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"Literature begins when they publish books"

Writer Konstantin Dmitrienko about how you can earn preferences for literature in Vladivostok

Two years ago Vladivostok poet, writer and head of his own independent publishing house Niding.publ.UnLTd. Konstantin Dmitrienko independently released his work "The Story of a Scarecrow, Tiger Hat and Small Paris". And this autumn the book was published in the largest Russian publishing house "Eksmo" and according to the forecasts of critics it will become a bestseller. What does Dmitrienko think about Vladivostok literary environment and why he independently publishes his own and other people's books - in the material from the series "Unsuccessful".

"Literature begins when they publish books"
Konstantin Dmitrienko - native Far East: was born in Blagoveshchensk, for a long time he lived in a small Amur city of Zeya. From there, in 1982, I came to Vladivostok to study at the Biology and Soil Faculty of the Far Eastern State University. The training was not finished and at the beginning of the 90-ies he returned to Blagoveshchensk, where he first started working as a journalist in a local newspaper. Then he went back to his native Zeya and worked for a while on a small municipal television.
- I published my first book in Vladivostok in the spring of 1991, before returning to Blagoveshchensk. It was a collection of poetry, Connaught Autumn Wind and Hoo Bird. And the next one already only in 2006 - "Impossibility of adaptation: false premises". It was from this time that I began to gradually publish texts by other authors, - recalls Konstantin Dmitrienko. - Then, in Vladivostok, a circle of like-minded people related to literature had already formed, and at the first stage I offered them to publish their texts. And when we had already built up a certain muscle, the authors themselves began to contact me.
In 2014, under the leadership of Konstantin Dmitrienko, an independent publishing project Niding.publ.UnLTd appeared in Vladivostok. Over the past four years, this small publishing house has produced more than 120 small-format books written by authors from Vladivostok, the Amur Region, the Khabarovsk and Krasnoyarsk Krais, former Far Easterners who moved to Moscow and St. Petersburg, and even authors living in Ukraine, Uzbekistan, China , Germany and the USA.
“We understand perfectly well that poetry is a matter for young people who believe that they can change something with a word. However, among my authors are not only young people. For example, I published one of the oldest poets of Vladivostok, perhaps the last peasant poet who survived the collectivization as a child, Alexander Egorov, ”says Konstantin. - Until recently, every last Thursday of the month I distributed the published books in the Chkalov bar. It came out to ten pieces. But in the autumn this institution was closed and I have not yet found a new place for presentations.
In February 2015, Konstantin Dmitrienko established his own literary award "Nugget". And since then, once a year, he is one of the authors who published a book in the publishing house Niding.publ.UnLTd, awards a gold nugget 927 sample, weighing 2,72 grams.
- I have strong authors in many regions. For example, the poetic postmodernist from the Moscow region Konstantin Dolmatov. But so far I give the award only to those who live in Vladivostok, because to bring a person from another city, there is no possibility. My friend, the Far East, who now lives in Magadan, sends me every year a small golden nugget for this purpose.
At the beginning of December in Vladivostok in the library "BUK" and the bookstore "Vladkniga" there was a presentation of the book by Konstantin Dmitrienko "The Tale of the Effigy, Tiger Cap and Lesser Paris". In November, it was published in the largest Russian publishing house, Eksmo, and according to critics' forecasts, it will become a bestseller.
- The fact that she is a bestseller is a publisher's policy. When I wrote it, I did not dare count on it. Two years ago I myself published this book and sent it to Maxim Nemtsov (Russian translator, editor - EastRussia), he read it and offered it to several publishing houses. That's thanks to him about me and learned from Moscow publishers. Of course, I really want the book to be sold, read and evaluated, - says Dmitrienko.
In his opinion, in order for regional authors to attract the attention of Moscow publishers, one must write a lot, publish in local publishing houses and invest their money in publishing not only their own texts, but also books of other authors.
- There is such a thing as literary life. That's why I publish more or less known or unknown authors who live in Vladivostok. Starting with 90 cities, we had literary associations in our city, communities of local poets, - says Dmitrienko. - Many have got used to be guided only by Moscow and St.-Petersburg, as a last resort - on Ekaterinburg. But the great Russian literature is also a huge mosaic painting, which should consist not only of a dozen Moscow schools, but also of the Primorsky, Amur, Transbaikalian literature, and so on. Literature begins when they publish books. And the more books are published, with different levels, the more likely that the literary life will develop. In Vladivostok, we are trying to form a literary environment now, in order to feel comfortable, to realize that not only we are looking at the capital, but it is also on us.
According to Konstantin Dmitrienko, there are recognized worthy authors in Vladivostok - Vasily Avchenko, Laura Beloivan, Evgeniy Mamontov. And it is unclear why the local authorities do not pay absolutely no attention to the development of literary projects and the writers themselves. Dmitrienko believes that in literature you can earn excellent preferences for the region.
"But I do not think it's worth sticking to what is missing in the city for a better life," he says. - Someone does not have enough good asphalt on the roads, another - snow in November. It all does not matter. You just need to work, make the city comfortable for yourself. "... Vladivostok is far away, but the city is something nashensky ..." And I love this place, I feel free here. I will continue to write and develop my project.
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