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Sberbank expands product line for entrepreneurs and legal entities

Thousands of entrepreneurs work in the Far East, each of whom has to deal with many financial transactions every day. In the modern world, high technologies and advanced banking products come to the rescue in this difficult task. One of the market leaders in this area is Sberbank. How can a global financial player help entrepreneurs and legal entities in the region to promote their business to a higher level? EastRussia examines the latest "new" bank in this area.

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Under the guarantee of the bank

Bank guarantee - pass to a higher “league” where lucrative contracts are concluded. The bank guarantees your solvency, which means that the counterparty will be able to trust you, and the best deals will not get to competitors. This is all the more convenient because your own funds remain with you, and there is no need to lend once again. This is very important, for example, for the winners of bidding for a state or municipal contract. In order for the state customer to conclude an agreement with the winning company, it must provide a guarantee that in the event of the improper performance of the contract by it, the bank will pay a guarantee amount to the customer in order to cover fines, penalties, and penalties. Sberbank will also open a limit on the guarantee on the fulfillment of obligations (within the limit the guarantee is issued within eight hours and for the minimum amounts). And if cash is required for the fulfillment of obligations by the client, the bank may issue a tender loan.

Sberbank can also provide a tender guarantee, which is often required by the organizers of the auction. They are thus insured in case the winner of the tender refuses to deliver the goods or perform the work, or if the terms of the contract are not properly fulfilled. In addition, the bidder’s availability of a tender bank guarantee is a very common filter that organizers use to screen questionable companies. For example, the seller requires 100% prepayment for their products, but in the case of a bank guarantee, gives a delay of 60 days. The client first receives the goods, but only after implementation pays the money for it.

The “Business Guarantee” from Sberbank operates from 2013 and covers virtually all areas where small business needs a bank guarantee. For example, a customs guarantee. This is a written commitment issued by the bank to the customs authorities, which guarantees that your company will pay customs payments. Such a guarantee, by the way, provides deferred payment of customs payments up to one year.

Another advantage of Sberbank clients is the possibility of obtaining a bank guarantee in favor of the tax authorities. This is a written commitment of Sberbank issued in favor of the tax authorities to ensure payment of payments to the FTS by the company. The partner of the bank receives a guarantee of VAT payment, which gives the taxpayer the opportunity to receive a refund of the amount of VAT claimed for refund in the tax return, even before the completion of the desk tax audit. That is, we get real money without delay, let them into circulation and earn.

If we are talking about an amount below 15 million rubles, then Sberbank does not require a small business to provide security for a bank guarantee. In other words, a pledge in the form of movable or immovable property is not needed from a Business Guarantee user, although nothing prevents you from using a pledge and surety to obtain more attractive conditions.

The guarantee from Sberbank is valid for a period of one to 36 months. The amount of the guarantee - from 50 thousand rubles. The percentage - or rather, the bank's remuneration for issuing a guarantee - is from 0.5% of the guarantee amount.

Nuances are also present. For example, the maximum guarantee amount is determined by the client's solvency, or it is limited to the face value of a bill in the event that the security is a Sberbank bill. By the way, now Sberbank has reduced the minimum remuneration for the provision of warranty obligations - up to two thousand rubles.

The total interest rate in the event of a warranty case will be from 10% per annum, but, of course, it depends on the financial condition of the client.

"Credit card" for business

Sberbank issued Russia's first international credit card for entrepreneurs. Its main difference from credit cards for individuals is the high amount of overdraft and the presence of partners who provide an increased grace period for paying bills when buying at their stores. Depending on the income of a legal entity or individual entrepreneur issuing this card, the bank will approve the limit from 100 thousand to 1 million rubles.

The standard term without interest, provided by Sberbank is 50 days, but partners offer an increased term without interest, the delay can go up to one year here.

The great value of the product for entrepreneurs is the absence of paperwork and the constant “free” amount on the card for unforeseen expenses or for the purchase of goods. You do not need to draw up a loan at the bank every time: plus business cards in that money can be spent on any purchases within the business, for example, in office renovation, office supplies, office equipment and consumables. Each legal entity or individual entrepreneur can issue several cards linked to one account, giving access to additional loan funds to employees who are responsible for purchasing or paying bills.

You can pay with a business “credit card” both from the program partners and in any other outlets. Conveniently, you can pay for goods directly from the current account. Card expenses are taken into account in the company's expenses in the same way as any other invoice payments - unlike conventional loans, where loan funds should be spent only on the purpose of obtaining a loan.

It is also convenient to track card transactions in the Sberbank Business Online application, and by SMS informing. In this case, you will not forget to deposit the used amount on the loan, reminders from the bank come twice a month: five days before making the payment and directly on the day the amount is deposited.

In order not to pay interest for the use of borrowed funds, it is necessary to repay the debt for purchases made during the grace period before its expiration. To maintain a good credit history, it is enough to pay the obligatory payment in time - 5% of the outstanding amount. It is worth noting that the credit limit cannot be changed for three years from the date of issue of the card.

The limit for issuing cash by card is high: 170 thousand rubles, or three thousand US dollars, or 2 euros per day for each business card, but no more than five million rubles per calendar month for the account. You can pay off your card debt in the Sberbank Business Online application or in any other Internet bank by payment order. There are also standard ways of depositing money into an account - these are bank branches and ATMs. In all situations, the business credit card account will be credited no later than the next business day. For withdrawing cash from a business credit card, the bank charges a commission of 600%, annual service - only 7 thousand rubles for 2 months.

FEA: more convenient and easier

Foreign economic activity and transactions with foreigners also always bear risks. And here it is worth paying attention to the Sberbank Consulting Center. Its experts will help solve the issues of currency legislation. The regulatory framework in the foreign trade area is constantly changing and scares many businessmen. Often, even qualified employees of companies do not have time to follow the changes.

The turnkey foreign trade transaction service allows you to solve a number of problems. This service assumes that the bank monitors the need to execute currency control documents (certificate of currency transactions, certificate of supporting documents, etc.), their subsequent preparation and signing.

Service "Turnkey" significantly simplifies the work of the company. In fact, the bank itself conducts your foreign economic activity, it itself requests the necessary documents from customs, and then they simply verify it. The most up-to-date service is the issuance of a certificate on currency transactions and consultations with bank employees on controversial issues of currency legislation.

The service allows you to reduce the risks of violation of currency legislation related to incorrect paperwork and their late submission to the bank. The services of the Consulting Center also resolve issues regarding the execution of currency control documents - registration of a transaction passport, certificates of currency transactions, certificates of supporting documents.

Another relevant service for participants of foreign economic activity is “Customs Payments and Services”. It allows you to quickly carry out customs payments directly from the settlement accounts of legal entities, fill out and send documents to the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation. The service is provided in the SberbankBusinessOnline remote banking service system - this is an opportunity to make customs payments around the clock, including weekends. If earlier this process could take more than a day, now the operation is performed in real time in a matter of minutes.

It is also worth noting that when making a customs declaration through “Customs Payments and Services”, the client is automatically notified of the amount of customs duty and in fact makes a payment from his own current account with a penny accuracy. Of the advantages of the service, it is also worth mentioning an online archive of payments, which allows the company to track the current state of its account in real time and generate reports on more than 20 criteria that are necessary for reconciliation with the tax inspectorate, the Federal Customs Service or the customs representative.

Thus, using modern banking services, one can solve a number of problems that often prevent entrepreneurs from starting export activities: to obtain information and protect them from risks. Consultation of qualified specialists of Sberbank will cost ten times cheaper than damage to a business can be caused.

PS The offer is not a public offer. More information about the maintenance of foreign economic activity, consulting center services and bank guarantees can be found on the website. (general license of the Bank of Russia for banking operations No. 1481).

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