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Anatoly Semyonov

Director of the State Technological Park "Technopark" Yakutia "

Anatoly Semenov, Director of the State Autonomous Institution Technopark Yakutia:

- The rapid development of technology in the last 10 years has provoked the emergence of a huge IT market: its volume, according to experts, has already exceeded 2,5 trillion dollars. By 2016 a new IT-park will be built in Yakutsk, designed to attract talented youth to the industry

The Yakutia Technopark team is one hundred percent ready to implement the project - the creation of the first IT park in the Russian Far East. The leadership of the republic and personally President Yegor Borisov pay great attention to the construction of this facility, realizing its perspective and relevance.

The government has recognized the construction of an IT park as a key project dedicated to the celebration of the centenary of Yakutia in the republic. The country's leadership is stimulating the construction of technology parks in the Far East, so we would also like to receive federal funds for the project. Now the Ministry of Development of the Far East is interested in the development of the Yakut IT-park. It is intended to be included in the development program of the Far East, aimed at the development of the Far Eastern regions of Russia.

Yield of IT-park products in 2016 year will be approximately 2,5 billion rubles, while already by 2022 it should reach the level of 10 billion rubles. The approximate cost of building an IT park is 1 billion rubles. At the initial stage of implementation, the financing of the construction will be undertaken by the Republican Investment Company (RIC), but we also have to attract co-investors. First and foremost, IT-park will solve such problems of the industry as the availability of renting office space and using Internet services.

The total area of ​​the IT park building will be approximately 20 000 sq. M. The "Cube" of the park will be located not far from the center of Yakutsk in the immediate vicinity of the North-Eastern Federal University. A wide range of service and communication services will create all opportunities for productive work and development of Yakut programmers. The goal of the project is to provide the most favorable conditions for start-ups and developing IT companies.

We must have time to create comfortable conditions for creative people to avoid brain drain abroad. We will give them opportunities for creativity, for the realization of their ideas, including technical ones.

By 2016, the number of residents will increase, and in the building there should be enough space for everyone, so it is necessary to build for the future. That version of the building that we have chosen, fully meets our requirements and terms of reference. Inside will be located coworking center - a free area for work, so that creative people can come, calmly do business, communicate, exchange ideas.

In the new park, our main minds will be accumulated, a competence center will be created here. Now people do not have confidence in our programmers, but when the best of them gather in one place, the development of a website, application or other IT products can be accessed directly here - so here will grow an original exchange of orders.

In addition, an electronic network will be created in the districts of the republic, where orders will be received from the head office of the park located in Yakutsk, and local IT specialists will be able to carry them out without leaving home, thanks to cloud systems. If there is good Internet in the area, then it doesn’t matter where the specialist is physically located. The IT industry allows you to create even international teams.

We will focus mainly on the Asian market, since most experts are now working to the west, no one is programming for Japanese, Koreans. We will create programs for the Asian market at a competitive price. Imagine: in Hong Kong, the customer wants to make a website for his company, but there the services of programmers are very expensive, and our specialists can offer a quality product for less money.

Today in the republic there live many talented young people without technical education. Within the park there will be an internal IT-university, where the retraining of programmers on the basis of secondary and higher education will be conducted. Based on the results of the training, graduates will receive appropriate certificates.

The creation of an IT park is paramount for us, since it is with the IT industry that the future of all other spheres of the economy and industry is linked. At present, the IT industry is the most profitable object of investment. A vivid example is the popular mobile application WhatsApp, which five years after the market brought its creators 19 billion dollars - while the initial amount of investment was only 250 thousand dollars (thus, the invested funds grew by 76 thousand times). In no other industry can this ratio of investment and profit be possible. The modern world dictates its conditions - Yakutia is ready!

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