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Face east: the first year of Transbaikalia in the Far Eastern Federal District

How did the region integrate into the Far East?

The fact that Transbaikalia will become one of the regions of the Far Eastern Federal District has been discussed for a long time, but few believed in it. Entrepreneurs hoped for the preferences of the Far East, ordinary residents - for social and financial support from the federal center. A year ago, on November 3, a historic event happened - President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on the entry of the Trans-Baikal Territory into the Far Eastern Federal District. How did the region integrate into the Far East, EastRussia recognized.

Face east: the first year of Transbaikalia in the Far Eastern Federal District

Hopes for the Far Eastern Federal District

Plenipotentiary in Siberia Sergey Menyaylo and the plenipotentiary in the Far Eastern Federal District Yuri Trutnev, a year ago noted that the entry of Buryatia and the Trans-Baikal Territory into the Far Eastern Federal District should lead to their economic recovery and the development of social infrastructure projects through the creation of priority development areas, subsidies for investment projects, and the start of the program “ Far Eastern hectare. "

“First of all, it is worth paying attention to the implementation of the plan for the social development of centers of economic growth,” sums up the first results of Transbaikalia's entry into the Far Eastern Federal District by a member of the Committee of the Council of the Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation on Science, Education and Culture from the legislative (representative) authority of the Transbaikal Territory Sergey Mikhailov. - The program is designed for three years. Over this period, the Trans-Baikal Territory will receive 9,4 billion rubles for the development of social infrastructure, the repair and construction of health facilities, education, culture, the updating of the material and technical base, the acquisition of playgrounds and sports grounds, and the solution of the issue of water supply and road repair. ”

Dozens of villages and hundreds of budgetary institutions of the region are already participating in the program. So, in the village of Pervomaisky, Shilkinsky district, a new universal sports ground was opened. In total, 325 children's and 200 sports fields will be acquired. More than half of them have already been delivered to the Trans-Baikal Territory. The program also plans to upgrade the material and technical base in secondary vocational education institutions in Krasnokamensk, Borzy, Priargunsk, Nerchinsk and Mogoytuya.

Another important preference for the Trans-Baikal Territory, according to the senator, is participation in the Zemsky Teacher state program, created by analogy with the Zemsky Doctor program. It is about supporting teachers up to 55 years old who want to work in the countryside. If for most regions a one-time payment will amount to one million rubles, then for educators in the Far East it can increase to two million.

“The first year in the Far Eastern Federal District for Transbaikalia is only the start, a period of involvement in all existing Far Eastern support measures. And with this start, in general, I think we coped quite well. But it’s too early to relax, because there is still a lot of work ahead, the result of which should be the successful socio-economic development of the region and improving the quality of life of Transbaikal residents, ”the senator is convinced.


Land for Transbaikal residents

Residents of Transbaikalia filed about six thousand applications for the "Far Eastern hectare." This is two and a half times more than today applications have been filed in the Magadan region, 1,7 times more than in the Jewish Autonomous Region and one thousand more than in the Kamchatka Territory for the entire duration of the program. The greatest demand is for sites located near Chita. Also, plots are in demand in the Chita district. About 80% of allotments are taken for the construction of individual housing.

Both those who wanted to build a new home and those who had long planned to expand production or start their own business could fulfill their dream. A site in the Smolenka village of the Chita region, a resident of the regional center Yevgeny Mozgovoy and his family liked for a long time.

“I learned about the program, I decided to take the opportunity provided by the state - to get a plot for free and realize my dream. Since the hectare is located on the lands of the forest fund, it was necessary to first transfer it to the category of lands of the settlement, for this, provide a development plan for the site, ”said Evgeny Mozgovoy.

On its hectare, the family plans to build a house and hopes for a preferential mortgage for recipients of the “Far Eastern hectares”. But the head of the farm, Daria Kustova, plans to expand the territory under the feed base for animals at the expense of a hectare, build a new barn to increase milk production.


Family support

Previously, federal maternity capital and minimum payments for the birth of children acted to support families in Transbaikalia, and large families also received small money. After the entry of Transbaikalia into the Far Eastern Federal District, regional maternal capital in the amount of 135,9 thousand rubles appeared in the region. 347 families have already received this payment.

According to the reader, Anna Mikhailova, collecting documents for obtaining regional maternity capital is not so difficult, and the family plans to spend the necessary money on improving housing conditions, because with the birth of a second child, it has become absolutely necessary.

After the first-born, the family receives a lump-sum payment in twice the cost of living for the child, now it is 23,6 thousand rubles. Such support was used by the 2 361 family. If a third and subsequent child is born, the family receives the right to a monthly cash payment of 11,8 thousand rubles. 1 046 of large families in the region already receive it.



At the end of July, the Russian government signed a document on the creation of the territory of the advanced development of Transbaikalia, which covers the 23 district and two urban districts. It is assumed that in this vast territory 15 investment projects in various fields will be implemented. This is 196 billion rubles of investments and thousands of new jobs. The Far East Development Corporation ”has signed agreements with eight residents, including the Baikalrud company, which intends to develop the Noyon-Tologoiskoe deposit of polymetallic ores. With the Baikal Mining Company, which is developing the Udokan deposit, with Komsomolets Plemzavod, which is about creating a large agro-industrial holding, with the Khort-V company about gold mining at the Ukoninsky deposit, and the Innovation group, which intends to produce pellets.

The first residents promised to invest 86,7 billion rubles into the region - one third of all investments expected after the creation of the TOP in August 2019. The launch of enterprises, the owners of which have already signed agreements on accession to the TOP, will allow creating in the region of 3,7 thousand jobs out of nine thousand planned. The owner of Komsomolets Plezavod, a member of the Board of the Trans-Baikal Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Valery Nagel, notes that his company decided to become a resident in order to solve the logistics problem for himself.

“We agree on the construction of infrastructure at the expense of the state budget for the future of our own elevator with a railway line. Its estimated cost is 600 million rubles, of the elevator itself - 1,3 billion rubles. We want to build it in stages, it is large, designed for 180 thousand tons of one-time storage. There are only a few such large capacities in the Far East, and they are sorely lacking for export trade, ”notes Valery Nagel.

According to the entrepreneur, one of the farms is located 40 km from the border crossing to China. There you can put a funded terminal and sell crop products in China. The Chinese are also interested in buying not one or two, but 10-20 wagons.

“Logistics will be gorgeous - grown, removed and immediately sold for export. This, of course, is not easy: there is no electricity, communications, engineering infrastructure in general. But I believe that this is a solvable problem, therefore, we will focus on creating an elevator in the TOP, ”said Valery Nagel.


Do not withhold subsidy

Transbaikalia, as a region, as part of the Far Eastern Federal District, is provided with a single subsidy for which 58 ambulances, 40 passenger buses, 400 children's and sports grounds, as well as 73 doctors received ownership of housing. This has never happened in Transbaikalia - about ten billion rubles are planned to be spent on the development of the social sphere in three years. As part of the social development plan for the centers of economic growth in the region, 79 events will be implemented.

Alexei Saklakov, a deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Trans-Baikal Territory, summing up the results of the Trans-Baikal year in the Far Eastern Federal District, noted that he estimates all the changes in the region as positive and aimed at improving the quality of life.

“As a doctor, I especially want to note the events that will significantly improve the quality and accessibility of medical care, especially its primary health care. 58 new ambulances have already been received, the first housewarming parties have passed in the apartments bought for doctors, new FAPs are being put into operation (there will be more than 2019 by the end of the 30 year), the latest medical equipment for district and regional hospitals has been purchased. I’ll also mention the advantages that clearly make the life of people in Transbaikalia much better: about 200 km of roads have been repaired, flights are subsidized, an “electronic visa” has been introduced for guests of the region who come to us from other countries. Our compatriots have high hopes for the Far Eastern Hectare and for preferential mortgages at 2%, ”commented Alexey Saklakov.

However, there are negative trends that persisted in the region even after joining the Far Eastern Federal District. So, from the statistical information on the socio-economic situation of the Trans-Baikal Territory in January-September 2019, provided by the territorial body of the Federal State Statistics Service for the Trans-Baikal Territory, it can be seen that there are negative data in the region for a number of socio-economic indicators.

So, the permanent population of the region on 1 October 2019 year amounted to 1061,9 thousand people. The number of births in January-September of this year compared to the corresponding period of 2018 of the year decreased by 6,2%, deaths, on the contrary, increased by 0,5%. The natural population decline was 363 people. The number of departures exceeded the number of people arriving at 3 567. The volume of agricultural production of all agricultural producers in January-September of 2019 amounted to 16,2 billion rubles, which is 3,2% less than in the same period of 2018.


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