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Astronauts of the Bolshaya River

Kamchatka photographer won the Grand Prix of the All-Russian competition

Frosty March. Holes in the ice, fishermen catch smelt. At some point, a snow charge hits. Fantastic light floods the winter sky ... people wrap themselves more tightly in sheepskin coats, freeze. Fisherman and photographer Alexander Tereshchenko grabs a camera and takes several pictures.

Astronauts of the Bolshaya River
Photo: Alexander Tereshchenko

That's how photo masterpieces are born. One of the pictures, accidentally made on that fishing trip, was awarded the Grand Prix of the All-Russian contest "I'm in the Heart of the Image" for the best work done on the Nikon technique. More than 5 thousand participants, more than 35 thousand photos sent to the court of an authoritative jury. More than 50 prizes to winners and participants. A Grand Prix in the nomination "Amateurs" was given to the Kamchatka photomaster - the Nikon D750 camera and the photo-camera in the bargain.

“At the beginning of the summer there was a lot of work, so I responded to Nikon's offer rather out of respect for Japanese technology by sending some fresh photos of Kamchatka nature. In July, I rested in Abkhazia with my daughters and granddaughters. There was no Internet. August, having arrived to my son in St. Petersburg, I saw congratulations on the victory on the website of the competition, "says Alexander Nikolaevich." I immediately contacted the organizers and asked them to give me a camera, because I was already eager to go to Kamchatka, where a trip to Tolbachik was planned. Alas, they turned me down, and it turned out that I owed the state money - a tax on the prize.

Interestingly, according to the terms of the competition, all 12 jury members had to vote for the winner's photo unanimously. If even one against - you take off. But in Internet comments to the results of the contest, I have read this about myself! What, they say, I'm no fan, once I shoot such expensive optics. But it belongs to my friend, I only use it.

- It turns out, people obzavidovalis?

- Yes, and they fight among themselves on the Internet. I did not enter into polemics. I flew to Kamchatka, and together with my friend, writer and journalist Mikhail Zhilin, we successfully went and filmed on Tolbachik. We were surprised at the invasion of tourists to the foot of the volcano. Already at home, I received an invitation to the opening of the exhibition and the presentation of awards of the photo competition. I bought cheap tickets under the pension program and rushed to Moscow. 

- The organizers of the contest did not deceive your expectations?

- The exhibition was held in the House of Photography named after the Lumiere Brothers on the Bolotnaya Embankment. It's nice that my photo was printed in large format, in fine resolution. The award ceremony was conducted by the general director of Nikon in Russia Toshio Asakzaki, a young Japanese who speaks Russian perfectly. The awarding ceremony began with amateurs, the first to call me ...

I liked that Victor Lyagushkin, photographer National Geographics, wrote a professional summary for each prize. At the ceremony I was approached by Robert Maksimov, a well-known sports photographer in Russia. We talked about Kamchatka, where he visited, about our photo club.

By the way, for my own photo club "Kamchatka" I was bursting with pride doubly. At us this photo from fishing has taken only the second place. Is it talking about something? It's even inconvenient for me to tell my comrades about their victory-there is more abruptly me, only they are more modest ... By the way, Robert Maksimov promised to come to Kamchatka not only with the Prince of Monaco.

The jury member Viktor Lyagushkin described the winner's work as follows: "Photography is a painting. Beautiful light can create a beautiful frame from scratch, as well as ugly kill the most interesting idea. Alexander Tereshchenko managed to catch a great moment under difficult conditions. It is evident that it is very cold, but fishermen selflessly wait for prey. Grand Prix in the amateur category this frame received for a beautiful, flawless light. The setting sun and low clouds gave the scene an alien look. It seems that these are not fishermen catching fish, and astronauts lost on a distant planet are waiting for salvation. Bravo!"

Alexander Tereshchenko was born on March 2, 1949 in Tyumen. In Kamchatka since 1971. Member of the Union of Photographers of Russia and the regional photo club "Kamchatka", his personal exhibitions were held in Petropavlovsk, St. Petersburg and other cities. Repeatedly becomes a prize-winner and winner of all-Russian photo contests.

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