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Mayor in Ice Captivity

The next head of Vladivostok could not cope with clearing the streets of snow

The new mayor of the capital of Primorye, chosen by 28 on March this year, failed to cope with the check that brought the city services snowfall. Experts are inclined to consider heavy rainfall in winter as the traditional “curse” of Vladivostok, however, they see miscalculations directly from Oleg Gumeniuk’s team.

Mayor in Ice Captivity

Achilles' heel

“Winter in Vladivostok is a serious test for the city administration's efficiency,” says political analyst Pyotr Khanas. - If you look at it, not one mayor has really passed it. We can say that this is a common occurrence for Vladivostok. There were chapters that tried to cope with the snow, but they didn't succeed. There were those who did nothing, but the effect was the same. Gumenyuk belongs to those chapters that do, but not what is needed. "

Indeed, in a highly motorized city with complex terrain, even light snow often leads to numerous accidents and congestion, especially at the beginning of winter. So it was 20 years ago.

However, Oleg Gumenyuk is in a slightly better position than the previous chapters. Firstly, he was lucky in the winter of last year when he ruled Vladivostok as and. about. the head of the city. The weather then was practically snowless and unusually warm. Secondly, it’s not a secret for anyone that Gumenyuk is the protégé of the coastal governor Oleg Kozhemyako, who gives the head all kinds of support. Thanks to subsidies from the budget of Primorye, the fleet of special equipment of the Municipal Unitary Enterprise “Maintenance of Urban Territories” for snow removal this year was substantially updated and increased from 112 to 182 units. In addition to tractors, loaders, sand sprayers, etc., sand, salt, and liquid reagents were purchased for the enterprise. At the coolest sites, 20 containers with packaged sand and salt mixture were installed. In November, the mayor's office held special exercises on the passage of winter, and Oleg Gumenyuk personally promised to monitor how the equipment works and reagents are sprayed in the snow. Judging by the press service of the Vladivostok administration, the city was ready for precipitation as never before.

However, the condition of the roads after the snowfall on November 18 turned out to be far from ideal: the roads were covered with ice, the city, as usual, was jammed, cars were moving at the speed of pedestrians. The city hall explained the situation by the fact that it rained at night, which washed away the reagents from the streets. In social networks, she began to curse the city administration.

Guilty and punished

Graders worked in some places, however, they could not provide transport without unhindered access for a very long time. Special equipment focused on bringing the road to Vladivostok and the main highways of the city into operational condition, and the streets on the periphery were not cleaned for several more days. The work on clearing the yards was started very late - about five days later, when the ice had almost melted. Many sidewalks and stairs in the city are still icy. Even the employees of the Vladivostok administration are kicked out to clean them with shovels.

However, taught by bitter experience, the Vladivostok residents have been trying to drive their personal vehicles minimally in recent days - partly because of this, there weren’t as many accidents and traffic jams as they could.

Interestingly, the head of the municipal enterprise “Urban Maintenance”, Igor Strelnikov, who resigned on November 21, was officially found guilty of a collapse on the roads. According to a similar scenario, Oleg Gumenyuk promised to punish management companies for the poor cleaning of the local area.

Angel heads

The leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation in Primorye, Anatoly Dolgachev (he once publicly advised the then head of Vladivostok, Igor Pushkarev, to leave his post), believes that snowfalls are a "bad rock" of the city.

The communist urged to recall the Soviet experience when the military, law enforcement agencies, students, state employees, public organizations, and factory workers were involved in street cleaning. Near each enterprise stood sand barrels and shovels. Collapse happened - the whole city was going out for cleaning.

“This system was destroyed, but nothing was offered in return,” Dolgachev said.

Yuri Kopylov, the head of Vladivostok during the 2000-2004 period, agrees with him.

“We started cleaning immediately after the first snowflakes fell on the roads. Operational services worked around the clock. We lacked special equipment - attracted wherever possible. On particularly difficult sections of roads, on hills, military equipment was invited, which pulled stalled cars. You can only envy the conditions that current city services have, ”said Yuri Kopylov.

According to Anatoly Dolgachev, unlike the previous chapters of Vladivostok, a guardian angel hangs over Gumeniuk. The fact is that in early October, the head received a reprimand from Presidential Envoy Yury Trutnev for the unsatisfactory process of putting in order the Vladivostok street-road network. At the beginning of the year, at the initiative of Trutnev, 1,8 billion rubles were additionally allocated from the federal budget to the city. In addition, significant amounts were allocated as part of the state program “Safe and high-quality roads,” and their own road programs in the city and the region. On some roads, reconstruction was carried out in October at 20%, despite the fact that the repair season was ending. Then Gumenyuk referred to the rainy summer.

“It is noteworthy that after heavy snowfall in November, warm weather settled for several days, which allowed laying asphalt, this is a miracle,” the communist said. However, he does not observe other merits of the mayor.

“When the snow fell, all the residents of the city saw that there were no special equipment on the roads,” says Anatoly Dolgachev. - She appeared after all the traffic jams and collapses. There is incompetence not only of the mayor of Gumeniuk, but of the entire city team. As for the promises of the head to personally monitor the snow removal - this is inept PR. Gumenyuk travels to places and watches how people work - what does it give? You can, without leaving anywhere, from your office to give such instructions that will benefit the whole city. My personal opinion: the previous head, Vitaly Verkeenko, did better business. At least when he reported to city deputies, he had something to say. From Gumenyuk, except for unsuccessful PR in social networks, did not notice anything. Instead of roads, curbs of good quality are changing, instead of the development of urban transport, the number of bus routes is reduced. ”  

No result

The road problem is not a systemic, but purely human, Yuri Kopylov believes.

“In my opinion, Oleg Gumenyuk is a good performer if they say to him:“ We must do this and that. ” But today's mayor is not in his role. The head must think ahead, be a creator. When we reconstructed Semenovskaya Square, I measured every angle with a tape measure, “drove” workers who put pavers incorrectly. It is required directly to delve into and verify everything. Every service that at least controls the street cleaning process should have such an approach. Otherwise, why then the mayor’s office? ”

Residents of Vladivostok want simple things, Peter Khanas reminds: so that the roads of the city are quickly cleared of snow in winter, public transport is accessible and comfortable, and it works without interruptions. To make bus routes more, not less.

“I would like to see the city shining, the real capital of the Far East, so that I would like to live in Vladivostok and not want to leave. Traffic jams, collapse on the roads, constant unhealthy bustle in the city and the lack of a comfortable urban environment make life in Vladivostok unbearable. None of the ordinary inhabitants are particularly interested in what the chapter does. People need a result, but there is no expected result, ”the political scientist believes.

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