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Pilot for businessmen and investors

For one ruble invested by the regional government in the Development Corporation of the Kamchatka Krai, the development institute attracted more than five rubles of investments

Pilot for businessmen and investors
The general director of one of the most active regional development institutions in the Far East - the Kamchatka Territory Development Corporation (KRKK), adviser to the governor of the Kamchatka Territory Nikolai Pegin spoke in an interview with EastRussia about how the organization's work is being built.

- Nikolai Anatolyevich, there are many regional corporations in Russia. Tell me, what distinguishes the Kamchatka Development Corporation from similar structures in other regions of the country?
- Some feature of the Kamchatka Development Corporation is that, on the one hand, it provides a certain range of commercial services to business, on the other hand, it implements investment projects initiated by the corporation, the costs of the pre-investment stage of which are covered by the business activity of the KRAC. Besides, it is also a center of competence and an additional option of the Government of the region in other areas of small and medium-sized business support. At the same time, the main indicator of the effectiveness of the Corporation’s activities is the volume of investments attracted by the corporation to the region. All other activities of the development institute are not evaluated - they are laborious, but auxiliary, and do not always provide only the implementation of the main task.

Summing up the first results of the Corporation’s work, it is possible to speak with confidence, in turn, of the first, albeit modest, but positive results. For example, the development institute attracted more than five rubles of investments per ruble invested by the government of the Kamchatka Territory into the Corporation. We are all the more pleased with these results, if we consider that, unlike some of our colleagues from other Far Eastern regions, we cannot boast of extensive budget financing for investment activities of the development institute. Yes, and we were created just three years ago.

- The budget of the Kamchatka Territory can not afford such a waste?
- We are grateful to the regional authorities for the support they provide to the development corporation, but sometimes this is not enough for breakthrough solutions. The expenditure of funds from the Kamchatka budget based on its high subsidization is rational, the budget itself is aimed at developing the region, at meeting the social needs of the population of the region. How successful it is can be judged by the fact that, at the end of last year, Kamchatka was included in the top 20 Russian regions with the best indicators of socio-economic development.
Proceeding from these conditions, the development corporation pursues a purposeful policy to ensure its own economic independence, which, probably, is not always correct provided the state tasks are solved. The high business potential of this small team of employees who work in the joint-stock company allows us, step by step, to approach the tasks set by the Government of the Kamchatka Territory. In the context of achieving this goal, the Corporation adopted for itself a number of fundamental decisions.

Already in a predictable perspective, we hope to receive a material return from the projects initiated to implement our own projects. One of them is the Kamchatsky Broiler Chilled Poultry Production Factory. Today this project is in the final approval stage before signing an investment contract.

We are actively engaged in the so-called small commercialization: we provide assistance to entrepreneurs for a fairly moderate remuneration in the preparation of necessary business documents, in the selection and registration of land plots, accompanied by the projects initiated by them. The Corporation targets partners in a wide range of business support mechanisms that are now provided in the territory of the Kamchatka Territory. We are talking about almost seven dozen measures of state support.

- Is it difficult for businesses to understand the system of benefits and preferences that exist in the region, and therefore the Corporation helps him in this?
- Not only and not so much in this. Often an entrepreneur, especially in the small business, refuses to receive a bank loan, figuratively speaking, “frightened” by the package of documents that he needs to collect and the procedures that are required to pass for a positive verdict of a financial institution. He is left alone with the problem. And it often happens that he goes into a high-risk zone of gray borrowing schemes and unofficial financial and credit relations. To prevent this from happening, the Corporation today not only provides advice and support for business projects, but is also a navigator, if you will, a pilot. And we are talking not only about loans, but also about support mechanisms. Joint-stock company offers its customers and partners a comprehensive package of services that specifically address the challenges of implementing the concept put forward by the entrepreneur. It includes the development of the necessary documents, interaction with authorities and credit organizations, contacts with consulting, project structures and much more.

- What aspects of the work of the KRKK makes business turn to the services of the Corporation?
- First of all, the principle of "one window" and the transparency of relationships. After contacting us, the investor or entrepreneur no longer cares about the issue of “walking around” and coordinating issues with administrative bodies, credit organizations ... At the same time, I emphasize again that the Corporation undertakes to prepare a full package of documents for the investor or entrepreneur. Including those that are necessary for businessmen to be included in the number of residents of the territory of priority development, the Free Port area of ​​Vladivostok. We assist our clients and partners in obtaining appropriate benefits, preferences and government support measures.

The above-mentioned complex of services greatly facilitates the implementation of investment projects. Businessmen and investors, having redirected the decision of the Corporation's formal questions, get the opportunity to engage in the main business for themselves - creating surplus value, making money. Attempts to solve problems on their own often turn into loss of time and money for entrepreneurs without guarantee of the expected result. I would also like to draw your attention to the fact that in some cases, when there is a decision of the Investment Council in the Kamchatka Territory, the Corporation provides such services free of charge or for a symbolic payment.

The second thing that compares favorably with the work of the Development Corporation is the range of its competencies and the ability to be at the epicenter of the most important regional events. It often happens that the KRKK itself forms these events. The large-scale competencies of the Corporation allow it to structure complex models of territory development, to take part in negotiations with a wide range of potential partners.

- Please illustrate the Corporation’s work on projects with specific examples.
- Before answering your question, I want to say that all the work of the Corporation is substantive. It is aimed at achieving a real-tangible practical result.

If we talk about the assistance of the KRCC to partners in obtaining preferences and state support measures, an example will be an example with the initiator of an investment project planning to start developing the Ozernovskoye gold deposit - the joint-stock company Siberian Mining and Metallurgical Alliance. With the support of the Government of the Kamchatka Territory, the Corporation, which is carrying out the project support, together with the initiator of the project, obtained the status of a large-scale first regional importance and subsequently federal status, which gave the company preferences in the region and federal financial support for creating the infrastructure for future production.

Also as part of project support, we were able to resolve issues related to the assignment of the status of a particularly significant investment project to the Kamchatsky Pig Complex only seven weeks after the signing of the relevant agreement with our partners.

Interesting and to some extent innovative not only for the Kamchatka Territory is the work of the Corporation for the creation of a collective site - the Dalny industrial park. We came up with the initiative of its formation, having got acquainted with the business plans of several Kamchatka companies engaged in the sphere of industrial production.

At the moment, nine entrepreneurs have expressed a desire to become residents of the first stage of the industrial park. This form of industrial association implies, as a state support, the creation of transport and engineering infrastructure. The compact concentration of several enterprises makes it possible, due to the agglomeration effect, to achieve a serious economic return.

At the same time, forming the industrial park, the Corporation came to the conclusion that the creation of infrastructure in our conditions for only one sintering association is redundant and costly. Based on the findings, the Corporation together with the Government of the Kamchatka Krai is considering options in which not only residents of the industrial park, but also entrepreneurs, as well as citizens entitled to receive other state support, will be able to use the formed infrastructure. Among the options - cottage villages with large families.

- How does the Corporation provide support to small and medium-sized businesses in the region? On the website of the KRKK it appears that working with this category of entrepreneurs is one of the main activities of the joint stock company.
- Kamchatka entrepreneurs engaged in small and medium-sized businesses, thanks to the Corporation today know where to turn to them for obtaining prompt and qualified help. At the same time, as I said, the principle of "one window" operates. To date, in the portfolio of the Corporation for Development of Kamchatka 19 contracts and 42 agreements on cooperation.

At the Eastern Economic Forum, you noted that the participation of the delegation of the "Corporation of Development of Kamchatka Krai" in the work of the WEF will expand the list of projects and transactions implemented by the ICRC. Did your predictions come true?
- Of course, interest in the Kamchatka region after the WEF increased. Which, of course, will affect the number of projects in which the Corporation is engaged. The Eastern Economic Forum was for the development of investment processes on the territory of the Far Eastern Federal District and was conceived. The WEF is structured for general processes, its discussion, exhibition and contact sites ensure the search for partners and the development of relations, if the first contacts took place earlier.

- Speaking at a session of the WEF, you said that the Kamchatka Krai, which has achieved high economic growth rates, has clearly positive prospects for inclusion in the process of economic integration with European business. Please tell us more about this idea.
- Only in the few months that have passed since the completion of VEF-2016, we have held negotiations with businessmen from France, Austria, representatives of trans-European companies. The topics of discussions were projects in the field of tourism, hotel business, energy. Our European partners are ready to connect to the construction of the Kamchatka Regional Hospital. However, it is premature to talk about the specific parameters of most of the talks, but we assess their prospects as very positive.

- In the Kamchatka Territory, an unusual project began to be realized, such as the yacht port. Tell us, on the background of what realities of tourism development is the project unfolding, and also on what is the confidence in its prospects based?
- The yacht port is a structural element of the Petropavlovskaya Harbor, which is being formed in the historical center of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, a tourism and recreation cluster (TRC). The territory of the yacht port is adjacent to the maritime station and is created on the basis of the once-existing ship repair factory. In addition to the named marina with the accompanying infrastructure, the tourist and recreation cluster will include a hotel complex, catering facilities and socio-cultural purposes. The shopping and entertainment center will allow to set directions and trends for the development of the entire historical center of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, to coordinate the actions of owners and investors who have an interest in the territories adjacent to the “Petropavlovsk harbor”.

The idea of ​​creating a modern yacht port has organically emerged from several trends that have become apparent in recent years. We are talking about a significant increase in the number of owners of small boats in the region, updating their requirements for the service of yachts and boats. There is an increase in demand from guests and residents of the peninsula for small sea cruises, the organizers of which also require convenient berths and modern infrastructure to service their ships.

Besides this, dozens of Russian and foreign yachts travel every year along the eastern coasts of Kamchatka. They also need parking and service.

In the past navigation, we received visible confirmation of our conclusions about the need to create an international yacht port. More and more owners of small vessels tend to base themselves in the "Peter and Paul Harbor". This increase compared to last year was about 25 percent. The interest of foreign yachtsmen to our marina is also noted. In the "Peter and Paul Harbor" unfavorable for navigating a small fleet in our latitudes, the winter yacht "Maewan 4", which makes a round-the-world trip, waits the winter months.

I would also like to note that, in general, the concept of the SEC is brought to life by trends in the development of tourism on the peninsula. The regional government, the Kamchatka Development Corporation, a regional business engaged in this field, is seeking to transform it from seasonal to year-round. On the peninsula, they are trying to develop event-driven, ecological, ethnographic, sports, extreme and other types of tourism demanded by modern Russian and foreign consumers. It is obvious that the concept of “Petropavlovsk harbor” developed by KRKK, which is located on the shores of the highest latitude ice-free bay of the Russian Pacific coast, is an adequate response to these trends.

Prospectiveness of the tourist-recreational cluster is estimated by investors who are ready to invest significant funds in the transformation and development of the historical part of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. We hope that the TRC will turn into a tourist brand, become a landmark worthy of the only Russian major administrative center located on the Pacific coast.
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