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"The machine is the continuation of my" I "

Belokrylov Sergey Vladimirovich - driver of the excavator of the branch of Dalspetsstroi "Spetsdorstroy № 731"

Construction machinery at first sight fascinates with its power ... Not everyone is able to manage such a machine. Work on heavy construction equipment is associated with high risks and great responsibility. The excavator has no right to make mistakes, he must perfectly remember the safety rules, to be able to visually determine the distances between objects and have a good reaction with high accuracy. This work is intended for people with great self-control, since in any unforeseen situation the consequences largely depend on how quickly the excavator will have time to react.

We continue the series of reports about the builders of the spaceport Vostochny, who were awarded high state awards for their contribution to the construction of the space harbor.

"The machine is the continuation of my" I "
Photo: Photo provided by Special Forces of Russia

Belokrylov Sergey Vladimirovich - driver of the excavator of the branch of Dalspetsstroi "Spetsdorstroy № 731". Choosing a profession, he was ready for all difficulties. First I tested my capabilities, working as a tractor driver, then I switched to a bulldozer and an excavator. Sergei Vladimirovich really has all the necessary qualities for such work: accuracy and fine spatial thinking. He admits: "I like being an excavator. I'm not with this technique to "you" or "you", this is my continuation! I can not imagine myself in another profession, although at one time I was both a chauffeur and a bulldozer, but I really fell in love with the excavator. "

Now Belokrylov is a technically competent excavator driver with an 30-year work experience. Has the qualification of 7 category and perfectly knows the skills of management and maintenance of specialized equipment. He masterly copes with the performance of any work excavator with a bucket capacity of more than 4 cubic meters. In addition to this usual, at first glance, for excavators work on the development of soils, on the finish, it simply works wonders, outputting millimeters by a bucket, the width of which reaches 1,5 meters.

All the years Sergey Vladimirovich constantly improved his qualification, discharge and accumulating invaluable experience in managing such complex mechanisms. He is not going to stop there now: "In any case, I will continue to grow, because I do not imagine myself in another profession."

At the beginning of the year 2009, Belokrylov was hired as an excavator driver at the branch of the Far-Eastern Glavka of Spetsstroy of Russia "Spetsdorstroy № 731", having worked more than 11 years on the construction of highways.

Sergey Vladimirovich recalls: “I was offered to take part in the construction of a gas pipeline, to start a pipe in Nikolaevsk-on-Amur, namely to take part in connecting the settlement of the Khabarovsk Territory to the gas main. Connecting the CHPP to "gas" has become one of the links in the long chain of gasification of the region. I liked the organization, I liked the boss. Together, so to speak, we went through "fire and water." I am still very grateful to him for the opportunity and invaluable experience that I received at the construction site of such important objects. I am very proud that I work for a state enterprise, I work for our state. "

During his time in the Spetsstroy system of Russia, Belokrylov participated in the construction of such important facilities for the Far East as the federal highway "Amur" (Chita-Khabarovsk), the main gas pipeline "Sakhalin-Khabarovsk-Vladivostok". In the Primorsky Territory he worked on the implementation of another significant energy project in the region - the construction of the Eastern Siberia-Pacific Ocean oil pipeline. Within the framework of this project, Dalspetsstroy built objects of the Kozmino oil depot. In Vladivostok, he worked out soils for the construction of a residential area for the servicemen "Snegovaya Pad".

Sergey Belokrylov repeats: “My car is an extension of my 'I'. As I behave, so does the car. When I come to work, I always greet her like a person, but in general I find a common language with any machine. I also had dangerous moments at work. So, during the construction of the main gas pipeline, he literally fell into a swamp with an excavator. But I was not taken aback, because I know my car, and pulled myself out. "

Thanks to his high professionalism and many years of experience working on heavy equipment, Sergei Vladimirovich was one of the first to be sent to the construction of a unique and especially important facility for the country - the Vostochny cosmodrome in the Amur Region.

Belokrylov shares: "I was offered a job at the cosmodrome and since then I've been here! Of course, I was very happy with this chance! I remember that when I came to 2011 year, there was nothing here at all, only the forest and the swamp. It was we, the Dal'spetsstroevtsy, who started digging for the structures to dig, and to conduct preparatory work for further construction. My contribution is almost at every facility in the East - technical and start-up complexes, industrial and operational construction base. Specialists of our branch conducted the development of soils for the construction of excavations, embankments, reserves, cavaliers in the construction of roads and railways. "

The news of the receipt of the award for Sergei Vladimirovich was a big surprise: “Fate is an interesting thing! I never would have thought that I would receive such a high reward - a medal for services to the Fatherland. An excavator operator is not a hero, but an ordinary worker. Although our work is not very easy. I not only control the technique. First of all, arriving at the site, I get acquainted with the features of the project and evaluate the composition and condition of the soil. Of course, the accumulated experience and knowledge help me a lot. I can already easily determine the composition of the soil and its condition solely in appearance, I feel it. It is imperative to find the best place for an excavator, a suitable tilt angle of the bucket, which will allow you to gain maximum soil, calculate the angle and speed for a comfortable unloading. All these actions ultimately save time to complete the work. At the spaceport I have never had any abnormal situations. I feel the earth, you can’t tell and show it, and they don’t explain it in the textbooks, you just have to be one with your car. ”

The professionalism of Belokrylov manifested itself to the greatest degree during the backfilling of the cargo platform during the construction of the railway, which made it possible to promptly put into operation one of the most important infrastructure facilities of the Vostochny cosmodrome. In severe climatic conditions, Sergey Vladimirovich produces more than 1500 cubic meters of soil in a shift, and also performs more than 250 long meters of planning slopes, embankments, embankments, ditches and ditches. He himself modestly explains: “The weather conditions were not terrible for me. I myself am Amur, but I grew up on Sakhalin. At the cosmodrome, we did not stop working in any weather. For example, on January 2, we already went to work, the frost was minus 40 degrees. But this is our profession, you will not frighten us with cold and heat. ”

But the most crucial moment, according to Sergei Belokrylov, for him came 28 April 2016 year: “We watched a rocket launch directly from the site on the 6 site. I saw the end result of my work, and when the rocket was launched, I felt pride. ”

Being a mentor for young people, Sergei Vladimirovich willingly conveys the experience and subtleties of the profession to beginners, trying to raise respect for their work and responsibility for the quality of the work performed. He confesses: “I teach my students and every time I repeat that the car is a continuation of your“ I. ” And when they meet me, they thank me and say that I am right! ” 

By the decree of the President of the Russian Federation for merits in the field of construction and long-term conscientious work, Sergey Vladimirovich Belokhrilov, the excavator driver of the branch "Spetsdorstroy № 731" of the federal state unitary enterprise "Main Directorate of Special Construction in the Far East Federal District under the Federal Agency for Special Construction" was awarded the Medal of the Order "For merit to the Fatherland "2 degree.

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