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"Easy to climb, warm to minus 50"

How "Warm Edge" decided to win the Yakut market of windows and sandwich panels

To build a business based on the experience that tempered the entrepreneurial spirit, tested for strength is easier than starting from scratch, especially if it can be done with a bonus-state support. On how the needs of the northerners in the warmth and comfort of entrepreneurs from Yakutia can win the market - on the example of the company "Warm edge", resident of the TOP Kangalassy, ​​in the material EastRussia.

"Easy to climb, warm to minus 50"
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The business started with the company "Okna Yakutsk", when the young people decided to engage in the sale and installation of finished windows from Novosibirsk. The staff was small: five people. Business developed, but competition also grew, as in Yakutsk the fashion for the so-called "European windows" came. After a year and a half, 30 worked in the company, and it became clear that at this level it is possible to get stuck. Then the idea came about the development of its production of windows.

"Entering the market with a similar technology means being like everyone without a competitive advantage. Therefore, we decided to introduce modern technology - "warm edge". It provided for the use of only two basic elements - glass and special tape, which greatly accelerated the process. Production of a single glass unit took only five minutes, "- says the head of" Warm edge "Ltd. Nurguistan Ivanov.

Initially, the production volume was small - 150-200 windows per month. And, maybe, the history of the company would have developed differently if it had not fallen under the wing of the technopark "Yakutia" in 2013  
year. The conditions of the technopark allowed to purchase modern equipment and to expand production on innovative technology, with the help of which they managed to occupy 20% of the market of double-glazed windows production in the capital of the republic.

In 2016, becoming a resident of the industrial park "Kangalassy", entrepreneurs received an investment of 35 million rubles. In November 2017, "Warm Region" opened a production base on the site "Kapitonovka", within a short time all equipment was delivered and installed, production started.

During the implementation of the project, the range was expanded - the “bonuses” that the company received as a resident allowed it to launch two new areas: the production of sandwich panels and metal structures. Now the production of sandwich panels has already reached the planned capacity. It is expected that the production of steel structures will reach targets in 2018. “For the construction of a large production building, we had to purchase over three thousand square meters of materials. The purchase and delivery costs were serious costs, we thought - "Why not do it ourselves?" This is how new directions appeared, ”says Nyurgustan Ivanov. 

In 2017, entrepreneurs produced more than five thousand plastic windows and 140 thousand square meters of sandwich panels. “We plan to produce more than 150 tons of metal structures per season, in the future we will increase production to 400-500 tons,” the company is confident. - Today the products are sold in Yakutsk and in the regions. In the coming year, we want to expand the sales market throughout the republic, including the northern regions. " 

Prices from a local manufacturer are reasonable. For example, the construction of a garage of 6x7 meters will cost individuals 125 rubles. In winter, the company has its own "trick" - free delivery to nearby areas. The company emphasizes that it is more profitable than building a garage from traditional raw materials, and less laborious. 

Also, the panels have high energy efficiency: drowning wooden garages or from sandwich panels means saving twice. By orders of companies and enterprises "Warm Krai" is building large production bases, warehouses, workshops. Due to the fact that the panels are large, but light, the issue of transportation does not affect the budget so much. "There would be some other material, we would have to deliver to KamAZ. The situation is saved by the convenience of our material. We bought a six-meter UAZ-Gazel for all production, which spends fuel almost like a jeep, "the head of the enterprise rejoices.

"People in Yakutia like to order, based on the experience of their friends - colleagues, relatives. The fact that the region is small, very much helps in the promotion of our services. For example, compared to other regions, the not so populous Amhinsky district of Yakutia made the most orders for the year. Because the more you build and work with people, the "good words" about the company reach the audience more quickly, "entrepreneurs say.
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