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Who will lead Vladivostok

EastRussia analyzed candidates for the post liberated by Igor Pushkarev

Who will lead Vladivostok
On December 21, a meeting of the Vladivostok City Duma will take place, at which they should determine who will become the new mayor of the capital of Primorye. On December 13, 56 people were determined, applying for this post. For the first time, Vladivostok will receive a mayor elected not by residents, but by deputies. A couple of years ago, the deputies made changes to the city's charter in order to cancel the direct election of the mayor. However, this was not done because only ambitious, bright, dashing, intractable people became mayors of Vladivostok in modern times, usually ending their careers with a criminal case and dismissal from office. But because the municipal legislation was changing in the country.

Initially, Primorye tended to separate the positions of the mayor and the “city manager” of the so-called city manager. The mayor was supposed to be elected from among the city deputies, and the city manager was supposed to be hired by competition. But this model has shown almost everywhere that two bears do not get along well in one den. And in March 2015, the Legislative Assembly of the Primorsky Territory adopted amendments, according to which the head of the administration of the municipality is elected by city deputies from candidates who took part in the competition for this position.

The last mayor of Vladivostok, elected by the population, Igor Pushkarev, was detained by law enforcement agencies in June of 2016 and is now awaiting trial. He is accused of causing damage to the city and receiving bribes. This is a complicated, confusing and, most likely, a political matter. It went so far that the Supreme Court ceded the request to the Prosecutor General's Office and the trial of Pushkarev would be held in Moscow. Igor Pushkarev, even while in custody, could retain his post until the verdict or until the expiration of his term of office - until the fall of 2018. And he held steadfastly, he did not write his resignations.

The city for more than a year was without a mayor, but with his team in the mayor's office. 4 October 2017, Vladimir Putin dismissed the seaside governor Vladimir Miklushesky and appointed in his place the provisional governor Andrei Tarasenko. Tarasenko publicly spoke about Pushkarev with respect. The disgraced mayor and the new head of the region found the opportunity through mediators to discuss some important things. The situation in the province has changed dramatically. Tarasenko successfully established relations with all elites and political forces, even with the Communists represented in the regional parliament, with whom the former governor did not want any dialogue.

And unexpectedly November 3 Igor Pushkarev said that he had written a resignation letter. He commented on it this way: “It so happened that in the modern history of Vladivostok, all of its leaders quit their posts anyway with scandals or criminal cases. It may seem that Vladivostok has this kind of karma - it has no luck with the governors. However, as paradoxical as it may sound now, I intend to stop this trend. ”

The seat of the mayor was vacated, and the Duma announced a competition. For two weeks 60 people applied. There were no such candidates in any election. Who are these people and what do they want?

It is not difficult to systematize them. Nine-tenths decided to nominate for the same reasons that one character of Gogol asked another: "I humbly ask you, how will you go to Petersburg, tell
all the nobles there are different: senators and admirals, that, your Excellency, Pyotr Ivanovich Bobchinsky lives in such and such a city. So say: Pyotr Ivanovich Bobchinsky lives. "Khlestakov:" Very good. "Bobchinsky:" Yes, if the sovereign has to do that, then tell the sovereign,
that, they say, your imperial majesty, Pyotr Ivanovich Bobchinsky lives in such and such a city. "
Jokes-jokes, but among the candidates were well-known people in due time, which time was deleted, and a social whirlwind - pretty patted. So, when in the questionnaire one applicant wrote that he was a "watchman", it was necessary to read not a post, but a surname. And on the name of this, before the famous, to understand that the statement was addressed not by the watchman of the housing maintenance department, but by the former head of the city executive committee of Vladivostok ... So instead of "temporarily unemployed" one needs to read - a former regional deputy and an influential businessman.

But, of course, there were people who moved to a bet or to give their person weight - at least in front of their family, residents of their homes, or subscribers on a social network. 

To sift the breed and select the real candidates, "at least two," the commission should. It is clear that in her hands the fate of the city. Who will select candidates? Eight people. Four - creatures of the acting governor. Four - representatives of the city duma. Among the latter is the communist, although the maritime communists declared that they are fundamentally against the new order of electing the mayor of the city, and therefore no one from the party began to move forward. 

It is also clear that the embassy and the regional administration have already discussed the main candidates and made their choice.

But which one?

There is no unequivocal answer. It is important, it is important who will be the mayor of Vladivostok, but for the plenipotentiary the social stability and the "implementation of projects" are even more important. And then there is nothing to boast of Primorye: no one except the public cranks to the edge to his "hectare" has not yet arrived, the debts on salary are huge, and here at the shipyard "Star" people did not come to work. Winter has come, and Primteploenergo is on the verge of bankruptcy, and, worse, there are no firewood for people in the taiga region ... All this spoils the relationship between the embassy and the governorship, and therefore puts the agreements in doubt.
There is no ideal mayor among the candidates. The ideal is that it has its own capital more than the budget of the city (about 12 billion rubles), so that it is influential and without discrediting ties. 
If Tarasenko keeps his word, then among the main contenders will be the current acting president. head of the city Litvinov. But there is a further choice from several candidates: the deputies of the Legislative Assembly of Primorye Konstantin Bogdanenko and Igor Cheremis, businessman Vitaly Verkeenko, co-chairman of the regional headquarters of the Romanoff Titkov, and maybe someone else.  

Simplifying somewhat, one can characterize the candidates as follows: Litvinov - from Pushkarev's team. Bogdanenko and Verkeenko are two representatives of a new generation of businessmen, and if they went to the polls, they would take votes from each other. Cheremis is Darkin's associate, although he is not a blunder in itself. And for Titkov, the ONF is a political burden on his entrepreneurial talent, he is the director of a large defense plant.
There are plenty to choose from. From December 15, candidates will speak before the commission. They have five minutes to “concept” and then to answer questions. Since the examiners will not immediately give marks, the intrigue will remain until the announcement of the selection results.

In any case, even with the communists' boycott of these elections (and in the Duma of 9 representatives of the Communist Party of 35 deputies), on New Year's Eve Vladivostok will join the new mayor.
Candidates who have passed documents verification, pass the second stage of the selection - an interview. Here the participants will need to show their leadership qualities, present their own strategy for the development of the municipal formation in order for the competitive commission to discern a promising leader.

The commission that will select candidates for the post of the new mayor will consist of eight people. Four of them were appointed by Andrey Tarasenko - the new acting vice-governor of the Primorsky Territory Dmitry Bratynenko, director of the department of internal policy Pavel Yasevich, head of the department of legal expertise, keeping the register of municipal legal acts of the legal department of the regional administration Viktor Kiryaev, as well as deputy of the Legislative Assembly Oleg Velgodsky. 

The rest of the commission members put forward Duma deputies at a meeting of the committee on local self-government, law and order and legality. They are three members of the United Russia party, Viktor Fedorov and Viktor Ablapov, as well as the chairman of the committee on budget, taxes and finances of the Duma of Vladivostok and chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Primorsky Territory Vladimir Isakov and representative of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and professor of FEFU Gennady Kulikov. Dmitry Bratynenko became the chairman of the competition committee, Viktor Fedorov became his deputy, and Viktor Ablapov became his secretary.
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