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The whole of Kamchatka in one torah

How the creation of the territory of advanced development will help Kamchatka, found out EastRussia

About the tourism logistics, the eastern pillar of the Northern Sea Route and thermal tomatoes within the framework of the TOP Kamchatka EastRussia, Deputy Prime Minister of the Kamchatka Territory for Transport Infrastructure Yury Zubar told.

The whole of Kamchatka in one torah

- Yuriy Nikolayevich, why should Kamchatka have the territory of advanced development (TOP)?

- I was probably lucky: from the very beginning I have been participating in activities to create a territory of priority development in Kamchatka. For our region, TOP is not a fashion trend, but a necessity. We must clearly understand how to develop the economy both in the region and in the Far East as a whole.

Kamchatka has a lot to offer. Firstly, these are our bioresources (fish, crabs, sea kale). Secondly, this is tourism, which, let us say so, is still in its embryonic stage, but its prospects are very good. If we compare, for example, Alaska and Kamchatka, then we have a much more favorable geographical position and much more than surprise tourists. Nevertheless, in terms of tourist flows, we are ten times lower than the American state. Therefore, by creating a territory of priority development, we must bring our tourism to a new qualitative level so that this product would be in demand by different categories of the population. Well, and thirdly, the mining industry in Kamchatka also carries great potential (investment projects for the development of the Ozernovsky and Amethyst gold deposits - author's note).

- ТОР "Камчатка" has a logistical-tourist orientation. What projects are emphasized?

- For the development of tourism in the region, the main emphasis is on the seaport and airport. Our airport does not correspond to today's passenger traffic. Its carrying capacity is 240 passengers per hour. And we almost daily fly two flights from Moscow companies "Transaero" and "Aeroflot" - these are two Boeing 777, each with the capacity of about 400 people, and they are packed with passengers. Therefore, within a few hours after the arrival of the flight at the airport, there is a collapse. And if you count the flow of passengers in the opposite direction ?! In addition, there are flights that are operated in Khabarovsk, Vladivostok, Novosibirsk, domestic transportation ... No tourist will fly to us until there is a normal airport.

The construction of the airport is the first thing we started thinking about regardless of the TOP. This task was still three years ago, at the end of December 2012 the airport was transferred to the ownership of the Kamchatka Territory. The design of the airport is at the final stage. I hope that next year we will start construction. By this time, the decision on TORs will be ready, a pool of investors will be formed. Work in this direction is underway. Those who want to become investors are enough - these are Russian private companies that will be selected on a competitive basis.

According to the project, the capacity of the new terminal will be 400 passengers per hour. And the airport terminal will be convertible - we will be able to switch it to the international format at any time. This means that even now it is possible to start negotiating with foreign airlines and partners regarding the organization of both regular passenger transportation and charter flights to Kamchatka. Above the edge is a large number of air routes - only for half a year in 2014 year over our territory flew about 3 thousand flights of foreign airlines. This, of course, not only regular flights, it's charters, it's cargo, it's all sorts of special flights (I do not take military aviation). At the beginning of the 1990-ies, when Kamchatka became an open region, we received several hundred applications from foreign companies to land at the airport. However, the majority had to be denied, since the international sector had only 50 passengers per hour.

- Are there charter flights now?

- Yes, to date, charter flights fly to Japan, Thailand, Vietnam and China. They have a certain seasonality. The Chinese want to go to the edge of regular transportation, they are even ready to provide a flow of tourists, but, unfortunately, until there is a new air terminal, we will not receive regular air tickets. According to plan, the old air terminal will also remain, so we will get 400 + 240 = 640 passengers per hour and we will be able to work peacefully.

Once the airport is built, we will feel comfortable. This year, at least, we very much hope that Spetsstroy of Russia will complete and put into operation a second runway at the airport.

- What is the situation with the seaport?

- In the seaport at the moment there is no sea port (it will be put into operation in 2016 year), there are no berths capable of taking large cruise liners. Those cruise ships that come now have very limited passenger capacity - 200-300 people, and we take them about 20 per year. Recently, cruise cruisers visited us on 2 thousand passengers, but this is a huge problem: we processed them in the roadstead, we drove to the shore with boats - the event was delayed for the whole day, and no tourist can stand it. Receiving the order of 100 applications for ship calls of cruise liners a year, we are forced to refuse. As for investors, we have conducted and are negotiating not only with Russian companies, but also in cooperation with some foreign partners representing Switzerland and Italy to other countries.

- How will logistics work?

- Last year, in terms of logistics, we tried one thing that was never done in Kamchatka, although it is a fairly common practice in the world - the transfer of tourists from a steamer to a plane. The liner came to us, 300 people we shot from it - the tourists who have already returned from the trip - and sent home by plane. And from the plane, new tourists were put on the steamer, which again went north. About 1,5 thousand people, we are thus served. Under this scheme we will work.

- What transformations are expected by OAO Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Sea Commercial Port?

- We are also absolutely independent of the creation of the TOP, we are working towards the commercial port of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky becoming the eastern pillar of the Northern Sea Route (Sevmorput). The port has access to the Pacific Ocean: the bay is very comfortable, large, deep-water, provides a direct approach from the ocean. This is how the port itself and positions itself, within the territory of advanced development, including.

While the Northern Sea Route does not work in the volume, as it should work, however, the cargo traffic on it grows constantly. In 2013, we, together with the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District, have already tried logistics. A steamship with a cargo for the Republic of China passed through the Northern Sea Route, came to us, dropped some cargo for Kamchatka, took some cargo to China, went home, and in the opposite direction, too, came to us, brought cargo from China and went to the European part.

The way from China, for example, to Rotterdam, the famous European port-hub, is about a third shorter by the Northern Sea Route. If the cargo will be collected and accumulated in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, and from there by steamships of the ice class go north, then I think that the economy will be good. We counted, gave suggestions, and we heard - there is a decision of the Security Council of the Russian Federation to consider the port of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky as a port-hub on the eastern extremity of the Northern Sea Route.

We are in close contact with the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation for work on the sea trade port: the pre-project study of the construction of the berth, the first stage of the port development, is almost completed. This will be a quay wall with a length of 700 meters and with depths of 11-12 meters at the pier. Thus, in practice, we will be able to take any ship that exists in the world.

- That is, if the Northern Sea Route develops, and Kamchatka can receive large container ships, Kamchatka fish will become more accessible for central Russia (I can't help asking this topical question for Russians)?

- Yes, if this idea is realized, we can send Kamchatka fish to the central part of the country via the Northern Sea Route, and not through the narrow bottleneck of the port of Vladivostok, which sometimes can not cope with the existing volumes. Remember the fall of 2014, when Thousands of tons of our fish products are stuck in Vladivostok due to lack of cooling capacity..

As soon as the Northern Sea Route starts to live its own life, in Kamchatka we have already reserved a vast territory for the development of such logistics items as container sites, warehouses, including refrigerators, in which products will accumulate and sail through our port to the European part of the country and further to Europe . We hope that then the price of fish will be cheaper. Now we are faced with the tariffs of Russian Railways, and with storage in Vladivostok, and with the "chattering" of steamboats in the roadstead with cargo ...

- Do you see a kind of competition with the Free Vladivostok Port project?

- Of course, there is competition. Nevertheless, ships from China, Japan, Korea are easier to navigate the Sevmorputi directly and unload from us without any trans-shipment, without wasting time to call at Vladivostok. In addition, our bay never freezes, even in the thirty-degree frosts. Is it arguable? I agree, it is necessary to delve into everything. But in the Far East, we are developing all the Far Eastern countries and one economy.

- What other projects will be included in the TOP "Kamchatka"?

- The territory of advanced development envisages the creation of several industrial-logistic zones of the port type: the terminal for bulk cargoes, the container-logistic terminal of the international class, the fishing and bunkering terminal and the business zone (social and business center). Part of the sites will be created on the basis of the JSC "Petropavlovsk Shipyard" and OJSC "Tin Canning Factory". Some facilities and the business zone will operate on the basis of the production capacities of ZAO Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Shiprepairing Plant in the southern part of the bay of South Avachinskaya Bay.

A separate item is the development of the tourist cluster "Paratunka" - a unique balneological Kamchatka resort.

- Many sanatoriums of Kamchatka have been preserved since Soviet times, and they are now being put in order by private investors. Will it help them to create a TOP?

- Any recreational base, which is being restored or will be built, costs more than one hundred million rubles. This is not a small business - he does not have that much money. These are large investors, among whom there are residents of Kamchatka, wealthy people who are ready to act as investors in the merchant port and at the Nikolaevka airport, where an airfield for small aircraft will be built, primarily for tourists traveling through Kamchatka, there will also develop And hotel complexes. Here's the link to logistics. In addition, for example, in the Zelenovsky lakes will be built balneological resort. Also there are investors who are ready to go there.

You see, investors do not wait for the TOP. They hope that with the creation of the TOP it will be easier and not only because there will be a decrease in taxes, but because administrative barriers will be removed. Putting objects into operation, building permits, obtaining and registration of land plots, different documents, etc., connection to the infrastructure - these things will be simplified. Many investors say: "We are ready to invest in Kamchatka, but those administrative barriers that exist, it is simply impossible to survive" - ​​and they leave.

- ТОР "Kamchatka" differs, for example, from territories of outstripping development in Yakutia, because it assumes not a point, but complex development. Such a scope is not conceivable without a transport component - all points must be linked by good roads. Will the roads evolve?

- We are already building roads. Two years ago, construction of interchanges began in the city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, which they did not do since Soviet times. This year we will put into operation two roads - serious interchanges, next year two more, and then we will move forward. We have plans to go around the city. We are designing. Together with Rosavtodor, with the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation we build roads to the north, these are two directions - the East Coast and the Western. East coast - to Ust-Kamchatka - a little more than 700 kilometers of road. Before the village of Milkovo in the next five years, we put the asphalt completely. This year we are introducing a site - 11 kilometers of asphalt - and start two more sites - only about 30 kilometers. In addition, last year we surrendered all the bridges on this track. Until Ust-Kamchatka, now we have a passage without a ferry.

The second direction is the West Coast, towards the village of Palana. A more difficult path, where the road was never, there in the 2014 year, the 4 bridge was passed.

- We have not touched upon the topic of agriculture, the task of development of which is also within the framework of the Kamchatka TOR. Do you offer any unique technologies for growing vegetables?

- I'm not saying that we will grow bananas in Kamchatka, but we will be able to provide ourselves with various high quality vegetables. We have for this purpose something that is not found anywhere - thermal waters. Thermal water for heating greenhouses - in fact, a free heat. Clearly, it is necessary to drill holes or revive old ones that were drilled in the Soviet years, it is necessary to build pipelines. This is the cost, and this is what the state is ready to do.

If you go to the market today and see, for example, tomatoes with the inscription "Baku" - this is not what they grow in Baku: while they were traveling to Kamchatka, they became known to God, not Baku. Among the tomatoes with which the Far East is littered, the lion's share from China ... And next to it lie Kamchatka thermal tomatoes - they even smell of tomatoes, because they have just ripened them from the garden. While the share of such producers in the region is small - the conditions need to be created by the agricultural producer and, most importantly, to reduce production costs. We plan to build an agricultural company to grow vegetables in the Zelenovsky lakes. Here the order of 8 hectares of hothouse economy will only be at the first stage.

It is planned to build an agrofirm in the village of Nagorny, where there is no thermal water, but there is an opportunity to bring gas for heating greenhouses.

- You probably compared the projects of TOR - yours and the neighbors? How do you rate TOR "Kamchatka" compared to others?

- You correctly noted that the projects of Yakutia, Magadan, even Vladivostok, Khabarovsk Territory, the Amur Region are imprisoned for a specific type of activity. We modernized our TOPs several times. Yuri Petrovich Trutnev (the presidential envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District - the comment of the author) - the curator of this whole process - expressed his position on the commission of the right that the Kamchatka tops are the most interesting and the most difficult, because it is versatile, it does not include one site, and We have a lot of things that will give development to the whole of Kamchatka. We need to build everything, including hotels, shops, pleasure and helipads ... We do not just dream, we expect that by the year of 2025 Kamchatka will take up to a million tourists, domestic and foreign, to create the infrastructure.


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