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Literary breakthrough

Vishnyakov Prize will reach the level of the Far East

Literary breakthrough

This week, the awarding ceremony of the jubilee tenth prize of the governor of the Trans-Baikal Territory named after M. E. Vishnyakova in the field of literature. It was in the anniversary year that the organizers of the award decided to expand its substantial and geographical boundaries.

“This year we had only five applicants. We were forced to prevent one of them from participating in the competitive selection due to the fact that he violated the application procedure, but four competitors reached the final point and the jury selected the most worthy one. The discussion was stormy, the votes were distributed between the two main applicants, but in the end, preference was given to the author, whose works conquer their sunshine, Tatyana Tsympilova, Minister of Culture of the Trans-Baikal Territory, said in an interview with reporters from the regional media. - Let the works in the book presented for the contest be different in character, but through each of them, as if a ray of sunlight passes. I believe that this was the basis for the jury to award the victory to this particular author. ”

At the award ceremony, the audience did not languish for a long time and the name of the laureate was named. The winner of the gubernatorial prize was the Trans-Baikal writer, member of the Union of Writers of Russia Elena Chubenko for the collection of works “Kissed by the Sun."

“This edition includes my stories and two plays that I wrote for the Uletovsky Theater, in which I play myself, and now I also write for him. In addition to the story "Kissed by the Sun", which had a wonderful creative fate - this year a film was made on it, my favorite is the story "I was waiting for you, Motya." This is a story about how my grandmother fell ill and went to the hospital, and grandfather was waiting for her. The experiences of the hero until his wife returns and are reflected in the story. I think that when reading it, many people recall their own old people. In general, I like to write about the old people most of all, ”said Elena Chubenko.

The writer noted that she submitted her works to the competition for the third time. The first was her book, “This is how we live,” which the jury found more journalistic than fiction. Last year, the author presented the work “On the Sea-Oskiyan”, which is also included in the new collection “Kissed by the Sun”. As Elena Chubenko jokingly says, she took the victory by starvation, although she did not expect that luck would smile at her.

“Thank you so much for your recognition! - said Elena Chubenko from the stage. - Once, for the first time, I saw how the prize was awarded to the remarkable writer Oleg Dimov. I sat in the hall and, despite the fact that I was already a rather elderly man, I considered this author a celestial. At the end of the 80's, I read his first book, Routes along the Bright River, and fell in love with this writer completely recklessly. When it dawned on me in the audience that this was the same Dimov, I was in seventh heaven with happiness. I wish that today someone in this room was also happy to see me on stage. ”

As Tatyana Tsympilova noted in her congratulatory speech. The Governor's Prize named after the outstanding Trans-Baikal poet Mikhail Vishnyakov is an already established brand of the region.

“It is very exciting to be present at the award ceremony named after our talented man with a huge heart, a true Transbaikal. Perhaps this is the most intriguing and long-awaited event of our literary holiday "Trans-Baikal Autumn," the Minister of Culture noted. - Our task is not only to keep the prize, but also to make it reach the level of at least the Far Eastern Federal District. In this regard, we plan already in 2019 to amend the provisions on the award. We want to expand not only its substantial, but also geographical borders, so that authors from not only Transbaikalia, but also the entire Far Eastern Federal District can take part in it. Therefore, I urge our eminent and young writers to make great efforts and to please us with new works next year that will glorify our beloved land in the Far Eastern space. ”

The first governor of the Trans-Baikal Territory Ravil Geniatulin, who ten years ago stood at the origins of the award, supported this idea.

“The presentation of the prize is a real celebration of Transbaikal literature, the strength of the bark in continuity. It’s great that a new generation of authors has grown up continuing the work of our classics, ”said Ravil Geniatulin. “I agree that the format of the award needs to be expanded and we need to think about improving its position.”

The chairman of the award, the poet’s daughter, Iya Tolstova-Vishnyakova, also expressed hope that the award could be brought to the Far Eastern level.

“Our award will gain its status and name on a large scale. Then, authors who live not only in Transbaikalia, but also in other subjects of the Far East will be able to receive an award and recognition. The main thing is that their works tell about Transbaikalia, its inhabitants, nature, features, and also preserve the literary foundations laid down by Mikhail Evseevich Vishnyakov, ”noted Iya Tolstova-Vishnyakova.

She presented the prize at the presentation of the all-Russian literary award "Far East" named after Vladimir Arsenyev, which took place in Chita as part of the Region-Media-2019 media festival. The curator of the Far East Prize Vyacheslav Konovalov, leading critic of young prose Andrei Rudalyov and prose writer Vadim Leventhal expressed their admiration for the fact that such a cultural phenomenon exists in Transbaikalia and has its own established traditions. In different years, authors became winners of the prize, whose names are now not only in the Transbaikalia: Boris Makarov, Oleg Dimov, Vyacheslav Vyunov, Nikolai Yaroslavtsev, Valentina Trukhina, Yuri Kurtz, Gennady Andryuk, Oleg Petrov.

According to prose writer Vadim Leventhal, today prizes are an essential element of the literary process. Critics, bookstore owners, and readers are largely guided by the results of the awards.

“We can say that if there is no prize, then there is no literary picture of the region, the city,” the writer believes.

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