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Icing Through the Looking Glass

10 reasons to go to Kamchatka

Want to turn a traditional winter into an unforgettable adventure? The Pacific coast, fascinating volcanoes, hot springs, ice hotels, sparkling ski slopes - all this is the peninsula of Kamchatka. The reasons for visiting here are endless; the popular Far Eastern blogger Dmitry @Oktagon Kulikov shared with EastRussia only a few.

Icing Through the Looking Glass
Photo: Dmitry Kulikov
1. Cheer up and get better
Perhaps, one of the most important winter sights of Kamchatka is hot springs. Anyone who has ever experienced what it is like to get out of the hot water into the frost and wipe with fresh snow will never forget their sensations. A few dozen kilometers from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, several large springs and backwaters can be found in the Paratunka river valley, and several recreation centers are nearby. Local thermal waters are varied in chemical composition and temperature. Many abandoned sanatoria restore, for example, a large health complex in the village of Nachiki.

2. See volcanoes
Volcanoes are a visiting card of Kamchatka. In the city you can see several volcanoes, you can even not go anywhere. And if you want to admire closer or even climb up - dare! The easiest way to get to the tops in winter is a snowmobile tour. Many travel agencies offer such entertainment. Who does not want to operate the snowmobile on his own, can take the place of the passenger behind the helmsman or sit down in backgammon.

3. Conquer the summit
Mountain skiers and snowboarders from all over the world dream to conquer the slopes of Kamchatka volcanoes. At the top you can get on a snowmobile or helicopter - the so-called heliski, an expensive, but exciting entertainment, so popular today.
And the most extreme and time-consuming method is climbing, followed by skiing or board. There are also ski resorts in Kamchatka, the largest one is “Frosty”, in the suburb of Elizovo. In addition to the ski lifts, she has and chair. The second largest base - "Red Hill" - is located in the suburbs of the Kamchatka capital, here is the ski lift.

4. Tame the wave
Few people know, but Kamchatka is a great place for surfing. They say that even foreigners are imbued with so-called Siberian surfing and regularly come to check themselves for strength. Of course, the water here is cold, but there is always a wave!

5. Sleep in the snow
A new trend in Kamchatka is overnight in the iglu hotel. Enthusiasts and famous climbers are building a small settlement from snowy houses of a needle. Instead of the usual blankets - natural skins and modern sleeping bags. The ice bar completes the atmosphere of the snow kingdom. And most importantly, nothing reminiscent of civilization.

6. Ride dog sledding
This must be done necessarily! You can perform both as a passenger and as a crook - the driver of dogs. Special bases offer not only to ride, but also to communicate with wonderful husky and husky. A special impression is made by "mimic" puppies, who burst into loud bark at the sight of the guests. After the walk you will be introduced to shamanic rituals or dances of local nationalities.

7. Watch the Steller's sea lion
Sivuchi - large fur seals that live in the northern seas. For their wintering, a group of these animals of several dozen individuals selected the seaport of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, a rather rare example of such close proximity. Literally in the center of the city, tourists each winter watch large sea mammals basking in the sun.

8. Participate in ice fishing
Even if you are not a fan of fishing, chances are, the excitement will come in the process. You will begin to ask the traditional questions of the beginner: and how to choose a place for an ice hole? How many it is necessary to sit near the hole? why put up a tent? And when it starts to peck so that you will not be able to fold the booty, you will immediately promise yourself to return more than once.

9. Scout the red fish
If you want to learn how to distinguish caviar from caviar and sockeye caviar, be sure to go to the local fish market. You will not find such a variety of salmon anywhere. When dining at a cafe, be sure to order a halibut steak; Winter is the season for this fish, it is very fresh and smells like cucumbers.

10. Breathe in a new way
Settled on a suburban base, you will find out what crystal clear air is. It is impossible to convey in words. They can not breathe. Snow-white drifts around - this is a real fairy tale. You can start with a game of snowballs, and finish building a fortress or jumping on a snowy feather bed.
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