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Laboratory of Success

Palmyra Mibonia, deputy head of the construction laboratory of the branch "Cosmodrome" Vostochny "Dalspetsstroy

Laboratory of Success

The spaceport is a zone of increased danger and responsibility. There are also high-pressure gases, and fire and explosive substances, and noise and vibration. All these features are taken into account both at the design stage and during construction. As a rule, for such objects, advanced materials, the most durable and resistant to aggressive media, are chosen.

To control the quality of materials and technological processes in 2012, a construction laboratory was established on the basis of the branch "Kosmodrom" Vostochny "in Dal'spetsstroi. A well-coordinated team of professionals works here.

Palmyra Mibonia, deputy head of the construction laboratory of the branch "Cosmodrome Vostochny" Dalspetsstroy, came to the construction of the East one of the first.

Palmyra Mibonia: "When I first arrived at the cosmodrome, on the spot where today we see the starting construction, there was only a pit. On the special machine we descended to the very bottom. The stability, the coefficient of soil compaction at each horizon was estimated. Before pouring the foundation of the launch facility, the ground was checked using the cutting ring method and the stamp method. Work is not easy. Around the dust and dirt, and we, dressed as cosmonauts before launch, check every inch of the earth. A large laboratory, which we see now, was not there yet, there was one caravan. "

Today, the laboratory has created all the conditions for conducting non-destructive and destructive testing. In the laboratory, the input control of inert materials, operating, shock-pulse, ultrasonic and destructive testing is carried out. The specialists have basic diagnostic methods, they can, if necessary, determine the "quality" of the material and its technical characteristics no worse than the device. In the archive, which is maintained since the beginning of construction, there are conclusions confirming the increased safety margin of all materials.

Palmyra Mibonia perfected her difficult profession at sites of federal significance: the Bureyskaya HPP, bridges and roads of the Far East. But, according to her, none of these projects compares with the East.

“It is interesting to work here, as the construction volumes at the Eastern Cosmodrome are colossal. We check the composition of concrete and inert materials: soil, sand, crushed stone, as well as the consumption of cement and its safety margin. For the first time, such types of tests were carried out as the verification of cellular blocks. This type of diagnostics is necessary before mounting the facade system. ”

Without a special conclusion confirming the frost resistance, water resistance and strength of materials, the new stage of construction does not begin. Control of concrete mixes is carried out on applications on the first day of pouring, after a month and upon delivery of the object.

“Up to a year, 5 receives thousands of applications for testing with destructive and non-destructive testing. Only in one month are tested for strength 1400 concrete samples. "

The dynamics of work at the sites was reflected in the work of the laboratory. The most difficult period was when there were round-the-clock pouring of concrete on one of the most important sites - the starting construction. At the same time, several operations were carried out. At night, the laboratory staff monitored the quality of the pouring - the intensity of the concrete supply, the laying by the vibrating roller, and in the morning they checked the samples for moisture, inertness, mobility and density.

"Another not less interesting example is the technical complex. In the assembly and testing building of the spacecraft only two floors we checked for four days. An ultrasonic device evaluated the thickness of the paint layer on each metal structure. The work was carried out on a special aerial platform that raised us to the desired height. "

Often one product is tested in different ways and with the participation of specialists from several laboratories. So, when testing for the tightness of water storage tanks with the volume of 400 cubic meters, four methods were used. The vertical seam was checked by X-ray gamma-graphing, the hatch - ultrasonic and capillary control, the bottom - vacuum. The welded seams at the base of the highest construction of the cosmodrome - lightning arresters also passed the quality control of the laboratory of PPP # 723 Dalspetsstroi.

According to Palmyra of Miobonia, the whole laboratory is now waiting for a joyful event - the first launch: "From the very beginning, we observed how the construction progressed dynamically. You will leave the watch for two weeks, and when you come back, you will not even recognize objects - such dramatic changes took place. "

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