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Any development requires funding

Any development requires funding

Vladimir Selivanov, Managing Director of VTB24 in the Khabarovsk Territory:

- Periods of economic "recessions" and "ups" are inevitable as a component of evolution. In the conditions of a slowing economy, small business is also feeling pressure. However, entrepreneurs of the Khabarovsk Territory do not leave the market, they continue to develop and invest in new projects.

Of the most active industries, construction and the HoReCa segment should be noted. There is also a great demand for loans from various trading companies. Of course, one should not expect a high share of GDP from the small business segment. But it is this segment that forms the quality part of the infrastructure - trade (wholesale and retail), restaurants, transport services, construction services.

To date, in Khabarovsk Territory about 33 thousand of small business entities are registered. The profitability and sustainability of all these enterprises largely depends on external factors: taxes, available financing, fixed assets, technical conditions, prompt decision-making by regulatory and regulatory bodies.

What has changed here lately? First, multifunctional centers appeared that implement the principle of “one window”. They have become a good help for entrepreneurs and accelerated the solution of many issues arising in the process of doing business. Popularization of small business support funds, expanding the list of priority sectors, increasing the amount and terms of providing guarantees - all this increases the availability of business financing.

In addition, banks are becoming more loyal in matters of financing. There are new products, both credit and deposit, which allow entrepreneurs to develop business. For example, a company that has a current account with VTB24 may independently and promptly place a deposit for a period from 1 to 90 days through the Bank-Client system at the maximum percentage. The possibility of placing deposits is available not only to legal entities, but also to individual entrepreneurs. Deposits for short periods are a very popular service, since This allows the company to effectively use their available funds. And such operations should be carried out constantly. On a year scale, a significant result will be visible - a separate item of income.

With regard to lending, in the current reality, banks need reliable risk management tools. For example, applying more stringent collateral requirements for "weak" industries, providing individual loan repayment terms, applying more weighted approaches in calculating the debt burden on revenue, and profit. At the end of last year, the bank revised the risk policy and limited the issuance of express loans, now we give them only to good borrowers. However, "small business" does not mean "fragile", because according to the law, small business means enterprises with revenues up to 400 million rubles a year. Any development requires funding. And banks are ready to finance a business that is firmly on its feet and objectively assesses its potential.

Insufficient level of financial literacy of entrepreneurs is often a stop-loss factor for further development. Some borrowers simply can not adequately assess their business prospects, including from the point of view of possible cash gaps and the return of credit. Here, of course, we help them in planning, explaining the issues of rational record keeping of the enterprise's activities. As a result, we get a real picture, from which it becomes clear whether the enterprise is able to service the debt, i.e. Bank credit.

I will recall the case with one of our retail customers, who sells shoes of famous brands. He is an experienced entrepreneur, actively uses banking products: he already had an investment loan for construction and a bank guarantee to secure the contract. He also needed a loan to replenish working capital, for which he applied. Having reduced the balance and cash flow of the enterprise, our credit analyst found quite curious facts. For example, the theft of inventory. In other words, the company's accountant sold part of the shoes "to the left," and the owner, of course, knew nothing about it. Management accounting in the company was violated, and the entrepreneur could not figure it out on his own. Thus, the bank not only financed the enterprise, but also prevented a significant loss of profit for the company in the future. And the unclean employee was fired.

There are many such stories. The bank is interested in reliable borrowers and makes every effort to ensure that its customers develop and have been successful. By the way, within the framework of the "Privilege for Your Business" campaign, our clients have the opportunity to refinance third party banks' loans in VTB24 for more favorable interest rate conditions and more convenient debt servicing conditions. You can apply for this promotion until 30 September 2014.

In connection with the entry into force of the law No. XXUMX-FZ, the institution of bank guarantees is actively developing. Guarantees are necessary to secure applications for participation in a tender, auction or tender under a government contract. This product is relevant not only for companies involved in the provision of government contracts. The main purpose of guarantees is the additional security of the interests of parties involved in commercial transactions. They protect small business companies from default on the part of partners. The advantages are not only in stability, but also in the possibility not to divert money from circulation. This is an effective alternative to a loan, which in some cases significantly reduces the cost of a deal.

Speaking about the prospects, it is worth noting that the stabilization of the economy in Russia, of course, will lead to strengthening the position of small business and its expansion. But business needs to learn how to adapt and respond quickly to the market situation. Less "sustainable" industries should think about the development of alternative directions. More "sustainable" is to take a balanced approach to risks and investments.

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