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"People need decent living conditions"

The head of the Khabarovsk Krai trade unions on the conditions for consolidating the population in the Far East

Can measures that are now being developed at the federal level stop the departure of people from the Far East and attract new residents to the eastern regions? EastRussia addressed this issue to the chairman of the Khabarovsk regional association of trade union organizations Galina Kononenko.

"People need decent living conditions"
Photo: Press service of the Khabarovsk regional association of trade unions
- It is clear that behind a mass outflow of people from the Far Eastern regions there is a whole range of reasons. Which of them do you consider to be the main ones?

- I think that this is a discrepancy between wages and working and living conditions. It's no secret that people always went to areas with severe climatic conditions - to the north, to the east - not so much for romance as for a long ruble. At the present time, people do not get so much money for working in such regions, and many social guarantees that were before, now no longer exist. And the demands of people are higher.

Young people do not stay in the Far East, because there are problems with housing. The Far Eastern Federal District invites teachers, doctors, cultural workers, including for work in rural areas. But not all municipalities are able to provide housing for specialists who could come to them. In the Khabarovsk Territory, they are looking for solutions to the problem: for example, the arrived specialists are provided with housing on a rental basis: it does not become property, a person lives in it, paying only for utilities. But people, if they are going to live in the region permanently, need their own apartments. And they are inaccessible to many: the cost per square meter of housing in the Far East is high, and not everyone can afford a mortgage, not to mention buying an apartment right away.

And behind the housing, other questions are automatically "dragged". First of all, social infrastructure, which would provide comfortable living and full leisure for the person and his family. In remote areas it is still not there.

- Many companies attract working shifts to work on their projects. Can they fully compensate for the shortage of workers in the Far East, "replace" specialists who could live and work here permanently?

- Working hands - yes, they can replace. But it is unlikely that we will be able to develop Far Eastern territories with such approaches to the organization of labor activity. Vahtoviki are temporary workers. Worked and left. They do not need to take their families, do not care about the fact that there are kindergartens, sports complexes, and high-quality medical care in the Far East. In order for the Far East to develop, it is necessary that people here stay and live permanently. And for this it is necessary to create comfortable living conditions for them.

- The measures that are being developed at the federal level, can radically change the demographic situation in the Far Eastern Federal District?

- For six years, which is mentioned in these documents, it is certainly impossible to radically change anything. But the trend to improve the situation, these events will certainly create.
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