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Cubotainers and paraflies

The company "NK TERMO" produces plastic containers for storing and transporting food

In just one year, NK TERMO, a resident of the free port of Vladivostok, opened and adjusted the production of plastic containers in Vladivostok. The number of sold cuboteiners in 2019 alone exceeded 150 thousand pieces, and the number of liner bags for boxes and barrels - five million. At the same time, NK TERMO is implementing an import substitution program, since some types of products were not previously produced in Russia, but were imported from countries Asia.

Cubotainers and paraflies


The idea of ​​creating a production facility appeared in 2018, and the next year, with an investment in the project of more than 19 million rubles, the project was launched. Simultaneously with the paperwork for the enterprise, the company was registered as a resident of FPV: the managers of NK TERMO understood all the benefits of the preferential regime.

“As a FPV resident, the company receives various benefits: a zero income tax rate for five years, as well as reduced insurance premium rates. We direct these funds to the development of our enterprise ", - said the executive director of NK TERMO Alexander Vigovsky.

In addition, the privilege of a FPV resident had a favorable effect on the price of products and had a positive effect on their demand from buyers.

“Due to the fact that we are residents and have our own production without intermediaries, our prices are noticeably lower,” notes Vigovsky.


The main product that NK TERMO produces is cubotainers. They are 12 and 23 liter buckets with lids. Products are made from Russian and Korean raw materials - food grade primary low-pressure polyethylene, which guarantees quality, reliability, durability and reusability.

“The narrowed shape of the cubotainer allows them to be stored one in one, which makes it possible to save space during transportation,” says Alexander Vigovsky.

Due to its versatility, the company's products were in demand not only in the fishing industry, but also among manufacturers of other food products.

“In our cubotainers you can store anything you want - honey, caviar, sour cream, bulk products, various pickles and jams - and even use them for pickling mushrooms,” notes Alexander Vigovsky.


In addition to cube containers and liner bags for boxes and barrels, NK TERMO produces crab baskets, or so-called paramushki. This is the main contribution of the company to the matter of import substitution, since these products were not previously produced in Russia, but were imported into our country from South Korea and Japan.

"Paramushki are designed not only for crab, but also for fish, sausages and vegetables, and special metal handles that we order in Nizhny Novgorod allow them to be stacked on top of each other during transportation and at the same time exclude damage to the contents of the lower basket," says the executive director of "NK TERMO".

In the future, in addition to increasing the volume of products, the company is considering the possibility of expanding the product line. This is due to the seasonality of demand for cubotainers from the fishing industry. The recycling and disposal of containers will also become an important point.

“We want to diversify our assortment by producing container packaging, various jars and buckets for the food industry of smaller volume, including liter and half-liter containers. We also plan to organize production for the processing and disposal of plastic products, ”concludes Alexander Vigovsky.

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