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Honey on an industrial scale

Primorsky company plans to provide high-quality product to Russia and foreign countries

Honey on an industrial scale
Special project TORA and Free Port
The production of honey in Primorye is not surprising, but on an industrial scale, a sweet medicinal product began to be done quite recently: in June a modern honey processing workshop was opened in the province. The resident of the free port does not intend to stop at the achieved, plans include expansion and access to various markets, including foreign ones.

The owner of the workshop is OOO Saldan. The enterprise is included in the group of companies "Baikal", which unites a number of industries specializing in logistics and foreign economic activity. In Primorye, the company was created to help local producers and provide high-quality products to the Far Eastern, Russian and foreign markets.

They rely on linden honey from Primorye, since it is delicious and the most environmentally friendly: in the region, 98% of honey plants grow in the taiga, far from cities, industrial enterprises and roads. The product has medicinal properties, so the shop owners believe that it has a huge export potential. In the countries of Southeast Asia, Far Eastern honey is highly valued and is ready to buy it in large quantities.

Raw materials for the enterprise come from its own apiaries, as well as from special farms and from individual beekeepers. However, only those who have documents confirming the quality of honey can become a supplier. Each purchased party undergoes the strictest control: it is checked in the laboratories of the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Supervision for compliance with regulatory and regulatory documentation.

- We can process any honey that comes to us, not necessarily, that it was lime. Now we are doing it, because it is the most widespread and high-quality in the Far East. Other varieties go in a small volume, not on such an industrial scale, - said the director of LLC "Saldan" Sergei Tokurenov.

The shop has installed a production line for bottling and packaging honey Lyson - one of the leaders of the European market of beekeeping equipment. The raw material first enters a special chamber for dissolution, then, if necessary, it is vented, and then, with the aid of a dosing unit and a conveyor belt, is packed into a glass and plastic container with a volume of ten to thousands of milliliters. Then on the ukuporennye packaging label is applied, indicating the date of production, expiration date, information about the manufacturer. The resident of the Free Port plans to install new equipment, so that this stage is fully automated.

The plant management in the future plans to take raw materials in other regions of the Far East, especially since they are already interested in cooperation. For a day the enterprise produces up to 2,5 tons of honey. Maybe more, but so far there is no need.

- 2,5 tons per day - quite a large volume. At any time we can increase this figure if there is such a need. For today it is not, - Sergey Tokurenov explained.

The natural product is sold under the brands "Svoya Apiary" and "Primorskie Apiary". The company plans to expand and purchase new equipment. In this matter, the heads of the enterprise are counting on benefits, as residents of the Free Port. In the meantime, this status works as an entrance ticket to the sites for discussing "honey" problems.  

- We participate in various meetings, round tables dedicated to the ecological situation in the region, for example, saving the linden, which is actively being cut down. We receive information about the state of affairs, including from the chairman of the beekeepers' union. The export duty for timber is zero, they sell it for a penny, so we are actively involved in solving this problematic issue, - said Sergey Tokurenov.

OOO Saldan is accredited by the Rosselkhoznadzor and included in the register of official exporters of honey of Russia. The company also received permission to supply the product abroad. The plant's products are presented in retail chains and at various exhibitions. The range of names of honey has been expanded to five types. In the near future, new items will go on sale.

The enterprise believes that the general task of the beekeeping industry in Primorsky Krai is to make seaside honey a recognizable brand in the Russian and foreign markets, as happened with Bashkir honey.

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