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Little Olympiad for Sakhalin

The master of sports in freestyle snowboard told EastRussia how the Children of Asia Games would help the region and participants

Well-known athletes of the Sakhalin region continue to tell why the region has earned the right to host the international children’s games of Asia and how they will be useful for the region. The master of sports in freestyle snowboarding, the repeated winner of the championship and Russian cups, as well as international competitions, opening at the 2014 Olympiad of the year, Yuri Chemodurov himself trains children and is the ambassador of these Games. In an interview with EastRussia, he told how Sakhalin will appeal to young athletes and what legacy Children of Asia will leave behind.

Little Olympiad for Sakhalin
- Yuri, what do you think, than the Sakhalin region deserved the right to host the Children of Asia Games?
- Firstly, our region is geographically conveniently located for such competitions. Secondly, we have good infrastructure for them, for example, two ski resorts in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. And, probably, the attractiveness of the city played its part. If you take other cities of the Far East, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, for example, where winter sports are also developed, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk is more presentable. Moreover, our city has a great experience of holding competitions at the mountain air complex “Mountain Air”, besides the strongest schools of alpine skiers and snowboarders are on Sakhalin, the strongest athletes of the Far East are here. The leaders of these schools suffer from sports, so it is obvious that "Children of Asia" should be held on Sakhalin.
All slopes and sports facilities are close to the city and the entire infrastructure. No need to go somewhere in the mountains, hire a transfer - everything is accessible and convenient. This is the biggest plus for the Games.
- What do you think, will Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and its sports fields like the participants of the competition?
- I think yes. I have a lot of acquaintances from other cities, including big ones. They expected to see one thing, and when they came, they saw something completely different - more positive. And I myself, having traveled to other cities, I can say that our city is in order. The impression and location of the city, and nature.

- Pluses for international games are understandable, but what will the region get from holding them?
- Good question. Conducting these Games will help create conditions for training, which is not as sufficient as we would like. There are complexes for competitions, but there are no training bases as such. While there is only a desire to work and develop, but there are no concrete conditions. “Children of Asia” will give an excellent impetus for the development of young and adult athletes, for coaches. Now there are many different clubs on Sakhalin, and everyone has a territorial question - there is no place to train, there are no places.
- It turns out that after the Games these training grounds will appear?
- Yes, the legacy of the Games will remain. A biathlon complex is already being built; snow must be made on Parkovaya Mountain. If all this remains and will be maintained, then the very conditions for training will appear.
- In your opinion, will it be necessary to tighten the level of equipment of sports facilities or will it be enough for the current Games?
- No, this is just not enough to get everything up to standard. For example, you need to bring snowing to the “Mountain Air” to mind. But on Parkova everything is already put in order. If all this is done, it will be great.

- What else, besides the sports and training grounds, will Sakhalin receive from the “Children of Asia” games?
- Experience for coaches and children who play sports. We are far from the mainland and major sporting events - they all take place either in Sochi or somewhere abroad. And so we will take a small Olympiad for children. This is a great experience for judges, young athletes. This is at least international relations and transfer of experience.
- Why did you decide to become the ambassador of these Games?
- I was offered, but I did not think long and refuse, because I love alpine skiing and snowboarding specifically. I also live here, I am not going to move anywhere, and support the holding of these competitions on Sakhalin. I have my own small sports school, where I teach children, I train in freestyle. This is a young movement in sports, children are happy to come and learn to safely jump. Therefore, I could not pass by the international children's sports games.
- Will you follow the competition "Children of Asia"?
- Of course, especially since everything will happen before my eyes. Very interesting, if there is a cross, and of course, we will all be watching the slalom, the giant slalom. It will be interesting. I myself did not participate in such Games, because I joined an adult professional sport. But if in childhood there was an opportunity to take part in the Children of Asia, I would not have missed it.
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