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Magadan is aiming for a breakthrough

Magadan is aiming for a breakthrough

The governor of the Magadan region, Vladimir Pechenyi, told EastRussia that he is hampering the prospective projects of Kolyma development, what are the interests of Magadan and Chukotka and why optimization in the region is the reverse process.

- Vladimir Petrovich, now the draft budget for 2015 is being prepared for adoption. Surely he will be socially oriented. Nevertheless, what tasks are to be solved with the help of the budget and what are its main parameters? How did the general political situation in the country and the world economic situation influence the formation of the revenue and expenditure side of the regional budget?

- The budget of the region, which will be adopted in the second reading in the near future, remains socially oriented for many years. The total volume of the consolidated budget is approximately in the same parameters as in the previous year. It does not increase: when forming the revenue part, we first of all focus on our own possibilities, as the volume of federal financial support is reduced for objective reasons.

Despite certain problems in the country, we keep in full the expenses associated with raising the wages of workers in the public sector. The average salary for the region today is about 60 thousand rubles, and this is the base benchmark, which is the basis of budget expenditures. According to our forecast, the average salary by the end of 2014 will be higher. Accordingly, because of the increase in labor remuneration, budget expenditures as socially oriented increase.

Social orientation is preserved in our programs. One of the priorities is the creation of comfortable conditions for the life of the Kolyma people. In 2015, we plan to build a multifunctional sports complex in the city of Susuman, a sports and health complex with a swimming pool in the village of Seimchan, complete the construction of a kindergarten in the village of Yagodnoye, and reconstruct a large kindergarten in Magadan. By the way, we are ahead of the state tasks. Virtually reached 100% of the indicators to ensure children from 3 to 7 years in places in kindergartens.

As for the development budget, it may be less evident in the articles of the expenditure part of the regional budget, but all projects related to the improvement of the energy and transport infrastructure are laid in it. We are participants of the federal program for the development of the transport system of the Russian Federation, within the framework of which it is planned to build the federal highway Magadan-Omolon-Anadyr, which will connect the Magadan region with Chukotka. The construction of the road has already begun and will continue next year. Will be financed and regional roads, recorded in the budget. We are committed to implementing an economic breakthrough strategy. This can be seen in the budget parameters, although the conditions are now tougher than last year or two years ago.

- The Russian government has approved a bill to extend the Special Economic Zone in Magadan until the end of 2025. Six months ago, in an interview with our newspaper, you said that the immediate plans of the SEZ are the revival of the fishery complex, the construction of a metallurgical plant ... What does the real situation look like now, at the end of the year?

- The Law on the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in the Magadan Region was adopted in the first reading. Now the State Duma is preparing a bill for the second reading in December. We are actively improving it in deputy associations and committees. We are trying to make the law more flexible for potential investors in terms of tax benefits and preferences, which provide additional opportunities for the active development of business in Kolyma. This topic is relevant, because the region will soon start implementing a number of significant projects. We expect from day to day the launch of a mining and processing plant at the Pavlik deposit. In 2015, the enterprise should give us a serious addition to gold mining, which means it will bring funds to the budget.

The situation in the fishery complex is serious: it needs to be radically changed. It is important in the near future to restore herds of salmon. Without the reconstruction of existing hatcheries and the construction of new ones with this task can not cope. In 2014 year allocated for these purposes a small amount - about 25 million rubles. We have already prepared new justifications for including the project in the federal program, and I hope the region will not be left without attention.

At the same time, we are seeking transfer to the regional property of the fish terminal in the Magadan sea trading port. We have developed a program for the development of a fishing terminal in order to create conditions for fishing enterprises: today they cannot enter the port and unload fish on the shore - there are no facilities, the coastal base has been destroyed. In the format of public-private partnership, we offer both local investors and companies from other regions to participate in the modernization of the fishing industry. I hope 2015 year will be the year of action in this direction.

Now the FTP "Economic and Social Development of the Far East and the Baikal Region for the period up to 2018 year" included financing in 2014-2015 only one for the entire Far East of the energy infrastructure project - construction of the 220 kV "Orotukan-Palatka-Centralnaya" line in the Magadan Region. It will be completed in 2015. The power line will give impetus to the development of new enterprises on the territory of the Yano-Kolyma gold province both in Kolyma and in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

- The company DVEUK and its contractor LLC Yakutsk, which directly builds high-voltage power lines in the region, are coping with their task?

- DVEUK is a state-run management company subordinated to the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation, which receives an order for the conduct of certain work related to energy in the Far East, within the framework of federal programs. LLC "Yakutsk" is a contractor organization directly erecting transmission lines. The company has been operating in the region for several years, successfully coping with all concluded contracts. Thanks to it, instead of wooden, falling poles of power transmission lines, built in the time of Dalstroi, today we see modern - beautiful and reliable - power transmission lines, which were lacking in the region. Of course, much more needs to be done to improve the electrical networks in order to loop the power system of the Far North-East. We are working on a project to create an energy bridge Magadan region - Chukotka - the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). There are problems similar to ours. In addition, Bilibino nuclear power plant is being decommissioned, it is necessary to look for a replacement. And one of the options is the energy of the Magadan region, which will go to Chukotka.

- OJSC Polyus Gold decided to postpone the commissioning of the Natalka Ore Mining and Processing Enterprise in the Magadan Region for an indefinite period. You stated that this decision will not affect the economic situation in the region. Why?

- I do not draw conclusions from scratch. The decision made by the company is based on its own results of additional audit assessments of the existing situation. These estimates take into account the fact that the company, in fact, is fully built and ready to start work. At the moment, the company needs to make adjustments to the technology of gold mining in connection with the refinement of projected reserves (they will be known in late January) and to some extent change the algorithm of actions. I can not say that I like it: in our plans, the company was supposed to start work in 2015 year. But you can understand the owner.

Huge investments have been made in creating this - one of the largest enterprises in Russia, and it is difficult to assume that the project will be frozen, it will not work in the near future. Naturally, we insist that Polyus Gold has announced its plans for putting the enterprise into operation. But there is no doubt that RiM will work in principle. Absolutely we can state: the development of this territory actually took place. Our immediate task is to complete the construction of the 220 kV Orotukan-Palatka-Tsentralnaya transmission line and the Ust-Omchug-Omchak double-circuit overhead line in order to ensure the development of both the enterprises at the Natalk and Pavlik fields, and the new ones that will be available soon. The Igumenovskoye, Rodionovskoye, Utinskoye, Degdekan, and Shturmovskoye deposits are being prepared for commissioning. It is important to create infrastructure at an accelerated pace in the region of the Yano-Kolyma gold ore province in order not to restrain their growth. And the most important task of the power transmission lines is to increase the reliability of the power supply of Magadan as a logistics center. Of course, this is a priority project.

- Do you think the situation connected with the suspension of the launching of the Natalka Ore Mining and Processing Plant will not deter investors who might like to come to the region?

- On the contrary. For an investor, important are the fields put up for auction to obtain a license and having forecasted reserves of resources - based on geological studies. Investors today can only scare the lack of infrastructure. Creating it for your money in the conditions of the Far North is very expensive.

For potential investors, it is just significant that we are creating a transport and energy infrastructure: you can make plans in relation to what will be done in the near future - not through 10 - 20 in years, but tomorrow. The hydropower plant will be precisely built, the power lines will be stretched, the deposits in the Yano-Kolymskaya gold ore province are known and explored to a fairly high degree.

- You said about the hydroelectric station - but this is also a problem. Build something built, and whether the consumer?

“This is exactly what we are working on.” We are preparing electric grid support for the actively constructed energy facilities of the Ust-Srednekanskaya HPP so that investors have confidence in the supply of the required amounts of energy. For the time being we observe a certain gap: there are free energy capacities, but there are no power lines, no, of course, consumers. Everything - transport and energy infrastructure - must be developed simultaneously, then the investor will be able to clearly plan their activities.

- What problems do you associate with the adoption of the Federal Law on TOSED, which is likely to take effect from January?

- Within the boundaries of Magadan, there is a Special Economic Zone. Moreover, certain tools: the possibilities of a free customs zone, for example, can be used by enterprises operating outside the region. The territories of advanced socio-economic development cannot be created in Special Economic Zones, which means that they will not appear within Magadan, but we have enough promising space for TASED. And we intend to use all the tools for the economic breakthrough of Kolyma - the SEZ, TOSED. A package of priority priority investment projects for territories of advanced socio-economic development is practically ready.

For themselves, we have identified 5 projects of such territories. Probably, they will not fall under the criteria developed by the Ministry of the East Development, but nothing prevents us from making them regional growth points. By the way, we insisted that such “roughness” as “the land should be flat in the TOR” should be removed from the bill ”. We have hills everywhere - so what? Because of this, it is impossible to create a territory of priority development? As a rule, the mountain landscape implies a wealth of minerals. And the extraction of these minerals was, is and will be the main branch of Kolyma. And we will not create automobile assembly plants here! In this embodiment, for sure - no economy.

- And yet, of the five projects, which, in your opinion, is the most promising?

- Omsukchansky coal cluster. It is most ready to be implemented in the TASED format: there are potential anchor investors who are already investing money in the project; there is an interest of neighbors - Chukotka. The cluster is in good agreement with the project for the construction of the Magadan-Omsukchan-Omolon-Anadyr highway, which is in the hands of investors intending to develop the gold-bearing areas of the autonomous region. All infrastructure facilities of the Omsukchansk coal cluster are in demand and will be used to the maximum. Are there enough arguments for the project to be presented in the list of TOSEDs and receive support for the creation of infrastructure? By the way, it involves the construction of a port terminal for the export of anthracite concentrate and natural thermoanthracites to the APR countries. There has never been such a serious export-oriented project in our region.

- The population is being optimized in the Magadan region. Please tell us how necessary such optimization is? Maybe it is better to deploy any production in the abandoned villages?

- Administrative creation of production in order to ensure employment of people in the village is futile. If the settlement has no development potential, people in it are doomed either to resettlement, or to "drag on life". Historically, the enterprise has exhausted its possibilities, closed - the village has become empty. Worked GOK - the miners went to other sites - the settlement dies. We have many such villages. Compiled a list of 28 settlements that need to be closed, and people relocated. Recently settled wide, began to resettle the inhabitants of Madona.

Our program allows northerners to move to more comfortable conditions in the territory of the Magadan region, where they can live, study, work, use a complex of social services. An internal watch is developed in the region (the person worked for a month at the enterprise and returned home).

I am sure we are moving in the right direction. The relocation process needs to be accelerated. A federal law on closures has just been passed, even if it does not work yet, but the mechanisms and procedure for granting resettlement subsidies are spelled out in it. They can be used more actively.

- Let's consider another optimization: while all over the country doctors and medical staff are being cut down, you, on the contrary, attract personnel to you. How to explain the situation?

- We have no one to cut, on the contrary - we are experiencing an acute shortage of personnel! And what is happening in the social sphere throughout the country today is for us a unique opportunity to bring doctors of various specialties to the Magadan region. And the region is sorely lacking - therapists, neurosurgeons, gynecologists, obstetricians, clinicians, laboratory assistants ... We even increase the amount of support so that specialists have an incentive to change the comfort of central Russia to the Far North. The salary of the doctors in Kolyma is not bad (on average, 70 is thousands of rubles, some of them go up to 100, thousand rubles). Doctors, nurses up to 35-40 years, who will go to work in rural areas, provide office accommodation, which can later be privatized, having worked for a certain number of years, pay for travel and baggage transportation to the place of work. We issue "lifting" - for doctors 100 thousand rubles, nurses, medical assistants, laboratory assistants - 50 thousand. And we will increase the amount to 300 thousand and 150 thousand - respectively.

- As for the tourist and recreational potential of the resort of Talay. Is it planned to make it a platform for TOSER? It can also be a good rehabilitation center.

- "Talaya" - the most unique resort. And from year to year we allocate money for repair work there, but the old beautiful building requires major reconstruction and modernization. It is necessary to complete unfinished objects. On such a global change of their means is not enough. Naturally, the process of transformation is slow. We are not yet ready to develop a final project under TOSER, but we do not refuse this idea. On Taloy everything is unique: healing water and mineral mud, nature, opportunities for the development of mountain skiing and tourism. Just relax here - great.

Today the resort is state property. We have potential partners who are ready to participate in the development of the resort. Now we are looking for options for organizational and legal cooperation, so that the project would be beneficial for them. One change in the form of property is indispensable. It is required to lay a normal road from the federal highway "Kolyma", to prepare a helicopter pad, to solve issues with power supply. While electricity generates a diesel power plant: it is expensive, not environmentally friendly. Power transmission line "Orotukan - Tent - Central" will be held in 35 kilometers from the resort, it will be necessary to stretch the branch to the resort and the village.

- I get the impression that foreigners know more about contemporary Magadan than residents of the central part of the country, who still think in terms of stereotypes. What do you think is worth visiting Kolyma for?

- In summer, as a tourist, a Moscow doctor visited us. She was impressed by the nature, the comfort of Magadan and the relations of the northerners. I went to the regional hospital and ... I moved here in the autumn. Now he enjoys the fact that it is not necessary to spend two or three hours in traffic jams - within ten minutes he gets on foot to work. Experience gets such that not every clinic will give. Time for sports and multiple hobbies enough. Everything pleases her.

What is it worth to come to Magadan? To change attitudes towards life and the world around. Do not go with the flow - live! We also have trophy hunting, and gorgeous fishing, and rafting on mountain rivers. And what kind of nature? Primordial world in all its charm. By the way, do not believe it, you can even engage in diving, and the Sea of ​​Okhotsk will be as impressed as immersion in the waters of the Mediterranean or Red Sea.

And the winter in the Magadan region? No longer will you find it. There is so much snow that until June you can ski. It is no coincidence that we are actively developing the ski complex. Just at the economic forum in Korea, we will present the new project "Solar Magadan".

In general, to say that we have a very beautiful, trite. Better come for the New Year holidays. Take part in our traditional “Ski Vialba”. Go hiking on any of the hills with Rudolf Sedov. Enjoy every passing moment! They are unique ...

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