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Labyrinths of the cosmodrome

Dmitry Mironov, Acting Chief of the Construction Department No. 718, branch of Dalspetsstroi

Labyrinths of the cosmodrome

Precisely the vessels that feed the human heart are equipped with engineering networks that ensure the viability of the first civilian cosmodrome in Russia. Dozens and dozens of networks are integrated into a complex multi-level system. For the creation of the engineering potential of the cosmodrome, the construction department No.718 is responsible. At present, this branch of Dalspetsstroy Dmitry Mironov (one of the chiefs) is one of the youngest heads of departments. 

At the Vostochny cosmodrome, SU specialists No. 718 were transferred in 2013. Dmitry Mironov recalls, then at the “start” (starting structure) there was a pit and a plate at the level of minus 20 meters. By that time there was a clear confidence in their abilities, because behind them, as they say, fire-water and gas pipes. The construction of the most complex special-purpose facilities, including gas pipelines, and this is the core activity of SU No. XXUMX, can hardly be called a simple task.

"To work in the taiga, gnus, winter frost welders and installers are not accustomed to - says Dmitry Mironov. At the cosmodrome it was necessary to descend in the literal sense - under the ground. We were instructed to do jewelry work - to lay engineering networks in communication tunnels. Under the starting complex from prying eyes a total of more than 20 kilometers of engineering moves are hidden. It's very responsible - you need to do your job, but do not break the finish. "

In total, within the framework of the launch complex, more than 56 km of inter-site and in-site networks have been laid by specialists of Dalspetsstroi. These are the networks of household and drinking water pipelines laid in heated passages, and networks of external fire water supply. In addition, thermal and inter-site electrical networks are laid.

The task of the builders was set clearly - to mount the heat and water supply networks, to lay the electricity supply networks and low-voltage networks, to organize the possibility for supplying compressed air and liquid nitrogen. At the same time, the underground labyrinths of the cosmodrome can not be called spacious - the height of the tunnel under the launch complex 2,7 meters, width about 2-meters. Brigade welders do not turn around.

Dmitry Mironov laughs: “you won't drive a crane under the ground! Out of position - have equipped their mechanism - moved the pipe with manual winches. And to meet the deadline came up with a kind of conveyor. Brigades were allowed literally one after another: one team cooks pipes for heat supply, followed by water supply, and after it - cold supply. Snooping in such conditions works just amazing. "

For three and a half months, all the moves were completed, and the installers themselves began to call themselves dungeon children.

Another pride and victory of specialists of the SU №718 - water intake station №1. That it is the main supplier of drinking and industrial water to the starting and technical complex. At the moment, this is one of the most modern facilities in Russia in terms of technical characteristics and applied innovations.

"The water requirements for the launch complex are very strict, the equipment is delicate, and even such technologies have not been used in our country," says Dmitri Mironov. "The engineers, the site managers gathered together and studied and searched for the best ways to implement the project. After all, we had to bring water to the start. And we filed. "

Any difficulties are surmountable, assures the head of the department, from them only the team spirit becomes stronger.

“This construction gave us a lot,” says Dmitry Mironov - the management has always been considered welding and assembly work, and we had a mediocre attitude to general construction works, such as concrete, finishing, installation of cable and switchboard products. Here they were encountered for the first time. Now I speak with confidence, I am ready to vouch for each employee and for the quality of his work ”.

Employees of 718-go are involved in many objects of the spaceport Vostochny. Thermal networks and refueling section of the PSEB, heat networks and boiler complex No.2 of the technical complex, TUA storage facility, pumping station of circulating water supply, refrigeration center, storage facility and other facilities.

"All the engineering systems implemented at these facilities are tested and workable, no welding seams have failed," says Dmitry Mironov confidently - after launching the missile, while on the Eastern President of Russia Vladimir Putin approached the workers who were present at the launch. There, by the way, was an employee of our company. This says a lot, Vladimir Vladimirovich twice approached and shook hands with the builders. It is expensive".

Construction Department # 718 is in good standing with the management. Mironov has 487 people under his command. But the young leader does not have enough stars from the sky. He says that everything is in order with self-criticism and is not ready to praise himself. But there are healthy ambitions, aspirations and a great desire to work. By the way, it is in Dalspetsstroy. There is no larger enterprise in the Far East, Dmitry Mironov is sure - times are different, and Dalspetsstroy definitely has a great future. Dmitry Anatolyevich does not separate his future from Dalspetsstroy. Nowadays, a young leader spends more in the workplace than at home.

"It's easier to calculate how much time I spend at home. If it turns out, then only for a week and a half months. At home, of course, I miss. Now the missile has been launched, but it does not say anything. We still have a water intake for Tsiolkovsky, 27-th residential house for 125 apartments, work on a complex for storing rocket fuel. 28 April we did not stop. We are working. We are working. Relatives are treated with understanding, because we are building a cosmodrome. I still have time to rest. "

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