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Small packages but the roads

In Russia, small business is 5,6 million entities, on which every fourth employee is officially employed

On how to increase this number and what prevents it, EastRussia was told by Olga Kurilova, head of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives in the Far Eastern Federal District.

Small packages but the roads

- Olga Sergeevna, as can Characterize The present state Small и Secondary Business on Far East, Support the whether his authorities?

- The state of small and medium-sized businesses in the current economic situation leaves much to be desired. It is necessary to pass from the declarations to business, but so far the mood of business in the regions still more declarations.

Problem issues and support measures for small businesses are discussed at the level of the President and the Government of the Russian Federation on an ongoing basis, this topic is really important. At the federal level, quite a lot has been done in recent years to develop and support entrepreneurship: institutions for business have been created, road maps of the National Entrepreneurial Initiative developed at the ASI platform are being implemented, and a new institute is being created for the development of small and medium-sized businesses to provide financial support. , legal and methodological support, launched the National Rating of the investment climate in the regions of Russia.

Working in the regions, we see that often the practice of applying federal laws, which are designed to simplify entrepreneurial activity, work differently: they complicate the lives of entrepreneurs somewhere, on the contrary, they create conditions and develop measures to support small and medium-sized businesses. For example, according to the results of the pilot approbation of the rating in the regions, the leaders take connection from the 52 to the 65 days, and the subjects in the last group - from the 160 to the 316 days. I think it is unnecessary to comment.

According to the experience of working in the regions, it can be said that the management system basically looks like this: the meeting passed - there was a wave of actions, and sometimes there were no actions. There is no systematic approach. It is also necessary to increase the share of small businesses in state and municipal purchases.

Another deterrent is the punitive nature of checks. Even if the violations found do not threaten the life and health of people, they are often used as a formal reason for fines, which for small businesses are often too heavy. And the most important thing in the current economic conditions is the interest rate on loans. All these questions are constantly raised by entrepreneurs in the regions of the Far East.

- That-that can с by that do by your According to? Как should to look like support?

- In our understanding, small business is more often the sphere of services, small forms of production, trade. In the most remote areas, only small businesses create jobs and provide services to the public. And they, first, do not need to interfere, and, secondly, to create the necessary conditions. The main thing is to inform about the support measures that exist.

For example, a new federal law on education has been issued. The law says that individual entrepreneurs are allowed to obtain licenses for educational activities. In parallel, the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation в program Small и Secondary entrepreneurship new view Support individual Of entrepreneurs by creating Preschool Educational Центров и receiving compensation Costs on Implementation of data Projects. It significant support Small Business в field Providing Social services, but Will take advantage of whether them subject, will make whether в its program Support, It depends from priorities region. В Primorsky Territory в 2014 году such view Support Appeared, и we have positive findings: 8 individual Of entrepreneurs got license on educational activities. Мы we hope, that it not limit, и Count, that Of entrepreneurs, Aspiring Create comfortable terms for preschoolers, will more.

- There is whether on Far East what-that positive Examples Interactions authorities и Business on Municipal Level of?

- There is. Vyazemsky municipal district of the Khabarovsk Territory. The local administration went around each yard, told entrepreneurs about support measures. There from 22 thousand inhabitants 30% is engaged in business. This is still the only example, there is a complete understanding of government and business. Among other things, they have an annual rural investment forum, they won this practice in the Business Success Award in 2014.

Coming there, we find ourselves in a different atmosphere. There is a single, motivated team. Everyone has one phrase on their lips: "Our task is for these small enterprises to stay here, conduct business and develop and, most importantly, move from the small to the medium category." ASI together with the administration of Vyazemsky district and entrepreneurs are developing measures that will allow entrepreneurs to develop.

In order to highlight such positive practices, which can be used as an example by other regions, an Atlas of municipal practices was developed on the ASI site in conjunction with business delicacies and the National rating of the investment climate in the subjects of Russia was launched. Its goal, among other things, is to identify best practices - the actions of regional teams, which allow to achieve the best results for the development of the investment climate. Highlighting these best practices, it is necessary to motivate the authorities with their help to improve the investment climate of the subjects of the Russian Federation. And the rating does not imply losers, even if the region in it was in the last group. However, the rating does not depend on the geographic location of the region. And our task is to convey both to entrepreneurs and the authorities that we have the task to improve entrepreneurial activity, working on this systematically, that's why the president of Russia designated the rating as annual.

- Как you Consider, as can Reverberate on Condition Small и Secondary Business realizable now big Projects, for example, TORES и Free port Vladivostok? No Harm whether they?

- Free port, territories of advanced development will give opportunities for small business. Small business is, as a rule, a sphere of services. When a big business comes around, a small one appears around it: laundry, workshops, private hospitals and kindergartens, beauty salons, transport companies and so on. Again - this is construction, and hence again the opportunity for companies engaged in this area, to build into the process. Many businessmen in the Far East see this as a resource.

Perhaps there is a risk in the staff, that people will prefer large companies to small businesses. But it is always, even now. When a large investor enters the region, it is always an opportunity for small businesses.

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