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Locomotive of Yakutia

What hampers large-scale South Yakutia projects

Locomotive of Yakutia

Implementation of the Integrated Development of South Yakutia (KRYUYA) requires attracting investors, as well as solving social and infrastructural problems.

The first Neryungri Business Forum (NBF-2014), which will be held on April 17-18 in Yakutia, should become an important platform for attracting investment in the economy of South Yakutia. The implementation of the KRYUY will give not only an impetus to the development of the city of Neryungri, but also the entire Far East. About this at a press conference on the upcoming forum, said First Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Alex Struchkov. During the event, he answered questions from

- Alexey Alexandrovich, the design of KRYUYA began in 2007 year, and then it was assumed that in 2016 the gas of the Chayandinskoye field will be exported. It turns out that the timing of the project is shifting?

- We have no official postponements of construction dates. At the beginning of March, at the annual Investor Day held in London and New York, the Chairman of the Board of Gazprom announced that the timing of the start of a number of priority investment projects, including the Yakutsk Gas Production Center (part of KRYUYA - It was called 2019 year. But the launch period can be shifted, because we understand that this is not a project for the sake of the project, but there must be a guaranteed sales market. And if there is a consumer from the APR countries or some other states - certainly, the project is activated. We treat this with understanding - it's okay if the terms are shifted.

- Could you name investment projects in the territory of Yakutia, for the realization of which funds of foreign banks were attracted?

- The economy of Yakutia is energy-raw. All priority projects that are being implemented and were implemented in the territory of Yakutia are associated with the processing of mineral deposits. Due to objective reasons, many of these fields are classified as strategic fields of federal significance, therefore, attracting foreign capital for their development is regulated by current federal legislation. In this regard, there are no large projects in which foreign capital participates in the territory of Yakutia. Of the major projects that have already been implemented, I can cite as an example the development of the Talakan oil and gas condensate field in western Yakutia — a field where more than 7 million tons of oil are already being produced today. Another implemented, but already infrastructure project is the completion of construction on the territory of the republic of the first stage of the East-Siberian oil pipeline, which also allowed to speed up the development of other oil and gas fields in Yakutia. Of course, these are South Yakutia and projects related to the development of coal deposits, such as Elginskoye.

- At a recent conference in Irkutsk devoted to the development of oil and gas resources in Eastern Siberia and the Far East, you noted that "extraordinary measures of economic stimulation of the project" are needed to attract investors. What was meant by the word "extraordinary"?

- It is considered to be that the projects of the oil and gas complex are self-sufficient and highly profitable, which means that there is no need to provide government support measures. Nevertheless, I insist that the issue of the formation of infrastructure - first of all, transport, energy, taking into account the huge distances - should be solved with the participation of the state. Some originality is present in this. In addition, originality - is the formation of special conditions. I am sure that Yakutia needs special conditions. And not only Yakutia, but the entire Far East.

The products, which are produced in regions such as Yakutia, taking into account the seasonality of the importation, the need to attract considerable credit resources to ensure this seasonal import, slightly overturns the economy of any Yakutian enterprise and, accordingly, affects the profitability of any project. In this regard, we believe that special measures on the part of the state in the field of tax and tariff policy are needed. In the end, the same northern delivery in terms of transportation costs could be taken by the state. We have coal deposits in the north-east of Yakutia, where we buy a ton of coal for 2 thousand rubles from the manufacturer, but transportation costs for its delivery to the regions of the north of Yakutia amount to 13-14 thousand rubles. As a result, two thousandth coal costs the consumer in 16 thousand rubles. We tell the consumer - well, I'm sorry, we are moving to 100% payback of utility services. How much should he spend in the conditions of Yakutia to heat his own house ?! This is just one example.

Or other. We have a district - Nizhnekolymsk (administrative center of the village of Chersky - Air ticket on a small plane from the village to Yakutsk costs 32 thousand rubles one way. This is not a business class, it's a common base rate. And there is no other transport. The question is - how much should a resident get to, say, just check his health in the center of the subject, I'm not talking about going somewhere to Moscow or to St. Petersburg. Yes, there are preferential transportations in the republic. You can fly from Yakutsk to Sochi or to Krasnodar, or to Moscow, these flights are subsidized. And intraregional - no. There are a lot of such specific questions. And the implementation of investment projects requires the adoption of extraordinary measures.

- Production in the region is developing, but the cadres are leaking - from 1991, more than 260 thousand people left Yakutia for other regions. Where to find specialists? And how to keep the frames?

- The issue of fixing the cadres and stopping the outflow of the population is rather difficult. However, I want to emphasize that according to the results of the population census 2010 in comparison with other subjects of the Far Eastern Federal District Yakutia was the only region where there was not an outflow, but an increase in the population. Let it be small, but it was a positive balance. In order to attract and retain professionals, the Soviet practice of training specialists outside the republic in the leading educational institutions of the Russian Federation has been preserved in Yakutia. Annually we send about 700 graduates of comprehensive schools to study in the leading universities of the country - Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Khabarovsk, Krasnoyarsk. In addition, we have agreements with almost all companies that operate on the territory of our republic, one of the points of this agreement is the training of personnel. A successful project is connected with Surgutneftegaz. The company prepares 20-25 graduates of schools in specialized universities with subsequent employment in their enterprises. The same scheme has been established in Transneft and Gazprom. Similar agreements have been signed with coal and gold mining companies.

As for the conditions, this issue should be resolved, including with the participation of the federal center through the adoption of special laws that presuppose the creation of conditions for the influx of highly qualified specialists. That is, these are the projects and laws that are actively discussed by federal ministries. This is the issuance of some "lifting" funds, and payment of travel in the regions of the Far East, and the construction of housing, and the creation of special mechanisms for mortgage housing construction. And of course, this is the implementation of KRYUYA, which will create new jobs with good and stable wages. Then people will not leave, but will be fixed on the spot. All projects that we are implementing, they are aimed at improving the quality of life - the development of supporting settlements, the development of social, engineering infrastructure.

- What do you expect from the First Neryungri Business Forum?

- We understand that the scale of the Neryungri forum is much more modest compared to the Far Eastern platform. Following the meeting of the government commission for the development of the Far East, which was held at the end of October last year in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, a decision was made that Vladivostok will become a single venue for the economic forum. Therefore, the purpose of the Neryungri forum is to attract the interest of investors and the business community to projects that we are implementing in the territory of South Yakutia. It is South Yakutia that should become a kind of locomotive for the development of our republic. Implementation of the KRYUYA will accelerate the pace of social and economic growth of the entire Far East. We expect that during this Neryungri business forum interesting discussions will take place, decisions will be discussed and adopted, which will also form the basis for the decision making by the federal center. And most importantly, if the first forum is not a "lump", we will try to give it an annual format.

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