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Digitized forest

Forest areas in Transbaikalia will be placed on an electronic site

Forests of the Far East will be digitized and placed on a special electronic platform. This idea was proposed by Deputy Prime Minister and Presidential Envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District, Yuri Trutnev, at a meeting on the development of timber processing capacities in the Far East and work on digitalization of the forest industry. The initiative will affect the forests of Transbaikalia.

Digitized forest

“We propose to conduct an experiment in the Far East and introduce a new forestry management system based on space monitoring data. We also proceed from the fact that the sale of forest land should be transparent, and forest land sold only through the exchange. We will propose to introduce this system in the Far East, to monitor its effectiveness. If it works well, we will offer to extend it to other territories of Russia, ”said Yuri Trutnev.

In his opinion, one of the tools for solving a number of acute industry problems may be the digital platform Lesvostok.rf, which is being developed by the Far East Development Fund (FRDV), based on the successful experience of digitalization of the aquaculture sector. According to the Director General of the Fund, Alexei Chekunkov, the service is created in the interests of three groups of users: investors, the state and market participants. It will consist of four main blocks: an interactive map with up-to-date data on available forest resources, an electronic trading platform for the distribution of rights to use forest plots through an auction, an electronic “exchange” of goods and services, and a “digital wood passport”.

According to Alexei Chekunkov, using an electronic card, any investor will be able to select the forest of interest to him and send an application for the provision of land for use to the authorized body. Instead of manual and eye methods, and paper maps, satellite data and computer analysis will be used. Instead of closed and opaque allocation mechanisms, open online auctions will be introduced. Transferring all transactions with industry products to a single exchange platform and the introduction of an electronic wood passport will increase budget revenues and significantly hamper the functioning of the gray and black markets.

Earlier, at one of the meetings on the development of the forest industry of the region of the interim governor, Alexander Osipov noted that the approach to working in the forest management system must be radically changed.

“It is necessary to radically reorganize all the work and redirect all the money, and all this bureaucratic part that could not generate anything here, except for the mass of questions and claims to them, was completely overthrown. If it is possible with these people, then reconfigure their work, if these people are not able to do something, others will come, ”said Alexander Osipov.


The head of the region set a number of tasks: to know what is happening in the supervised industry, to give resources into the hands of reliable users, to be prepared for fires and to conduct effective reforestation.

Alexander Osipov called the reports made by representatives of the Ministry of Natural Resources bureaucratic fuss.

He also said that the region, instead of effectively using this valuable resource, distributed it “in such a way that the region will deal with the negative consequences for decades - restore roads, forests”, seek investors and solve problems of people who are not busy.

According to Alexander Osipov, logging in the region is a traditional and voluminous industry. Another question is that transparent and favorable conditions must be made in this industry: for everything to be done according to the law, taxes should be paid, official salaries should be made, timber turnover was legal. For those who work dishonestly, it is necessary to create the conditions for the inevitable "exit from the shadows."

“So far, no one can give an exact figure for the number of violators. Recently, we decided to start special research work, which will be carried out up to the level of each rental site. To say with confidence: on the basis of signals from places, unscrupulous, not quite legitimate and poorly organized enterprises in Transbaikalia, there are more than enough, ”said Alexander Osipov.

The head of the region also stated the need to update and strengthen the material and technical base of forest conservation enterprises. The renewed park will reduce the volume of poaching and illegal logging, make it possible to prevent fires - to inform the Ministry of Emergency Situations in time about fires.

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