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Mayor's Rock

One in three years - this is the average expense of mayors in Vladivostok. The capital of the Far East is again in the inter-mayor period. However, it seems that it will not drag on.

The head of Vladivostok, Oleg Gumenyuk, resigned. He did this after criticizing their activities by First Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Trutnev and Governor Oleg Kozhemyako, who drew attention not so much to the economic development of the city as to its everyday condition. Vladivostok gives the impression of an abandoned and unloved not even a child, but a nephew. In a word, a relative distant for the city fathers.

Mayor's Rock

Since according to the Charter of Vladivostok, the mayor is elected by the city duma, on May 27, the deputies are expected to accept the resignation of Gumenyuk and elect Konstantin Shestakov as head, who previously held the post of deputy chairman of the government and has been acting for a week now. deputy mayor. If all this happens, it will mean that ten mayors have changed in Vladivostok in 30 years.

Fadeev was forced to refuse to run, Blinov and Efremov ended their terms of office, Cherepkov was forcibly dismissed, Tolstoshein was only acting, Kopylov lost the election, Nikolaev and Pushkarev "left" in criminal cases (Pushkarev is still sitting). And only Gumenyuk is the only one who resigned voluntarily. And now, for sure, Shestakov will take the place of the head. In Moscow, only four mayors were replaced during this period. Maybe Vladivostok is a cursed place?

- Maybe damned, maybe happy. You shouldn't hang a label on the city, how it turns out - it turns out that way. I believe that the mayor is too small a figure in the bureaucratic hierarchy to influence the common man in the street. And do not attach much importance to the change of the chapter. They are all forced to follow the same rules. The life of the average person is fundamentally influenced only by the decisions of the federal government, - political scientist Yuri Kolomeitsev commented on the situation somewhat fatally, doomedly.

Oleg Gumenyuk is Vladivostok himself. In 2005, he headed the committee on physical culture and sports of the Vladivostok administration, then was appointed deputy head - head of the department of physical culture and sports. He was acquainted with Oleg Kozhemyako, who, being the governor of the Amur region, took Gumenyuk to Blagoveshchensk to the post of head of the department for physical culture and sports of the government of the Amur region. In 2016, Gumenyuk returned to Vladivostok as head of the economic department of the Primorsky Territory administration, at that time Kozhemyako was the governor of the Sakhalin region. As soon as the latter won the gubernatorial elections in Primorye in December 2018, in the same December Oleg Gumenyuk was appointed first deputy head of the Vladivostok administration, then immediately acting. mayor. To make him, at the suggestion of Governor Kozhemyako, the head of Vladivostok was already a matter of technique for the deputies of the city duma.

Oleg Gumenyuk
Photo: Vladivostok administration press service

Now the following statement may seem strange to someone: Gumenyuk spent the day and slept at work. He organized, checked, supervised the repair of roads, the construction of kindergartens, the elimination of accidents, supervised everything he could and could not, but nothing came of it. The roads are still terrible, and if they have been repaired, then you want to look into the eyes of the one who accepted such a "job". The program for the construction of kindergartens has not been completed, it is scary to enter the underground passages, the consequences of the freezing rain that took place in November 2020 have not been completely eliminated so far.

One of my colleagues told me: “I feel sorry for him. His family does not see him, he is very worried about the city and wants to do the best for him. "

“It’s worth a lot to hold out for two years with chopped off powers and scanty opportunities, when the region and Moscow get involved in all matters,” journalist Andrei Pushkarev echoes her.

After all, the administration would work, if it did nothing, there would be no dissatisfaction with the change of some whole curbs to others (the mayor earned the nickname Borduyuch); a three-story viaduct across Oleg Koshevoy Street with an elevator that never appeared in it; smart stops of public transport, closed from local winds, in which homeless people now sleep and walk "to the wind" (warm!) worth two million each; a seven-hundred-thousand-ruble LED mouse on New Year's Square - of dubious artistic merit was the symbol of the year; funeral-looking marble benches on the same square, famous throughout the country; also such as huge marble vases with thujas on the main street of Svetlanskaya, the "marble" of which crawled away at the first rain ...

- Thank you for all the ruined businessmen who were deprived of leased land plots during your rule. Thank you for the signs prohibiting parking near hospitals, clinics, morgues, MFC. It was the highest degree of concern for people - to evacuate their cars from hospitals, where they brought sick and disabled relatives. Thank you for showing every day of your work how it should not be, how not to run the city, '' Galina Antonets, a well-known lawyer in the city, sneered in one of the social networks.

In general, social networks have not trampled on any of the city leaders over these two years as on Oleg Gumenyuk and the activities of his administration. There was a constant feeling that Vladivostok was ruled not by adult guys, but by freshmen who sincerely wanted to do good, but simply were not capable of anything, they were not able to do anything. Everything was done somehow thoughtlessly, without miscalculation of risks, clumsy, careless, sloppy, clumsy, through the stump of a deck.

Political analyst Pavel Nalivaiko considers Gumenyuk's main problem to be his inability to create an effective team. Political analysts Dmitry Polozov and Viktor Burlakov associate the time of voluntary resignation with the imminent elections of deputies to the State Duma of the Federal Assembly. At some point, the dissatisfaction of the townspeople with the work of the mayor's office exceeded the quantitative component and began to pose a danger of the appearance of protest moods in September. It's not even so much about taking to the streets - Vladivostok residents, as history shows, are rather inert for public expression of discontent - but about the possibility of a protest vote. But this is what the townspeople can do: Vladivostok used to vote differently from, for example, the rest of Primorye.

Konstantin Shestakov has already outlined the main directions of his work. The first is a comfortable city. On his Instagram page, he urges: “Right now we have the opportunity to receive federal money for the reconstruction and transformation of a number of parks and squares in our city. To do this, we, the townspeople, need to vote on the website for the objects we like. " By the way, this mantra, emanating from the federal center throughout the country to vote for which park to improve before others, creates the feeling of playing a democratic giveaway. Apparently, the number of those who voted is the basis for judging the efficiency of the officials' work.

Konstantin Shestakov - at the time of publication, acting mayor of Vladivostok
Photo: Vladivostok administration press service

The next areas of work that are relevant for the new mayor are public transport, entrepreneurship development and “no infill development”.

Konstantin Shestakov as an official first of the administration and then the government of Primorye has not yet evoked any negative feelings. He is even a rather open person for journalists, that in the conditions of the built fences in front of the media, the press services of almost all bureaucratic offices are already good. He is active on social networks and answers questions asked to him there. Let's live, as they say, we'll see.

But the residents of Vladivostok are dissatisfied with the absence of elections for the head of the city and these days have recalled to Governor Kozhemyako his unfulfilled pre-election promise to return the mayoral elections to the city.

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