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The Vostochny Spaceport: the degree of non-construction of facilities is such that it jeopardizes the implementation of projects

Alexander Nikitin, the head of FSUE "Spetsstroytehnologii" under Spetsstroy of Russia ", answers the questions of EastRussia

In the photo - the city of Tsiolkovsky. People live for months in uninhabited houses.

The Vostochny Spaceport: the degree of non-construction of facilities is such that it jeopardizes the implementation of projects

The builders of the Vostochny cosmodrome, which is being built in the Amur Region, have been accused of disrupting the delivery of facilities, wastefulness, and accumulating wage arrears for several years. An analysis of the problem of an important strategic facility is entrusted to an interdepartmental commission with the participation of the Russian Ministry of Defense. Contractors are counting on an objective assessment, as the builders of the cosmodrome also have complaints about the customer. Now the main volume of construction work is assigned to FSUE "Spetsstroytekhnologii" at Spetsstroy of Russia ", the second main contractor - Dalspetsstroy - completes the work started earlier and hands over commission facilities. On the reasons that inhibit the construction and commissioning of a number of cosmodrome facilities, did the outflow of labor really come about from the important construction of the country in an interview with EastRussia, said Alexander Nikitin, the head of FSUE "Spetsstroytekhnologii" at Spetsstroy of Russia ".

- Alexander Nikolayevich, Spetsstroya recently received accusations that after the first launch of the missile from the East, the construction of a number of spaceport facilities was delayed, and personnel outflows at the subordinate enterprises of the Spetsstroy arose. Do people really run from construction?

- You know, at the forefront of the conflict are always the builders. It so happened that the contractors remain extreme. But I will say one thing, Spetsstroy concentrated all his efforts at the Vostochny cosmodrome. I, as the head of Spetsstroytehnologii, just live here. My deputies work shifts. On the Eastern side, several of my deputies have been sent, whose main place of work is other regions. Realizing the importance of the cosmodrome, I had to call them on this object. The permanent staff of the Moscow office here is up to 30 people. This allows you to make quick decisions.

We would like to see the desire and ability to take responsibility for ourselves on any issue and from the direction of the spaceport Vostochny, but we observe the outflow of specialists. As a result, acts can be on the test without moving for a very long time. This is outrageous when the work is submitted for signing, but is delayed for unknown reasons. Someone is on vacation, the other with the right to sign from Moscow has not arrived. The customer should also bear his share of responsibility. The work that he performs also affects our result.

Since May, we have increased the number of employees of Spetsstroitehnologii at the cosmodrome by 2,5 times. If at the time of the first launch of the launch vehicle 600-700 was working, then today on the site - 2,4 thousand people (together with construction workers). The grouping of equipment has also been increased. It was necessary to withdraw a part of highly qualified specialists from one of the objects of Primorye. The executive documentation needs a quick design, so the production engineers needed it. And when you try to speed up the process, and you come across a wall, this, at least, causes bewilderment. Now a number of control bodies on behalf of Vice-Premier Dmitry Olegovich Rogozin check both our activities and the work of the customer. They, including, will have to figure out what is the reason for the disagreements and how to solve the problem. The customer accuses builders of inaction and sloppiness, and we, as contractors, in turn, also state that the customer's work is not all smooth. Lately, we have also come to tough decisions, because otherwise you will end up being extreme. The situation is not dramatic, but critical. I think that we will find a solution.

- In the media it sounded that after the first launch from the Vostochny cosmodrome in April the builders relaxed.

- Yes, there were such attacks in our address. But let's objectively. After the launch of the rocket, I went to 10 days on vacation and returned to the cosmodrome. As already noted, the staff employed at the cosmodrome is increased. Dalspetsstroy has reduced the number of workers, but it can not keep people on "undone". The bulk of the work is done. It also did not make sense to keep a large staff when there was no funding. There was money - the workers returned to the facilities.

- The state commission is now working at the cosmodrome, and the acceptance of the facilities is underway. Your company also rents completed construction?

"All the contracts for us should be completed at the end of the year, and the main work of the state commission, which is currently working at the Vostochny space center, is last year's contracts of Dalspetsstroi. Special construction technologies were handed over to four residential houses, without commission, in the usual way, and one object was submitted today to the commission - KISO (complex of measuring instruments, data collection and processing). It is executed completely, but there is one technical inaccuracy. It will be fixed in the next 20 days. The error is uncritical, but it hinders the signing of the acts. We completely hand over this object to 20 September, all executive documentation has already been verified and accepted, so the deadlines are quite real.

The next objects are housing in Tsiolkovsky. Unfortunately, we are late from those terms that have been agreed upon, for a month and a half or two. But in September we plan to finish the construction of three houses. In December we will hand over the kindergarten.

- Why are you late, problems with financing or shortage of labor?

- There are no financing issues, at least according to our contracts. As for the workforce, then there are problems - there are not enough qualified specialists at the construction site. Not all who come to work at the cosmodrome meet the requirements that we set. This is generally the main problem of this construction. A number of substitutions have already appeared, people come, do not cope and go.

Another serious problem is that the program that we carry out, unfortunately, is not specified by the customer. The problem of documentation exists in almost all contracts.

- The problem of "raw" documentation in full voice was voiced by contractors almost after the first scandals associated with delays in the construction of the cosmodrome. Why does it remain so heavy?

- We come to the line when it really interferes with work. The degree of non-development of facilities is such that it threatens the implementation of projects. This is a poor quality of design, often - just the lack of sections. This and the "unmarked" work, essentially lost to the contractor. Because of this, we cannot conduct trade procedures, as there are certain legislative requirements. Take the same weather complex. August is already over, and I have to take it, and the facades and roofs in the project are not reflected to the extent that it is possible to go to the purchase of materials. Before announcing the bidding, we must set in detail all the requirements for the object of purchase, and if this is not in the project, then I no longer have the right to go to bidding by law.

- And when do you have to hand over a meteorological complex and on what objects have the work been "braked"?

- We are to complete all construction and installation works this year. At the meteorological complex, the work on one of the important sites was braked, the problem has not been solved for more than a month. There are plots in Tsiolkovsky, where work is suspended, in particular, off-highway roads. All because there are no technical solutions. We have been waiting for them for a long time. Idle time is almost a month on one site. You write, ask, you demand, but then you understand that there are no progress.

As a result, I am forced to take legal measures - to suspend work. If I do not do this, then all claims for the quality of the documentation will no longer have legal force.

- Dalspetsstroy also drew attention to problems with documentation, but it turns out that it was meeting the customer, or were the questions solved operatively?

- This is the problem of contractors - they are going to meet the customer, hoping for a speedy resolution of the situation, but in the end they are to blame for the breakdown of construction deadlines. The termination of work in areas where documentation is not ready, allows you to somewhat sober up the customer and force them to quickly perform their part of the work. There are a lot of examples, but I don’t see any reason to talk about them in detail, these are our internal relations.

There are problems that are so heavy and not solvable by the design institutes that they even put some projects at risk. For example, for a number of objects, geological surveys have not been carried out fully. Conventionally, they were held in the winter and did not take into account all the factors of watering the site. And today we have real problems with the construction - we can not perform work. Builders went to the object and it turns out that the conditions reflected on the paper do not correspond to reality. There is a need for redesign.

- What kind of object are you talking about?

- I'm talking about the areas of the fall. This is the most problematic object, which requires an immediate solution, but the timing is constantly shifting. It is about the joint implementation of the tasks set, and the lack of involvement of all stakeholders in this work jeopardizes their implementation.

- Who is responsible for the project documentation of the spaceport Vostochny?

- General designer "Ipromashprom", but there are also subcontracting design organizations, there are also subcontractors of the second level, and also the third and so on. Therefore, making changes to the project is a very long process. I am obliged to apply to the directorate, the directorate to the general designer, he already instructs the subcontractors. We try to shorten this path, but the formal side always remains.

The protocol, which was drawn up following the June meeting, instructed the cosmodrome directorate to assign responsible managers to each of the contracts and create working groups, which would include designers. Formally, this assignment is executed, but the level of managers who have been appointed, does not allow them to make decisions. For example, I have appointed my deputies - people who at the proper level can interact with all participants in the process. But the group of the design institute, which could quickly resolve issues, is practically not created. Those experts who have been sent accept comments, and then send them to the design institutes.

- Spetsstroytehnologii build a new city Tsiolkovsky. Is everything here on schedule?

- We need to enter 14 houses by the end of the year, three of them in the near future. The contract involves the construction of a residential building 21. Due to the fact that there is a lag, the customer decided to reduce the program, reduce the number of housing under construction. It was feared that Spetsstroy would not cope this year. Well, probably fair, in the 21 part of the house. Nevertheless, these two dozen buildings are a single complex, they are common utilities, roads, and so on. Attempts to divide the city led to the fact that today we do not have a specified scope of work. We only know that we are building 14 houses. That's when the 21 mushroom grows on the glade and seven are removed, nothing terrible will happen. And when they said not to build seven houses, this is already a mandatory redesign, a new examination.

We told the customer, well, if you are not sure of us, and there is no money, let us finish these seven houses to the "zero" mark. Then we will start the network, there will be no need to make changes to the draft, then all the acceptance issues will be solved more easily. But for this the customer needs to perform a series of actions. We have been waiting for an answer for two months. If these houses do not lead to zero and do not make a network around the perimeter, then there will be a ruined project. I look at it as a professional, I know where everything will lead.

- And the preservation of "unfinished", is this conservation and additional expenses?

- It's not such a big expense. It is assumed that these objects will be transferred to another program the next year. And already within the framework of this program, by us or someone else, these houses will be completed. Until the end of the year we will hand over a kindergarten to 240 places with a swimming pool, we build an administrative building in Tsiolkovsky. In the contract there was still a school, a shop and a consumer services complex, but they too are excluded. As a result, we will make only the foundations of the store and consumer services.

While we are working within the framework of the old contract, but due to the fact that the situation is not settled, we are not paid for the work done. We have been demanding payment for a month and a half and the amount is considerable. This also jeopardizes the timing of the project, because the lack of working capital always creates problems. At least in part of the same purchases of facades, windows and other materials necessary for the construction of the city.

The city's contract also includes a powerful, modern boiler house, treatment facilities. By the boiler-house, we are already completing the construction and installation works, but there are a number of questions. I do not want to dwell on them in detail, but they are very critical. We will do our work, the question is, what next. This is the supply of voltage to the boiler room from the substation "Vostochnaya", and problems of commissioning and commissioning, additional costs not taken into account in the estimate. Of course, this is the pain of the customer, but the boiler room personnel should already be near us.

During the construction of a sewage treatment plant, modern technical solutions have been applied. The complex also requires the availability of qualified personnel right now - to coordinate the commissioning programs. We, again, finish our stage, and who will pick it up? The position of the Directorate of the Vostochny Cosmodrome should be active, it should not be only the supervision of the builders - they will cope or not. The result is the same. A situation may arise as with Dalspetsstroi, when facilities were not accepted for a long time, the contractor was forced to exploit them, to incur huge maintenance costs, which have not yet been compensated.

- Are you on the energy supply of the substation substation Vostochny? Do Spetsstroytekhnologii have objects handed over that the customer did not take on the balance?

- Personally, I already have an example - four rented houses in Tsiolkovsky. Heat, water, electricity, elevators - everything works, and the costs are borne by my company. The fact is that there is no registration of rights to this property. They say that they do not have a budget, but we, too, are not Teresa's mother, to pay for what is handed over and exploited. People settled in apartments, use public services, but do not pay for it.

The warrant is issued on the basis that the object is put into operation. However, four inhabited houses have not yet been officially registered. The builder must sign a conclusion from the customer about the compliance of the constructed facility and complete the commissioning in the form of KS-14 (Acceptance of construction site - approx.ER). This form is not signed. The practice is such that the object requires cadastral registration, registration. While this process is underway, the customer agrees with the builders on a cost recovery scheme. If everything is done in a civilized way, then it runs smoothly - we keep it, we get paid for it.

- You want to say that people got the keys to new apartments in Tsiolkovsky, drove into them, but do not pay utility bills?

- From the moment of settling people do not pay for utilities, all expenses at my enterprise. We provide houses with hot and cold water, we serve water supply networks, sewage systems, we take out household garbage at our expense, and we put things in order on the streets. These are all huge costs. Conclusions about the conformity of the construction of two houses were received in the same December, and two more - in June of this year. However, settling houses began in December 2015 of the year and lasted until March.

I presented the invoice to the customer, in the end, some of the costs were accepted, but some were not. But even by what is accepted, we have not received a penny. The same situation is with the ISACR, where we provided the object with power supply for the launch of the rocket under a separate contract not with the Directorate, but with the RCM, but the result is the same - we did not receive any money. Explain the lack of budget, it is a very convenient position.

All that remains is to suck up the money in a court order, or to stop the power supply of all these objects tomorrow. I, objectively, understand that the second option is not applicable, since people live in houses. But we must be treated humanely.

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