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Development course

The Nevelsk seaport is an example of how, literally in a few years, an enterprise from ruins turns into one of the main transport centers of the region, returning the status of a strategically important region for the region

Sea gate of Nevelsk overcame the crisis 90-x and started 2000-x years in a pretty shabby condition. When in 2012 the company "Miner-2" became the operator of three berths of the port, it got only the remnants of the former infrastructure. The structures and equipment of the harbor were literally destroyed, in places the wear and tear reached 90 percent. From the same year, an active rise and restoration of the city-forming enterprise began.

Development course
Coal saved the situation. After major investments and two years of repair and restoration work, a coal terminal was launched here. Solid Sakhalin fuel is actively exported to China, Japan and Korea. So, for example, this year it is planned to ship more than 400 thousand tons of coal through the Nevelsky port.

The first success became a springboard for further development - in the near future, the harbor on the western coast of Sakhalin will once again become universal, as it was intended.

The implementation of the investment project for the development of the Nevelskoy port by 2025 will allow reaching an annual cargo turnover of 4 million tons. This includes universal and coal terminals, a promising supply base for offshore projects with a capacity of up to 750 thousand tons and its own cargo fleet with a total deadweight of 15 thousand tons.

The operator has already invested over 700 million rubles in the port, and this process will continue in the future. Deepening the bottom of the harbor area is a costly but extremely important goal. These needs require about one and a half billion rubles, but the effect will be huge - large ships with a draft of up to nine meters will be able to moor to the shore. This will significantly increase the speed of cargo handling and provide an opportunity to develop support for construction and offshore projects. Nevelsk is especially good for these purposes - an ice-free and protected harbor. The restoration of its own port oil depot, which will start working early next year, is nearing completion.

I would like to express special gratitude to the Government of the Sakhalin Region, the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, the Far East Development Fund for all-round support of the investment project for the development of the Nevelskoy port. Without their participation, it would be very difficult to implement our plans, ”said Dmitry Kurbatov, Deputy Head of Nevelsky Sea Port JSC. As a resident of the Nevelsk region, I would like to add that more than 100 people are already employed in the state of the Nevelsk port. This is a close-knit team of professionals capable of solving the most complex production problems in our difficult time. Next year it is planned to increase the number of employees by another 150 jobs. This is quite significant for a city with a population of 10 thousand people. I would like to add that only residents of the Sakhalin Region work for us, mainly from the Nevelsky District, and there are more and more job seekers here every day.

It is planned to remove the coal terminal with a capacity of 2,5 million tons outside the city. The main criterion for this decision is not the economy, but the environment. However, even today, work in the port does not threaten the townspeople. Daily emission control and a “dry fog” dust suppression system ensure that there is no harm to health in Nevelchan. Nature also helps - meteorological data say that the west wind blows steadily here no more than 20 days a year.

Despite the numerous difficulties that our young enterprise is facing, I have not a single drop of doubt that the Nevelsky port in the near future will become one of the pillars of the economic and social development of the Sakhalin Region, opening up new opportunities for our region in the field of international trade, industry and tourism.

Information on the functioning and ecology of the Nevelskoy seaport:

Since 1936, the cargo berths of the Nevelskoy port have been handling coal, timber, fish products and other cargo. The port also acted as a supply base for the Kuril Islands. Therefore, one cannot say that at some point coal miners ousted the fishermen. Since 2015, the transshipment of timber and cement and other goods has been carried out here.
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