.
- He puts forward his demands every time. Once upon a time settlements were built for loggers, because the period was the same. And then people began to leave from them, because there was no work, no prospects. Why go to the past when we are looking for the future? People took "hectares" here and want to build on them, say, their "harbor of hope" or "the village of dreams." We should not interfere with them. And even the names they choose will be themselves, although a call for proposals for such new settlements has been announced in the region. New settlements will necessarily appear. The task for the "Far Eastern hectare" is geopolitical, deep: it is not just the development and settlement of the Far East, but also the defense of the borders of the country.

"Young people immediately realized that it was a profitable business"

- So many tasks, and you have a big machine?
- The authorized staff of the “Far Eastern hectare” is small. But besides me, there are four mobile groups on the edge. One is supervised by the Ministry of Natural Resources, the second by forest management, the third by mine, the fourth by the ministries of investment and land property policy. Each consists of 12-15 people, representatives from different ministries. So we can say that the entire government is involved in the work on “hectares”. The members of the group are no longer limited to simply informing about the program and assisting in the preparation of applications where there is no access to the Internet. Coming to remote settlements, everyone studies - from the socio-economic to the moral state of the population that people care about. All problematic issues are collected.

“Does information flow to you?”
- To me and to the Ministry of Investment and Land and Property Policy, which from the first day is closely engaged in the implementation of the law on "hectare" - in terms of technology and organization.

- In some figures, the work of mobile groups can already be expressed?
- Almost 150 meetings were held, they covered more than 3,5 thousand people. These are those who met individually. Only I met with 1,5 thousand people.

- How many personally traveled cities and scales?
- It's hard to even say. Almost all the districts remained only northern, of them only in Tuguro-Chumikansky. Upper Bureya, Ayano-May and Okhotsk are to be found.

- But the edge is huge, you can not go through all this year. Do you have any alternative forms of work?
- First, we connect public organizations. The Assembly of the peoples of the Khabarovsk Territory responded, and we have strong and strong diasporas. It has long been our people who have chosen the Far East as their new homeland, they plan to develop and therefore take "hectares" and agitate their own. Incorporated unions, the diocese. United Russia is working, and in general I have not heard of any negative about the idea from any party, although there is criticism. And, of course, I was amazed that young people actively joined the work on the "Far Eastern Hectare".

"The best help, probably?"
- The guys immediately understood that “hectare” is a profitable business. Everyone has calculated, and no taxation frightens them, because many are already engaged in real business. For example, Yevgeny Solonenko (head of MGER's re-division headquarters — EastRussia) - 150 ha of agricultural land. I ask: how much do you pay taxes? Says: less than 10 thousand rubles per year. Is that a lot of money? And he took the “hectares” because he understands clearly what can be done for them, and the created cooperative can also claim for grant support. Dmitry Stepanchenko is another example. The guy is engaged in "roadside" business, and in his head he has so many ideas!

- And agitating?
- Young people have always exchanged experience and thoughts. The Far Eastern hectare is no exception. The Youth Chamber and the youth government, under the auspices of the Youth Policy Committee, formed small groups and went to institutes and secondary schools - they simply told about the "hectare". And many students of the fourth and fifth courses are seriously thinking about: it is necessary to take now, while the best sites are not dismantled, and by the end of studies it is determined what to do with them.

"Citizens simply do not know how they love the earth"

- What questions are asked most often at meetings?
- Before, people were interested in how to register how to get a "hectare". These were general questions. Today, they are wondering whether they will take a fee when the hectare will be developed, what support measures, what taxation will be, will not the rates "stall". These are practical questions.

- What do you say?
- By measures of state support, I start to list them - and people agree, yes, this can be used. On taxation, the example of Evgeny Solonenko, about which I have already spoken, is very good. And people say: yes, not that much money. Some are afraid that they will be forced to buy land under the "hectare" after five years. This is not so: the law prescribes either transfer for free use, or rent for 49 years. They ask if the land does not fit after the first year of development, can it be abandoned and replaced by a plot. Here, of course, the answer is "no": the right to "hectare" can be realized only once. They ask whether it is possible to identify different types of activities when submitting a collective application. Of course you can. Like parents, act when applying for their underage children. But it is probably already known to everyone who is interested in the topic.

- In the mood you can say, those who are interested primarily have business in mind?
- Not necessary. A large proportion of the “hectares” are taken under housing construction in order to feel like the owner in nature: here is the house, here is the garden. The second part is purely for farming. There are many who do not even know what agriculture is.

- Probably, in order to grow something, you need not a completely mind-set city.
- You are not right. It all comes. People in the city and the village are almost the same. The townspeople simply do not know how they love this land, they are deprived of it. And even having built a house, a person then inevitably wants, for example, both eggs from his own hen, his radish, and a tomato. The main desire, and where to learn, who will share seedlings and advice, you can find.

- And they ask: do you tell us here, but did you take it yourself?
- Of course, I took two "hectares" in Vyazemsky district, myself and my son. And I clearly imagine what I will do there. True, not right now, but when I retire. I already have 20 "sotok" of land under the house, there I will develop a poultry farm. And on "hectares" - there will be a fodder base for birds. Places are beautiful, on the bank of the Ussuri, border zone. Only work.

- You probably saw the sarcastic images that were spread in the messengers, about the "Far Eastern hectare".
- Sent. Where on a hectare they howl or “I change a hectare in the Far East for a hundred square meters in the Crimea”.

- What would answer them?
- And I answered: never for anything. A person who has ever visited the Far Eastern nature, understands that it is simply not cleaner and more beautiful. It's a protected place here, maybe that's why this is not so inhabited until now, as in Europe or Asia. Where can you find such clean water to bend down and drink from the river? We are the richest people on earth. That's what I tell people, and they hear me.
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