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Manga about Nevelskoy

In Vladivostok drew a comic about the Far Eastern legend

At the 9th International Biennale of Visual Arts in the capital of Primorye, drafts of the project “Fruit of the Imagination. Nevelskoy ". Authors - creative association «Hero4Hero» (Hero for Hero) are going to release a Japanese-style comic book, manga, film and cartoon based on them.


Manga about Nevelskoy
Photo: THAT "Hero4Hero"


"Fruits of the imagination. Nevelskoy "- a graphic novel in the style of manga, dedicated to the fate of Gennady Nevelsky, one of the key researchers of the Far East in the XIX century. Creative association "Hero4Hero" is working on the project since 2015 year. The team includes: the authors of the idea - Ksenia Frolova and Roman Ivanishchev, artist-illustrator Elena Kolyada, screenwriter Elizaveta Kirillova, designer Tatiana Kondrashina, historian Sergei Kornilov, coordinator Alexander Zhmykhov.


Until October 20, anyone can evaluate the project’s work materials on the top floor of the Vladivostok GUM (Svetlanskaya Street, 33).

- 29 June 1850 Gennady Nevelskoy raised the Russian flag in the lower reaches of the Amur River and founded the Nikolaevsky post (future Nikolaevsk-on-Amur) on Cape Kuehda, without a single shot adding to Russia 36% of its current territory. We retell the heroic events of that time with the language of contemporary art in order to draw the attention of a wide audience to the history of the development of the Russian Far East, "said Ksenia Frolova.

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The project is based on a real life story of the future Russian admiral and covers the period from childhood to his return to the Amur as the head of the Amur expedition. The creation of the project was preceded by consultations with professional historians and local historians and work in archives, but the plot also includes elements of local mythology: shamans, dragons, etc.

- In a professional environment, disputes are being held about why Gennady Ivanovich went to conquer the Far East. We stopped at the fact that he did it at the call of his heart, despite official disapproval and understanding of the possible consequences for himself. The project considers the nature of heroism itself: why does a person choose the hero's difficult path, "explained Ksenia Frolova.

When choosing the style of the future novel, the authors chose between the western school, lubok and manga. As a result, they stopped at the latter, in view of its concentration on the inner life of the characters - unlike the western comics, the manga allows deeper reflection of the person's emotions.

In an ideological sense, the creators of the project see a roll of events in Russia in the middle of the 19th century, when the novel takes place, with the present tense: in the first case, Alexander Herzen declared the Pacific a Mediterranean sea of ​​the future, and Gennady Nevelskoy actually opened the way for a large-scale study of the Amur region. Today, the state is actively developing the region of the Far East, and at the third Eastern Economic Forum it was officially announced "a turn of Russia to the East." This movement corresponds to the novel "Fruits of the imagination. Nevelskoy, which popularizes the eastern vector of the country's development and demonstrates the heroism of Russian researchers.

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- The name "Fruits of the imagination" is chosen not accidentally: in fact, everything that we see today in the Far East - bridges, cities, people - these are the fruits of imagination. Imagination and courage of one man - Gennady Nevelskoy - who ventured to go there no matter what. This is reflected in the slogan of our project: "You are here because he came here," said one of the authors of the project, Roman Ivanishchev.

At the moment, a significant part of the graphic material is ready, and the script draft is also being finalized. In the future, the authors plan to publish the manga, as well as release a film and a cartoon on this material: negotiations for screening are already underway. In the near future - the participation of the project "Fruits of the imagination. Nevelskoy "in manga competitions in Japan."

A source: Hero2Hero

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