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Mikhail Degtyarev: Khabarovsk Territory will use its advantages

Acting Governor of the Khabarovsk Territory Mikhail Degtyarev opposes "double standards" in working with business and considers the main task to strengthen investor confidence in government authorities, interaction and partnership.

About what the Khabarovsk Territory can offer to investors, Mikhail Degtyarev told EastRussia in detail and with all the details.

Mikhail Degtyarev: Khabarovsk Territory will use its advantages
Photo: Press Service of the Government of Khabarovsk Territory

- At the last SPIEF, you with a smile called on one of the investors, aimed at creating a production of building materials for objects in the Arctic, “not to suffer in Primorye”, but to enter the sites in the Khabarovsk Territory, which even provoked a discussion-competition among fellow governors. Seriously, in your opinion, how can the region win competition with neighboring regions for an investor?

Our region today is a large industrial center and the main transport hub of the Far East, one of the largest and unique constituent entities of the Russian Federation. The region has great potential and is attractive for life and business.

The objective advantage of the Khabarovsk Territory is its favorable geographical position. Our territory occupies key positions in the unified transport system of the Far East. It is here that the routes from Asia to Europe intersect, there are exits to the ports of the Pacific Ocean, two transit railways BAM and Transib, gas and oil pipelines "Power of Siberia", "Sakhalin-Khabarovsk-Vladivostok", automobile and water transport arteries. The Khabarovsk Territory is connected with Sakhalin by the Vanino-Kholmsk ferry line. The region borders on China.

The region has a developed investment infrastructure: we have three priority development areas - Komsomolsk, Khabarovsk and Nikolaevsk. The Free Port regime is applied to the Vaninsky and Sovetsko-Gavansky Districts. The preferences offered by the TOP and the Free Port make it possible to attract business and promote the production of competitive goods.

The gross product of the region is mainly formed by industrial enterprises. The flagship of our economy is high-tech production.

We have a great desire to develop investment projects in the field of mining and processing of minerals, IT technologies, wood processing, agriculture, transport infrastructure, mechanical engineering, medicine and other industries.

We are open and ready to provide investors with comprehensive support in the implementation of new industries useful for the region and its residents. 

- The system of attracting investments in the Khabarovsk Territory is already more than five years old. At first glance, it seems that it has developed: there is a ministry, an agency, a regional Guarantee Fund. Would you add anything else here? Or, perhaps, would they subtract?

The results of the National rating of the state of the investment climate in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation indicate that the business climate in the Khabarovsk Territory is gradually improving. Khabarovsk Territory is one of the three growth leaders among the Far Eastern regions.

This was achieved primarily through the transformation of institutions for business, which was carried out in 2020. A single institution for supporting investors has been formed - the Agency for Attracting Investments and Development of Innovations. Electronic resources for supporting investors and entrepreneurs have been modernized: Investment portal и Small and Medium Business Support Portal... Business appreciated the work of the Agency in the new formation. Both Internet resources received high marks in the national rating (group A - the best).

What else would I like to add?

First of all, it is required to create a comfortable ecosystem for doing business in the Khabarovsk Territory, which makes it possible to choose the Khabarovsk Territory as the main territory for business development and investment activity in the Far East.

For this, it is necessary to form a high-quality investment infrastructure and increase the protection of the investor through the development of territories with the use of preferential regimes (TOP, FPV). Providing investment sites with the necessary engineering infrastructure.

It is necessary to introduce the practice of applying on the territory of the Khabarovsk Territory new legislative solutions to support and protect investments - new investment projects; investment protection and promotion agreements; investment tax deduction; infrastructure bonds; tax preferences for infrastructure projects.

Actively use mechanisms to support the implementation of park investment sites, project financing factories (concessional lending).

Another important task is to create conditions for increasing the number of people employed in the small and medium-sized business sector and the number of self-employed citizens and increasing the efficiency of entrepreneurial activity in the region. First of all, we see the solution to this problem in expanding the activities of business support institutions (ANO APIRI, TsOU "My Business"), forming a balanced regional legislative framework for supporting business, including reducing the tax burden, digitalizing measures of regional state support for entrepreneurial and investment activities. Another important tool is the development of social and youth entrepreneurship.

Particular attention should be paid to the priority development of the regional innovation system, the use of science-intensive technologies and the support of technological entrepreneurship. For this, it is planned to create a network of innovative infrastructure facilities that provide search, support and support for projects at all stages of the innovation cycle. The Khabarovsk Territory needs to promote the federal technology agenda and enter a long-term program to achieve industrial leadership.

- “We are open to everyone, we do not have" ours "and" strangers ", we do not divide the business into someone's and ours. Our tasks are completely different, state ones: to attract as much money as possible to the economy of the Khabarovsk Territory "- your words at the recent board of the Prosecutor General's Office and the Ministry of Eastern Development. It sounds like it was different in the region before you came to the Khabarovsk government. Is it really so?

The Khabarovsk Territory is an attractive territory for investors. It has effective reserves of natural resources, a developed manufacturing industry, modernized transport infrastructure and energy, created three priority development areas - TORs, deployed the Free Port of Vladivostok regime. Over the past three years, capital investments in the region have increased. In 2020, investment growth was 24,7%.

At the same time, from the first days of my work in the Khabarovsk Territory, I received many requests from the business community about serious problems of interaction with investors and business.

An analysis of the requests, my personal meetings with entrepreneurs convinced me that there were systemic problems behind specific, private issues. The confidence of the business community in the institutions of power on the territory of the region has been undermined, and chronic deficiencies in communication with the business community have accumulated.

I was convinced myself that there are facts when the authorities apply double standards, divide “into friends and foes”. When they could really help in solving problematic issues on specific investment projects. But they did not do this, hiding behind formal reasons and "unsubscribes".

The "resonant" areas that received a negative assessment from the business community are: the sphere of forest use, the use of administrative procedures in construction, the provision of land plots.

I will not hide - a lot has to be done in manual mode, to remove artificial administrative barriers. At the same time, we are carrying out comprehensive reforms in the management of the investment climate.

I would like to give you a number of examples. I can name the project of the Vladivostok Pharmaceutical Factory. A truly necessary project, it provides for the completion of a problem house by an investor on Alekseevskaya Street in Khabarovsk. There are 39 citizens in this house - defrauded equity holders. In the presence of the necessary regulatory and legal framework, acceptable for the investor of the compensation plot, the regional government, nevertheless, inexplicably delayed the conclusion of an investment agreement with the Vladivostok Pharmaceutical Factory. As a result, the construction season was missed.

It took the intervention of the regional prosecutor's office. "Vladivostok Pharmaceutical Factory" completed an apartment building. The investor is implementing his project at the compensation site.

There are difficulties in working with projects of the timber industry complex. It was necessary to restructure the work of the interdepartmental commission to promote the implementation of priority investment projects in the field of forest development. The mechanism for approving an application for the implementation of a priority investment project was regulated in detail. A mechanism for monitoring the implementation of such investment projects was approved.

Based on the results of the prosecutor's response, the applications of a number of timber processing enterprises were finalized for inclusion in the list of priority investment projects in the field of forest development. Applications were sent to the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia.

The examples given with specific investment projects convinced me that comprehensive reforms are needed in working with investors and entrepreneurs.

- As a rule, business always has problems communicating with officials. In your opinion, what worries the business community of the Khabarovsk Territory the most? What is the biggest obstacle to the implementation of investment projects? How can I fix this?

There are still quite a few areas in which to work very closely. Recent surveys of entrepreneurs within the National Rating showed that administrative pressure on entrepreneurs remains strong. Regarding regulatory procedures, there is an increase in the time required for the provision of permits compared to the leading regions. Entrepreneurs give a low rating to the quality of labor resources in the region and the availability of credit resources.

In the Khabarovsk Territory, a risk-oriented approach is being implemented, in which the frequency of inspections is set depending on the risk category of the controlled entities. Work is underway to introduce the best management practices of the National Rating of the Investment Climate in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation. Thus, in accordance with the requests of the business community, the practice of the Republic of Tatarstan was introduced - the information service on control and supervisory activities "Verified Business" ( The resource informs about the current requirements of supervisory legislation, helps to increase the legal literacy of entrepreneurs.

We also continue to work to reduce administrative pressure on business by popularizing modern digital resources where an entrepreneur can file a complaint.

Also, in order to protect the rights of entrepreneurs, the federal digital platform "ZABUSINESS.rf" is working. Each entrepreneur, faced with administrative pressure or other opposition from the authorities, can, on condition of anonymity, send information to this resource, and it will certainly be considered, within the time specified in the regulations, an answer will be guaranteed. At the same time, the business is insured against complaints from falling into the hands of those persons in the supervisory or law enforcement agencies about whom they complained.

In addition, it is planned that a single digital platform for the pre-trial resolution of business conflicts with regulatory authorities will start operating on the portal of public services from July 1, 2021. The pre-trial appeal system also makes it possible to simplify as much as possible the mechanism for filing complaints for the applicant by reducing the package of documents that must be submitted and the time frame for considering the case.

- You say that in 2020 the increase in investments in the Khabarovsk Territory amounted to 24,7%. In your opinion, how did the region manage to achieve such indicators, despite the pandemic and the associated business restrictions.

Earlier, I said that in the Khabarovsk Territory, the investment portfolio of the Territory until 2030 was formed from 338 projects with a total volume of declared investments of 2,1 trillion. rubles.

A number of large investment projects were commissioned in 2020.

In the category of the most significant, I would like to note the completion of the construction of a TPP in the town of Sovetskaya Gavan, with a capacity of 120 MW (PJSC "RusHydro"), the total volume of declared investments is 33 million rubles, the number of jobs created is 820,0 units.

Also a significant project for the region was the commissioning of the first stage of a transport and transshipment complex for transshipment of coal, with a capacity of 24 million tons of coal per year (JSC VaninoTransUgol, FPV resident), 400 jobs were created, the volume of investments was 33,1 billion rubles.

The construction of a seed production plant in Bikin (LLC Sporos) for the project "Creation of a seed production for growing and processing soybean seeds in the Khabarovsk Territory", LLC Sporos has been completed. The enterprise plans to provide reference soybean seeds to agricultural producers throughout the Far East, provide jobs in the Bikinsky region for more than 100 people, the volume of investments exceeded 1 billion rubles.

In 2020, the project for the construction of a plant for the production of PVC drainage system TN-Plastiki LLC, a resident of the Khabarovsk PSEDA, was completed (investment volume - 630 million rubles, 65 jobs);

Business is quite active in investing money in the economy of the Khabarovsk Territory, for the last three years, annually from 2018 to 2020, the investment growth rate was 113.5, 115.2, 124.7 percent, respectively. This is much more than the average Russian indicators. By 2030, the annual investment in the regional economy should be at least 400 billion rubles.


For reference:

The dynamics of investments in fixed assets in comparison with the average Russian indicators (growth rate,%)








Russian Federation














Khabarovsk Krai








At the end of 2020, the Khabarovsk Territory ranks 14th (190,5 thousand rubles) in terms of investment in fixed assets per capita in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation and 24th place (237,9 billion rubles) in terms of investment in fixed assets.

Already in 2021, investors in the region announced the implementation of new investment projects:

- Greenhouse complex "Khabarovskiy" for growing tomatoes with an investment volume of 3,2 billion rubles on the site of PSEDA "Rakitnoye";

- terminal of international airlines of JSC "Khabarovsk Airport", the volume of investments, 4,9 billion rubles;

- Khabarovsk CHPP-4, the volume of investments is 46 billion rubles;

- a water park in the city of Khabarovsk, the volume of investments is 5,5 billion rubles.

The investment portfolio of the region is constantly replenished with new projects, so we look to the future with confidence.

The largest ongoing projects:

- Development of the Malmyzhsky porphyry copper ore deposit, LLC Amur Minerals (investment volume 247 billion rubles, 2500 jobs), implementation period 2024;

- Construction of the second stage of the Amur Hydrometallurgical Plant in Amursk, AGMK LLC (investment volume 18,9 billion rubles, 400 jobs). The implementation period is 4 quarter of 2023.

- Construction of the 2nd stage of a transport and transshipment complex for transshipment of coal and reconstruction of infrastructure in the seaport of Vanino, in the Muchka Bay (JSC VaninoTransUgol), the volume of declared investments is 49,00 billion rubles. The first stage of the complex was launched in September 2020, the project should be fully operational in 2023;

- Construction of a water park in the city of Khabarovsk (investment volume 5,5 billion rubles). The implementation period is 4 quarter of 2022.

The following projects are at the stage of design and survey work:

- Construction of a mining and processing plant at the Chulbatkan gold deposit in the Polina Osipenko municipal district of the Khabarovsk Territory. Investor - "Kinross Gold Corporation", project cost $ 500 million. The planned time frame for the project is 2025.

- Construction of a plant for the production of liquefied natural gas in the area of ​​the port of De-Kastri Ulchsky municipal district (PJSC "NK" Rosneft "in partnership with Exxon Mobil Corporation), the volume of declared investments - more than $ 12 billion. Implementation period 2028.

- Greenhouse complex "Khabarovskiy" for growing tomatoes with an investment volume of 3,2 billion rubles on the site of the PSEDA "Rakitnoye";

- terminal of international airlines of JSC "Khabarovsk Airport", the volume of investments, 4,9 billion rubles;

- Khabarovsk CHPP-4, the volume of investments is 46 billion rubles;

In connection with the active development of the BAM's throughput capacity, it is necessary to expand the transshipment capacities for coal in the ports of Vanino and Sovetskaya Gavan. The creation of new transshipment capacities in the port of Vanino is planned by CJSC Daltransugol, LLC Kompaniya Remstal, LLC Prichal, JSC Prime.

Also, on the territory of the Sovetsko-Gavanskoye municipal district at Cape Vesely, it is planned to implement investment projects for the construction of a container terminal and a terminal for transshipment of bulk cargo. A number of Russian and foreign companies are interested in placing their business: OOO Far East Stevedoring Company (subsidiary of OOO Transhimexport, Moscow), OOO Terminal (OAO Rostopprom, Moscow).

In 2024, JSC Polymetal plans to start implementing the project of the Pacific Hydrometallurgical Plant in the Sovetsko-Gavansky District.

- Not so long ago, you suggested holding the Eastern Economic Forum, traditionally held in Vladivostok, in changeable locations, including in the Khabarovsk Territory, that is, to make it a “nomadic” forum. Is Khabarovsk infrastructure ready to receive foreign leaders and heads of world corporations?

The Khabarovsk Territory has accumulated extensive experience in organizing and holding exhibition and congress events. It was here that the Far Eastern International Economic Forums were held from 2005 to 2011. In 2009 we hosted the Russia-EU Summit. In 2012, we held events within the framework of Russia's chairmanship in APEC. The Investment Forum "Energy of the Far East" will take place in July. The region is a point of attraction for investors, the implementation of many significant projects. In case of a positive decision, we are ready to host forums similar to the WEF. Such events are of direct interest to the development of the region. With the participation of top officials of the state, significant decisions on the development of the Far Eastern territories are made at such sites, and large contracts are concluded.

- The Khabarovsk Territory is traditionally perceived as one of the most industrial regions, but it is no secret that most of the industry is inside vertically integrated holdings controlled from Moscow. You have repeatedly stressed that you are concerned about the low level of localization of the defense industry and, for example, work on the development of Russian Railways. Does the region have mechanisms to influence the procurement activities of state corporations, to increase the share of local contractors?

The economy of the Khabarovsk Territory is diversified and diversified, based on developed industrial production.

The region's industry in terms of its share in the region's GRP ranks second after transport - about 19%.

In industrial production, the share of manufacturing sectors is over 81%. In terms of the volume of manufactured products of the manufacturing industry, the Khabarovsk Territory is the leader among all subjects of the Far Eastern Federal District. Ensuring the loading of processing facilities and the development of industrial potential, new competencies is one of the most important tasks of the Government of the Territory.

As for localization in the defense sector of industry, we closely and actively interact with the Ministry of Transport of Russia and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, PJSC United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), JSC United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) on the issues of finalizing and implementing programs for the localization of corporations in the region, increasing the share of civilian production at the defense enterprises of the region.

Thus, PJSC UAC is planning to develop SSJ-NEW and MS-21 aircraft systems as potential investors in localized production facilities. So far we have only two enterprises localized in the Komsomolsk PSEDA, but work in this direction continues.

The Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aviation Plant was included by the United Aircraft Corporation in the preliminary cooperation scheme for the production of the Russian-Chinese aircraft CR929, issues are being worked out on establishing cooperation ties in the production of the MC-21 mainline aircraft, on the manufacture of components and assembly of new aircraft for the regional aviation, developed by the "Ural Plant of Civil Aviation" (TVRS aircraft based on L-610).

In the field of shipbuilding, work is underway with the Ministry of Transport of Russia and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia to organize the construction of a series of multifunctional rescue tugs at the Amur shipyard as part of the implementation of the infrastructure development plan for the Northern Sea Route for the period up to 2035. The construction of a similar vessel is already underway at PJSC "ASZ".

At the Khabarovsk shipyard, construction of two crab fishing vessels is underway, and it is planned to place an order for four more units.

Work is underway with the Russian Ministry of Defense and USC JSC to designate the Khabarovsk shipyard as the sole executor of the contract for the construction of Murena landing craft.

We see a considerable potential for the development of industrial production and construction services in the participation of our enterprises in the implementation of large-scale investment projects in the territory of the region and the Far East region. At present, preparations are underway for the implementation of a number of large projects with large volumes of investments: the construction of a mining and processing plant at the Malmyzhskoye field, preparation for the development of the second stage of the Eastern polygon of Russian Railways, the construction of the second stage of the Vostochny cosmodrome, Far Eastern plant for the production of liquefied natural gas in the village of De-Kastri.

In order to organize work to ensure the participation of enterprises registered in the territory of the region, in the production of work, the provision of services and the supply of products within the framework of large investment projects, systematic work with investors has been organized and improved. A draft order of the Governor of the Territory on the creation of an interdepartmental working group (Project Office of Localization) on the participation of enterprises in the Territory in the implementation of large investment projects has been developed and is being approved.

For each of the investment projects under the Government of the region, working groups have been created, including representatives of the executive authorities of the region, investors, design and general contracting organizations.

As a result of the activities of the working groups, contacts are established with investors, and enterprises - potential participants are determined. The enterprises of the region - potential participants in the project are informed about the range of required products and their approximate price characteristics, terms of delivery and production of work, about the organization and conduct of procurement procedures, about the requirements for suppliers and the quality of purchased products.

Naturally, work with each investor has its own specifics, its own characteristics, but we find mutual understanding, establish interaction, find solutions to emerging problems.

Yes, there are certain difficulties for regional enterprises in participating in purchases organized by Russian Railways. They are associated with the already established internal corporate and cooperative ties for the supply of products and the production of work (which is important for ensuring the quality and execution of project deadlines), with the need to comply with the norms of internal legal documents of Russian Railways in the field of procurement, and price factors. At the same time, more than 30 regional enterprises took part in the work and delivery of products during the implementation of the development project for the first stage of the Eastern polygon of Russian Railways.

- What is the meaning of the "Far Eastern Quarters", an idea that is now actively promoted by the Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East, in relation to the Khabarovsk Territory? What role this project can play for the local construction business?

We already have programs "Far Eastern hectare" and "Far Eastern Mortgage", they are designed to stop the outflow of the population from the regions of the Far Eastern Federal District. Now they are "Far East Quarter".

Instead of small-scale construction projects in cities, it is necessary to build large complexes from 100 thousand square meters. Large developers can be attracted by giving them a serious scale of projects. Therefore, we will move along the path of integrated development, along the path of creating the "Far Eastern Quarters". And by offering projects with a volume of 100, 150, 200 thousand square meters, we expect to interest large developers.

The peculiarity of the Far East quarter is not only that it is a complex development of the territory, but also the possibility of including this territory in the PSEDA. It follows from this that engineering networks can be carried out at the expense of the federal, regional and municipal budgets, as well as the fact that the developer himself will receive tax benefits. If we talk about a specific territory, then in Khabarovsk we are considering the area of ​​Lokomotivnaya Street (DOSAAF airfield). Comprehensive development means not only residential buildings themselves, but also the construction of schools, kindergartens and clinics, so that a self-sufficient microdistrict is obtained and residents do not experience any inconvenience. To date, there are already applicants among large developers for this territory, with an area of ​​83 hectares. When all issues are resolved, it will be possible to build 500 thousand square meters there. m of housing.


- There is an opinion that the governor should communicate personally about the implementation of investment projects only with billionaire investors, and the level of less status applicants - deputy governors and below. Do you agree with this opinion? How many entrepreneurs of the Khabarovsk Territory have your mobile phone?

I strongly disagree, I am ready to communicate with all investors who have serious intentions to work conscientiously in the region. As for my mobile number, it is not the telephone that is the main channel of communication with investors today. For the convenience of all investors, current and potential, a specialized organization ANO "Agency for attracting investments and development of innovations of the Khabarovsk Territory" operates in the region, which you can always contact. I will even give you the Agency's multichannel telephone number: 8 800 700 19 27.

Also on investment portal of the region there is a button for direct addresses of investors and entrepreneurs. Through the portal or by phone (4212) 40-21-10, there is a direct communication channel for investors and the leadership of the Khabarovsk Territory.

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