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Regional Hospital of Kamchatka

The construction of the regional hospital is being revived in Kamchatka.

The first promises to build a modern hospital on the peninsula appeared in 2009, began to build in 2014 and even found the necessary billions, but ... did not master it. There was only enough money and energy to grow two frames without windows and doors on a vacant lot on the outskirts of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. This metal "skeleton" made of beams could pretend to become a symbol of the region on a par with volcanoes, but life there again began to warm up. The EastRussia correspondent got to know her better.

Regional Hospital of Kamchatka
Photo: 41regiontv

For many years now, metal structures on the outskirts of Petropavlovsk have been more reminiscent of the frailty of all things, and certainly do not inspire optimism. Where people should have been treated for a long time, one can sooner be crippled. And only local highliners were able to give meaning to the "mega" for a short time. There is no place for patients and doctors here.

Photo: Elena Safonova  

Doctors are working, and their patients are trying with all diligence to recover in the old buildings of the main hospital in Kamchatka. Regional hospital them. Lukashevsky - these are nine buildings, built in 1950-1970, and no longer meet either modern building codes, or technical and medical standards.

“The new hospital is necessary because we have completely decentralized buildings. Operating units are located directly in hospital departments. If a patient needs resuscitation in the intensive care unit located in the surgical building, he has to take a car and transport the patient with a portable ventilator to the adjacent surgical building by car. In 2003, the surgical building number 2 was recognized as unsafe for seismicity, and it was ordered there to treat patients without a round-the-clock stay. But there is nowhere to go, so patients are accommodated there. And in this building we have a department of surgery, a department of urology, gynecology in the basement, a consultative and diagnostic polyclinic, "says the chief physician of the Kamchatka Regional Hospital named after V.I. A.S. Lukashevsky "Andrey Kislyakov.

Now preparatory work at the "Kamchatka Regional Hospital" has already begun a single contracting organization "Crocus", known for a large number of constructed objects.

“On the part of the regional authorities, in particular the Ministry of Construction of the region, everything possible has been done to ensure that the first stage of the construction of the hospital goes smoothly: the advance payment has been paid in full, all the necessary documents have been prepared, the town planning plans of land plots have been updated, the necessary decrees and permits have been obtained. In short, all the necessary bureaucracy has been completed. The contractor who undertook the construction obligations is known for many large-scale projects that the company has implemented in different regions of the country. This is undoubtedly a positive moment, because with the experience of implementing large construction projects behind him, there is confidence that the case with the hospital will be completed, ”- Anatoly Kirnosenko, Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Construction, Transport, Energy and Housing and Communal Services of the Legislative Assembly of Kamchatka Krai

The contractor really has something to brag about. The Crocus company has many large projects for the construction of transport, civil and sports infrastructures of federal significance, including the Far Eastern Federal University on Russky Island, sports stadiums for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Kaliningrad and Rostov-on-Don, and others.

The contract for the implementation of the instructions of the President of Russia (the issue was decided at the federal level) for the construction of the hospital was signed in the spring of 2021. Governor of the Kamchatka Territory Vladimir Solodov reported this to Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Trutnev. Then the head of the region reported that all formal issues had been resolved, and the contractor was ready to go to the site and deploy construction capacity.

“The object is long-awaited for us, but for me it is a priority from the point of view of control,” said the head of the subject. 

In turn, Yuri Trutnev emphasized the need for an early completion of the hospital as a long-awaited facility for the residents of the region.

“The issue of building a hospital will be considered separately with representatives of the construction organization and the responsible federal ministry. The fact that the contract has been signed is, of course, good. Our task is to build a hospital, people have been waiting for it for too long, ”stressed Yuri Trutnev.

Too long is over 10 years. The authorities started talking about the need to build a hospital back in 2009. Various federal officials took control of the project. However, work began only in 2013 and was accompanied by a series of scandals. Several contractors worked at the site, who poured the foundation in six years, installed two frames and ... that's all.

Photo: 41regiontv

The dust from the long-suffering for Kamchatka object was "swept away" in 2020. A new stage at the hospital began during a visit to Kamchatka by Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin. The words important for the region were spoken by the prime minister in August last year.

“There will be a hospital! And I think that the governor and I should just give this promise, ”said Mishustin within the walls of the operating hospital named after Lukashevsky in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Coming off the plane, the head of the Cabinet met with the doctors and expressed his bewilderment that the construction of the hospital had been frozen for years, and Kamchatka had not been able to receive it for several years.

Before entering one of the buildings of the "tired" but receiving hospital, Mishustin was "immersed" in the layout of buildings and departments of the health facility, where local residents receive the necessary medical care and are on the mend. Words were sounded about the painful age of the hospital buildings.

“62nd, 53rd, 70th. The newest building we have is a therapeutic five-story building - 85th year ", - the chief physician of the Kamchatka Regional Hospital named after A.S. Lukashevsky "Andrey Kislyakov.

The meeting with the staff took place in the X-ray room.
Due to the lack of space, it was placed on the basement floor of one of the buildings. There Mikhail Mishustin talked with the doctors of the hospital. Anesthesiologist-resuscitator Rustam Mulugalyamov said that he has been waiting for a new hospital since 2005, when he started working here as an orderly, studying at a medical college.

“When I graduated from the medical college, I was sent for targeted training in Vladivostok to the medical institute, and they said:“ if you come, you will work in a new hospital ”. I returned, I have been working for the fifth year, but there is still no new hospital. And the old one no longer meets any standards. New equipment is purchased, but there is nowhere to put it. Both the patients and us have to be crowded. This creates great inconvenience. Everyone suffers, ”the doctor says, stressing that the worst happens during earthquakes that are common in Kamchatka. There is no need to talk about the seismic resistance of hospital buildings, but rather about seismic weakness.

Photo: 41regiontv

“It's really scary here. Since I work with reanimation patients, they are not evacuated here in case of an earthquake. That is, if this building falls, then everything will be very sad. It's scary, ”- anesthesiologist-resuscitator Rustam Mulugalyamov.

 Mikhail Mishustin reacted to the negligence of those responsible for the construction of the main hospital of the region, who, given the funds allocated from the federal budget, could not really do anything for 10 years, with emotionality, usually not characteristic of officials of this rank.

“And I am scared for the inaction and carelessness that took place over the years in connection with the construction of the hospital. This story began back in 2011. Then, since 2013, only promises. For some reason, the money that was somehow invested in the construction of new infrastructure disappeared. There was a lot of carelessness among contractors who simply did not have time to hand over anything. There were funds, there were opportunities, but they were constantly missed. This is some kind of obsession. Today we know that the cost in today's prices is about 13,9 billion rubles. "

Based on the results of the visiting meeting and what he saw, Mikhail Mishustin promised to find the missing funds for the long-term construction and put the construction site under personal control. The head of the region, Vladimir Solodov, during the meeting via video conference, appealed for support to the President of Russia. Vladimir Putin gave the relevant instructions.

“It is technically possible to complete the construction in 2023. There is even an opportunity to speed up the process and commission the facility in 2022. We will definitely take into account all the mistakes made earlier, which we will bypass on the way to the implementation of the project, ”said Governor of the Kamchatka Territory Vladimir Solodov.

The statements are certainly optimistic. And while there is hope that they will come true. As they said in the regional government, the new contractor was paid an advance payment under the contract in full in May. He is already engaged in ordering, purchasing and delivering the equipment necessary to start construction. A shift camp is being built on the site. By the beginning of August, about 80 people will work on the construction site.

Photo: 41regiontv

“At the moment we are faced with two tasks. The first is to complete the necessary preparatory work related to the relocation of the contractor to the construction site. For this, a rotational camp for 360 places is being built. As of today, all materials for the hostel are in the port. Some of them are already at the site - the builders have erected the first builders' camp and have begun the construction of the second. By the end of the month the shift camp will be completed, and at the beginning of the next one the workers will enter the construction, ”said the Minister of Construction and Housing Policy Andrei Degodyev.

The construction site will be attended by workers and specialists not only from the Kamchatka Territory, but also from other regions.

“Of course, all the specialists who will work at the construction site will undergo PCR testing and will be vaccinated without fail. The first builders are already arriving on the peninsula. We pay special attention to health and protection against coronavirus, because the outbreak of coronavirus infection will affect the pace of construction, ”said Valentin Mongilev, project manager of the Crocus LLC contractor.

In addition to the construction of the hostel, the territory is being planned at the "Regional Hospital" facility. At the beginning of next month, reinforcement and concrete workers will come to the facility. It is planned that by the end of the year the "warm circuit" will be closed on the ward and diagnostic building and finishing work will begin.

The construction progress will be monitored by the state customer - KGKU "Unified Directorate for the Construction of the Kamchatka Regional Hospital". Additional independent construction control on behalf of the Ministry of Construction of Russia is carried out by the federal budgetary institution "RosStroyControl".

Recall that according to the project, the new regional hospital will be designed for 150 visits per shift and 450 beds. The area of ​​the complex will be 80 thousand square meters, and the total area of ​​the hospital area provides for the further development of medical areas and is more than 40 hectares. The construction will be carried out in two stages. At the first stage, it is planned to put into operation the medical and ward buildings and the necessary engineering structures that provide the possibility of independent functioning of the medical block. On the second - the construction of the polyclinic, ward, pathological buildings and the building of auxiliary departments. The new hospital is promised to open in 2023.








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