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The Vostochny launch vehicle is ready for launch!

What is the Vostochny Cosmodrome? Facts and Figures

The Vostochny launch vehicle is ready for launch!

Starting complex

Dozens of buildings and structures were erected on the area of ​​the launch complex, exceeding 90 Ha. 2,7 km laid. Highways and 7,2 km. Railway tracks. All facilities are connected by underground communication tunnels, with a total length of more than 6 km.

Objects were built with a margin of safety capable of withstanding the most extreme impact.

For the construction of reinforced concrete structures of the launch structure, about 160 000 cubic meters of concrete were laid and 31 000 tons of reinforcement were mounted. A characteristic feature of the "start" is a high density of reinforcement. For the fire ring, a reinforced armature frame with curved reinforcement was developed.

Many technologically complex types of work were carried out in extreme weather conditions, which required the use of special technologies. So, in order to comply with the technology of hardening of the concrete during the concreting of the starting structure, "hot houses" were created, where the required temperature was maintained with the help of heat guns and electric heating. Because of the frosts, equipment sometimes broke down, but people worked tirelessly. The work was done around the clock ...

Technical complex

The main facilities of the complex have been built: the assembly and testing buildings of the carrier rocket and spacecraft (MI RN and spacecraft), the filling and neutralization station and the trans-board gallery. All necessary engineering infrastructure and a fire station have been created.

Assembly and testing buildings - modern industrial shops, total area over 39 000 sq. M. Meters. In the halls of assembly and testing a special microclimate is provided - the temperature is 18-25 C, humidity 80%. Such conditions are provided by modern systems of heat supply, ventilation and air conditioning.

Only in the fan assemblies of the assembly part, area 9 000 square. meters, the volume of air processed is more than 1 million cubic meters per hour.

In special premises of the technical complex on the area in 45 000 sq. M. Meters special flooring is used. Modern conductive (current-conducting) antistatic floors protect highly sensitive electronic equipment from the effects of electrostatic energy.

The sexes in the RI are subject to special requirements - they must withstand the weight of the launch vehicle. For this, 8 bored piles are installed to a depth of up to 360 meters - each pair experiences a load of 40 tons.

Engineering communications and specialized systems are laid in technological canals, with a total length of 3,5 km.

In the facilities of the technical complex, there are about 20 units of lifting equipment. Including 100 ton bridge cranes, mounted at an altitude of 20 meters, used when unloading and assembling the launch vehicle.

KISO, Tsiolkovsky, infrastructure

The complex of measuring, information collection and processing (ISIS) includes a unified technological module, 18 pylons, on which information measuring, collecting and processing information is placed, 85-meter adjustment tower, shelter.

In the history of modern Russia, Tsiolkovsky is the only city that has been created from scratch in recent decades. This is a modern, comfortable city in which the first houses are commissioned. The first stage of improvement has already been carried out, playgrounds for sports, a hockey pitch have been installed, houses have ramps.

The objects of the Vostochny cosmodrome are provided with engineering communications. The networks of heat supply, water supply, electricity, ventilation, sewerage are available for use by end-users.

Created on the Eastern energy complex is able to provide electricity to a half-million industrial city.

Spetsstroy Russia continues to work on objects that are not involved in the first launch of the launch vehicle. These are the complex for storage of rocket fuel components, the meteorological complex, the second stage of the industrial construction and operational base, and housing facilities.

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