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Housing issues in Buryatia

Features of housing financial literacy discussed in Ulan-Ude

The experts of the information portal Zhilfin.rf (within the framework of the project of the Ministry of Finance of Russia on financial literacy) told the owners and tenants of housing, as well as specialists from state and municipal authorities, organizations of housing and communal services of Buryatia about the main features of housing literacy. Separate special events were organized for them in Ulan-Ude. Experts talked about the intricacies of ownership and management of residential real estate, mortgage lending and the "Far Eastern hectare", advised how to organize an HOA and how to find a council for a debtor neighbor.

Housing issues in Buryatia
Special project Financial literacy

Neighborhood affairs

The event participants were interested in who should repair the equipment in the apartment, if it is rented out. Often, management companies or HOAs chairpersons have to pay for work, as tenants refuse to pay for other people's property, and owners do not get in touch.

“The burden of maintaining the apartment lies with the owner. In any accident, claims are brought not against the tenants, but against the owners. We need to find out who the owners are and use the legal mechanisms of recovery, ”said Lola Kirillova, a practicing lawyer and project expert at Zhilfin.rf.

Chairman of the Public Chamber of the Kaliningrad Region, project expert Zhilfin.rf Olga Arintseva advised to inform the tax authorities about the delivery of the apartment without paying taxes. So you can find a council for a neighbor who rents an apartment, makes a profit, but does not want to support it. You can also contact the Department of the FMS, if the housing is rented to migrants.

Debts and Owners

The participants were interested in how to deal with the tenant of the apartment received on social security, which had accumulated huge debts on utility bills. As the experts explained, such a debtor can be evicted, but in return they are obliged to provide him with other housing, even if it’s not comfortable. Since the owner of the property, for example, the municipality, is responsible for the maintenance of the housing, he must be responsible for the debts due to which the whole house may suffer.

“In fact, his inaction regarding the one to whom the municipality provided housing, it damages all the co-owners in the house. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out a chain of events in order to bring to the owner - or let him influence the employers, change some rules of social security accommodation, ”said Olga Arintseva.

Far East hectare

Since August this year, the Far Eastern Hectare program has been launched in Buryatia. Part of the residents immediately registered the allotments, others fear: it is not clear whether this program has prospects and guarantees that the land will remain in ownership.

“It is difficult to talk about the prospects, but the state is investing money in the program, and sooner or later it will bear fruit. Speaking from the point of view of the legal mechanism, nobody immediately gives the land ownership: it is necessary to prove that the recipient uses the land and invests something in it. The negative consequences when someone takes land for investment and then shares it for individual housing construction are not for the state, it will only benefit if there are more people in the Far East, ”explained Lolla Kirillova.

According to her, now the owners of the "Far Eastern hectares" do not risk anything, because after they become owners of the site, they will only pay property tax. Another expense - investing in your business or building a house - no more investments are needed. These investments will be proof of the use of a hectare. And the state and local authorities should help in creating social infrastructure.

“Personally, I would like to take a hectare in the Vladivostok area. I heard that there is an amazing climate there at certain times of the year. But I can not invest. Therefore, it is everyone’s personal business to draw up a hectare or not, ”said Lolla Kirillova.

Now for many, incentives for the design of the site may turn out to be soft loans for housing and doing business on the “Far Eastern hectare”. Therefore, experts advise residents of Buryatia to take a hectare now - so far only local residents claim for attractive land. Soon any Russian will be able to apply for an allotment in the Baikal region.

Within the framework of the Zhilfin project, similar educational events will be held in other cities of the Far East. As a result of the work, a seminar will be held in one of the cities of the Far Eastern Federal District.

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