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Cultural Autumn

Residents of the Far Eastern remote region are hard to surprise: temperature drops here are one of the most extreme, almost all grow, wild animals saw every second; The only thing that people do not have is cultural communication.

Someone compensates for the lack of cultural communication on vacation, someone - by moving, but someone, as they say, without options. The Amur region stands apart among all the subjects far from the center - there, back in 2003, a festival appeared, which is now one of the three (!) Largest Russian, and you will not see the star cast of artists coming here everywhere - "Amur Autumn" gathered the best from film and theatrical art, and on the eve of its 13th hypostasis in Blagoveshchensk.

Cultural Autumn

Unique from the kitchen

That sometime no one will go to the Amur Region 2 3 artist in season, in distant 2000-x in Blagoveshchensk, no one dared to think - an ordinary provincial town with a fairly well-preserved still tsarist architecture attracted only shuttle traders theneve cheap Chinese consumer goods. And suddenly - the first of its kind festival, which was attended by about a hundred celebrities.

- In part, the fate of this festival was determined by my meeting with 2 Amur journalists in the kitchen of the People's Artist of the RSFSR Valentina Talyzina, - says the president of the festival Sergei Novozhilov- due to the fault of the Amur residents, she was transferred several times, for which I was terribly angry with them, but Valentina Illarionovna nevertheless persuaded me to meet with them. This became the determining factor for my trip to Blagoveshchensk, with which I fell unconditionally in love. This helped us to start dealing with the problem of the Russian cemetery in Harbin and to reburial our emigrants.

Then festivals began, guests of different caliber of "stardom" (who went both to play and to "shop" in cheap China - where else) and status: according to the ratings of film critics and critics, "Amur Autumn" quickly approached the country's great festivals. Moreover, it is still the only festival in Russia where a competition of entertaining performances is held.

“The Amur audience was lucky to watch the best theatrical performances and films that were released during the last year in a week,” emphasizes the Minister of Culture and Archives of the Amr Region Alexey Samarin, - it is one of the three largest in the country (after the "Moskovsky" and "Kinotavr") and is truly popular. And the fact that for all 13 years this is a real phenomenon for the residents of the region and the Far East is confirmed by the best reaction for artists - overcrowded halls, even in such an economically difficult time. This year for the "autumn" we managed to bring about 300-t human.

On the outskirts

But with all these pluses and ups, the cultural life of the Amur Region is getting harder and harder: firstly, there is no such excitement among the actors as before ("China across the river" for actors was exotic only in the first five-year period, to which many now prefer a usual rest from tours), and secondly, the transport inaccessibility of Blagoveshchensk is felt more and more sharply - after Aeroflot left the Amur land in the spring, it became not so easy to get here, even taking into account the remaining Yakutia and Transaero.

- Did the unscrupulous Yakutsk Airlines let you down? Are you having an important meeting 700 kilometers away? The Khabarovsk Automobile Association "Misha, Zhenya and Andrey" will help you out: we will deliver everyone faster, but in our cars everything is possible! - the Honored Artist of the Russian Federation recited to laughter in the hall Mikhail Efremovwhich is in full swing 2-th The actions of the performance "Chapaev and Emptiness" just went on stage with a piece of paper and read out the names of everyone who helped the artists get from Khabarovsk to Blagoveshchensk in 6 (!) hours by car. At the same time, the performance was delayed by only 15 minutes.

A day later, the same thing happened again - this time the plane with Dzhigarkhanyan, Artngolts and other artists first stayed in Moscow for 7 hours, and when it nevertheless landed on the Blagoveshchensk takeoff, as soon as the landing gear touched the asphalt, it soared into the sky again (later it turned out that the pilot was struggling with a crosswind and decided to go for another loop).

- At that moment my heart was leaping like crazy, - says the president of Amur Autumn Sergei Novozhilov- not a festival, but a continuous traffic collapse - I tried to persuade Armen Borisovich to come to the Amur region for 10 years, and finally, this moment came, but with such a creak ... This year, about half of the problems are transport.

According to the estimates of the organizers, the estimate 13-oh "Autumn" rolled out 2,5 million more than planned. And the main reason is Aeroflot's departure.

- This year the participation of the federal budget in the festival is the largest - 6 million rubles (this is 40% of the total budget). But at the same time, about 70% of all available funds have been "eaten" by the road, - sighs the Minister of Culture and Archival Affairs of the Amur Region Alexey Samarin, - if we were not so far from the center and transport arteries, it would be much cheaper.

What we have

But with all this 13-th the festival did take place - the artists even managed to travel around the region, bringing performances and recitals to small towns (with a population of 10 to 50 thousand people). In addition to the aforementioned Armen Dzhigarkhanyan, there were many celebrities at this "autumn": Valentina Talyzina, Valentina Telichkina, Dmitry Kharatyan, Yuri Stoyanov, Natalya Bochkareva, Irina Medvedeva, Mikhail Efremov, Mikhail Policemako, Yuri Vasiliev, Sregei Peregudov, Tatyana Arntgolts and many others theater and film actors.

- I'm not afraid of this word, this is really a "smart" festival, - said the People's Artist of Russia Vladimir Novikov, - here everyone can find an actor and a genre to their liking. But this is usually the prerogative of the inhabitants of our capitals. That it would be possible somewhere far away in the Amur Region ... I never even dreamed of it. Believe me, it's worth a lot.

By the way, this year for the first time at the festival there was also a nomination for the best foreign film - this year there were 3 of them, one of which was played by the Russian actor Yegor Koreshkov. According to Dong Yachshun, director of this Chinese film "Ballet in the Flame of War", patriotic cinema is a new stage in the life of China's cinema.

- I think that without patriotism it is impossible to make a good film about the country, so, perhaps, I am the greatest patriot, - smiles Dun Yaichun- I often work with Russian actors - they are well received in our country - and here it is important not only to maintain friendship between peoples, but also to understand what exactly you want to convey to the audience, what questions you want to raise in them, and which one you want cause them to react.

At the closing of the Amur Autumn 2015 festival, the personal prize of the governor of the region Alexander Kozlov - a painting by the People's Artist of Russia from Amurskaya Alexander Tikhomirov - went to Armen Dzhigarkhanyan. 

And here is how the participants and organizers of the festival commented on their impressions to journalists: Actress Marina Yakovleva:. - I've been taking part in the festival almost since the first season. At one time there was a break, because of filming I could not come, but I always missed the Amur land, always rushed here. But now I have arrived and are happy in my soul. You know, this is how the memory of the heart is, when you come to your beloved places, it becomes light in your soul. For me, "Amur Autumn" is always a light in my soul. Far East people are dear to me. Creative meetings make it clear whether the viewer likes your work or not, whether they remember them or not. I have traveled the country far and wide. I really like to communicate with the audience. Actor Sergey Varchuk came to the festival "Amur Autumn - 2015" for the fifth time. - I am drawn to work here. Last year they shot a film about Amur Autumn, the plot was interspersed with the festival. Two more short films are being shot during the festival this year. The result is a full-fledged almanac: a picture consisting of three short stories. Honestly, unlike the capital, here, oddly enough, you suddenly feel like belonging to this profession again, you see how people meet you, how they want to see you, how they recognize you. And there is a feeling that it is not for nothing that you exist on this planet, that you trample this earth. Here you do not just feel your importance, but, let's say, you feel the need. You know, when we arrived in a village yesterday, we were told that we were the first artists who visited after the collapse of the Soviet Union ... That's why we are coming. I like the region, I like how the audience is received, I like meeting people, watching our country. And then, why dissemble when I found myself in the Far East at my own expense? Actor Alexander Pyatkov: - I was delighted with the grandiose engineering structure - Zeyskaya hydroelectric power station. I am amazed by the people who, despite the terrible frosts in winter and unbearable heat in summer, were able to create this miracle of hydropower. It's a shame that the Far East does not fully use the result of their labor. A huge part of electricity is sold abroad, and for a penny, and residents of this harsh region have to pay exorbitant prices.

Olga Smirnova, executive director of the festival:

- Last year, Amur residents were able to take part in the filming of Nikolai Burlak's real film Gallop-Apotheosis. This year he was shown in the out-of-competition program. The premiere passed, in my opinion, very worthily, because the hall was full. Residents of Belogorye arrived, who got into the frame, came from Novobureyskoye. 

When viewers see that events unfold on the streets of Blagoveshchensk, they get a completely indescribable feeling. Everyone asks why this picture is out of competition. I answer: because it is a short film. And we have a full-length film competition. And this year two more films were shot. One is codenamed "Lyricisms", the other has no name yet. First they will be short films, and then they will line up into one full-length film.

It is very pleasant for me that the festival was highly appreciated by the audience. It is an honor to take part in the closing ceremony. We strive to add local artists to such events to exchange experiences and opinions. And it was very important for the guys to be behind the scenes with great stars and get high marks from them. And preparations for the next festival have already begun. The day after the closing of "Amur Autumn - 2015," said Smirnova.

The festival ended with a traditional gala concert and the distribution of figurines of the Far Eastern crane - the symbol of the "Amur Autumn", and the organizers are already preparing for the next 14 th. Whom she will bring to the region next year, they promise to tell in the spring. By the way, you can familiarize yourself with the history and lists of the Amur Autumn competition programs on the festival's official website:

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