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Brief guide for those who are going to Chukotka

Brief guide for those who are going to Chukotka

There is no time in Chukotka. In the sense of it, there is nothing at all. It is there, but it is measured here not in hours and minutes, but in days of travel, intervals between meals, perfect deeds, and God knows what else. The more interesting the trip, the more you want to see sights and wildlife, the more you will need "classic mechanical time". A simple and at the same time extremely difficult axiom for a person "from the mainland". For example, in order to get to the regional center, it may take more than a week, and it is not known how long it takes to then get from the regional center to some national village. This year I waited for the plane for a week in Provideniya, did not wait and left by boat. And the plane took off for Anadyr only on the 11th day. It is impossible to fight against time; one must learn to be able to wait.  

Another guise of time while traveling around Chukotka is its extensibility. After two days (if you are not in the settlements) you will no longer perceive the days of the week, you simply will not need them, and after a few days you will lose your account in calendar numbers. Since Chukotka has a polar day in the summer and the surrounding space is so different from everything you lived before, your biological clock will say that you have 28, 35 or even 48 hours in a day.

The main actor in Chukotka is the weather. It is she who decides whether you will go or curse the service and idleness at the airport or hotel. Chukotka weather is very naughty girl. May vary several times a day. It is especially capricious in the eastern Chukotka (Providensky, Chukotka, Iultinsky districts) and in the former Bering district. 

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